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  1. *EDIT* Updated the title to reflect more accurately, original Thread article can be found below. Kzn Gravity includes the following disciplines: Enduro, Gravity and Downhill. -- ORIGINAL: Yesterday marked the first KZN Gravity committee meeting. Anyone and everyone was welcome at Giba Gorge to discuss what 2018 meant for all disciplines that fall under the Gravity banner. The first big subject discussed: KZN MTB will no longer be supporting any Gravity style races at all. That's the bad news. KZN MTB have stated that they will be focusing on XC style as well as Gravel races. The good news? Well, there might be some, but it's going to be a very tough year for Downhill and enduro events held in KZN. KZN MTB put some funds aside for all Gravity based racing and gave it to some people to manage as a budget. So with that a new group has emerged: KZN Gravity. Anyone want to know more?
  2. The KZN Gravity MTB Commission is delighted to announce a partnership with Greg Minnaar (GM) Cycles for 2018, which will see the Pietermaritzburg-based bicycle shop become the official Title Sponsor for the KZN Gravity Series. The 2018 Greg Minnaar Cycles Gravity Series includes 3 Provincial Cup Series rounds, and a stand-alone KZN Championships event. Furthermore, the partnership includes sponsorship of the third round of the National Cup Series Downhill to be held at Cascades Bike park on the 28th and 29th April in conjunction with the 2nd round of the Regional series. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/greg-minnaar-cycles-official-2018-title-sponsor-for-local-south-african-series.html ----------------- AND ...... There has been an E-Bike class added to the Enduro Discipline ...
  3. Having revisited the Jonkershoek trails recently, we decided to do so again with the similarly magical, and even more diverse, Karkloof trails. Since the 90’s, Karkloof resident and local trail builder Hylton Turvey, has been raking, digging, and building new lines and features to this ever-expanding trail network. At the centre of the now 100+ km network lies the Karkloof Country club. From here you can access all the different trail sections, however, with local knowledge, certain sections can be accessed via some of the connecting gravel roads. It’s important to note that most of these trails run through private farms and Sappi land, and access via vehicle is prohibited. Having sampled Rene's Rumble, Jewitt's Jive and Bat Outta Hell during our previous visit, we focused our attention on two new sections of this vast network, namely Netjie Shoes and Cleveland Express. Netjie (named after Hylton's wife Dané) Shoes is a new trail to the network, running through a patch of skinny Bluegums. With typical Karkloof flow, it makes use of the natural erosion and lay of the land, and the trail carves along the gullies which are connected by wooden bridges. In stark contrast to this, the Cleveland Express takes you through the wide open grass plains along cattle paths following the meandering Karkloof River. It is the type of trail with amazing scenery and that perfect gradient of up-and-down that every ride should finish on, with the last golden rays lighting the way and that feeling that you could pedal on forever... Karkloof is home for me. I was born and raised here and still live here today. I can remember from a young age going on adventures into the mountains with my parents. Having that wide open space to explore with no real boundaries and living on our small farm played a huge part in the creative side of mountain biking for me. We didn't have a trail or features to ride so we had to build it or you rode something raw as it lay. My friend and I rode BMX and my dad helped us push some soil on the farm to build jumps. Every day after school we would be building and just as the sun sets we would ride as the jumps faced into the sunset, that went on for a few years. I'd still join my dad on some of his outrides into the mountains with no real purpose-built trail at the time just exploring on bikes. Hylton Turvey I started frequenting the Karkloof trails back in 2010 with numerous trips from Joburg to the Midlands. Those trips have fortunately stopped as I have now made the Midlands my home and get to enjoy these trails on a day to day basis. The riding and trails in the Karkloof have always been pretty central in my progression as a rider and that progression has always been on tracks and obstacles that Hylt Turvey has put together and often with me following him into some new challenge. I've gone from just a rider visiting the area to a committee member and now the vice chairman of the club to try and give back in some way to the area and trails that have given me so much and to hopefully give other riders (and now trail runners) the same unique experience our trails offer. Mark Millar One day I watched a North Shore MTB movie and I was fascinated. Before I knew it we were raking and digging trails through a forest on our farm. The features grew and so did our bikes and we soon traded in our BMXs for mountain bikes. My dad and his friend started an MTB event in 1993, called the Karkloof Classic. It was basically the community getting together to host the event. Trails weren't a known thing back then. Soon after discovering it, we were raking the first trail down a mountain for the event - no building, just raking. We continued building our trails in the forests - making more and more hand built features. Each year more trail would be added to the event and soon the event became known for its trails. That was the foundation of all the trails in Karkloof. Hylton Turvey Karkloof Country Club GPS: 29°22'57.8"S 30°15'49.7"E Riders : Mark Millar | Hylton Turvey All images by Ewald Sadie www.esphotography.co.za instagram: @ewaldsadie
  4. To those that have been involved in the South African cycling scene for the last decade, Pietermaritzburg and more specifically Cascades MTB Park would have come up a few times. Hosting multiple mountain biking events, most notably the 2013 World Champs and a 2014 World Cup, it has seen the world’s best come here to compete. With constant building and digging happening over the years, the network of trails and singletrack scattered across this hill has expanded considerably. Local pinners Sam Bull and Travis Browning took me out for a very dry and dusty day to showcase a bit of what is on offer at this legendary MTB location. If you do consider riding here, remember to bring along your climbing legs, and lungs, and make sure your bike can get into granny gear… This place is steep, and there is no real warming up - just straight into an above average gradient. Another thing to note about this trail network is that it’s not graded in any official manner or marked with official signs, which means bringing along a local or two would be very beneficial. But even though it lacks the structure of other bike parks, it’s still an extremely varied and exciting playground just waiting to be explored. Riding at Cascades is bitter sweet in a way. The descent from the top is unreal and keeps you on edge the whole way down. But the climb to the top is always brutal. You never quite judge your ride on distance but more so time spent in the saddle to get to your ultimate trail. I've been fortunate enough to watch Cascades MTB park evolve from the beginning. Travis Browning Cascades has always been a big part of riding for me… It’s where I did my first ever downhill race and through the early stages of high school, we spent every afternoon there building and riding dirt jumps with the crew. As my riding career progressed, it became an integral race venue, ranging from nationals to my first ever world cup race. Fast forward to now, it’s in my backyard, not even 5 minutes away from where I live, and I go there for my morning rides and weekend shuttles. Sam Bull I've raced downhill, enduro even one or two XC races there. It has something for every type of rider to enjoy. We are really lucky to have it right on our doorstep. A huge thank you to everyone that has added their own personal touch or trail over the years. We have all had many happy days shredding because of it! Travis Browning This place offers a great variety, from flat jumpy trails to super steep, rough, and bumpy sections that have formed over time. You have to really work for your descents though as the climb is very tough, but you are rewarded with epic downhills. Sam Bull This episode is made possible by: Cascades MTB Park GPS: 29°34'14.3"S 30°21'12.6"E Riders : Sam Bull | Travis Browning Permit: free apparently All images by Ewald Sadie www.esphotography.co.za instagram: @ewaldsadie
  5. Greetings! Any one who finds themselves on holiday in Margate should come check out our little MTB trail / course at the Douglas Mitchell Sports Grounds in Uvongo. The entrance is near the bottom corner of he main sports field, just behind the cricket nets. It is an existing course which had become over grown due to failed municipal logging in the area. With the hard work and dedication from a few locals it has been cleared to the point where it is open and rideable again. It is still very much a work in progress but we are progressing nicely. We aim to continue clearing and add to the trail, build some jumps and re-pack berms etc. The trail is fairly short at the moment (1.5km) but it has a few awesome rock gardens, drop offs etc. Trust me a few laps and you will be feeling it! The course is open and free to all so the more tires on the ground the better!
  6. Event Name: Wagon & Spear When: 23 September 2016 - 25 September 2016 Where: Verbara Lodge, Kwazulu-Natal Category: MTB This year Camelot Events brings you the inaugural event on the KZN North Coast- Wagon & Spear! This event will traverse some of the most diverse and beautiful scenery on the North Coast, with massive valleys filled with natural single track, breathtaking scenery and all the luxuries of a proper MTB stage race event. This July holiday, don't miss out on participating in KZN's hottest new stage race. Entries are limtied to 150 teams, so be sure not to delay. Go to Event PageWagon&Spear_EFlyer.pdf
  7. Hi I am hoping to take part in the 2016 Amashova and will need to hire an appropriate bike as I am travelling from overseas. Does anyone know who I could speak to in Durban about this? Thanks Mark
  8. A line I've been thinking about for a while now, planning this rather unique trip up into the depths of the Drakensberg mountains. After a quick 15 minute flip in the helicopter, and a 1400 vertical metre ascend made short work of, you find yourself perched on top of a grassy plateau overlooking the rest of the world. Steep cliffs on the one side and cattle paths leading back down to the collection point, on the other. However, it's not as simple as letting go of the brakes and flowing down manicured trails without breaking a sweat... on the contrary, this is a mountain bike adventure, and its got everything from off-camber, boulder-filled gullies, to hike-a-bike sections that's only ridable for the most experienced of riders, and amazing open grassy plains stretching towards the horizon. Mark Millar's Mancave #mmm really is something special. Dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and everything else in-between required to build up more two-wheeled toys. A quick check over of all our bikes, to make sure everything is set for the challenges the Drakensberg might throw at us in the morning. But first, time to call it a day and get some sleep. 4:30am and some jet fuel for those in need of some caffeine to wake up properly. Hydration packs and trail food are highly recommended, as the day could get pretty long out there. N3 en route to the berg. Pilot Greg, whipping out his toy, and commencing with the pre-flight checks. Not the most high tech approach to shipping your bike to the top of a mountain, but it works a charm. Front wheels removed and a bit of fiddling later, you got yourself six bikes ready for action. Some paperwork to make it official. Heli biking drop off is a go. Scared | Excited Hearing Tim's excitement over the headphones in the Bell Ranger may have been one of my highlights of the trip, "This is so flipping cool!" coming across the static and watching his face completely in awe of his first heli flip, like a kid at Christmas. It was an infectious excitement that carried us all the way down the mountain. Kathryn Fourie Successful drop off with a quick bike assembly to follow, before the pilot leaves you at the mercy of the mountain, some 2,000 metres above sea level. Nothing to do now but ride. It's only about 20km... A brilliant experience in a really phenomenal setting. It makes you feel like one of the pro riders you've seen being dumped at the top of a mountain in your favourite MTB film. That said you have to work for your descents and treat the day as an adventure with mates. The trails are rough, rugged and far from manicured which means having the right bike and a decent level of skill will make the trip more enjoyable. Mark Millar So many line options - or none at all - depending on your level of skill. These trails are unique in the way that they can only be accessed by helicopter or a full day hiking. Consisting of all natural cattle paths, they change a lot with the seasons, and the more we ride the more we find. Kirk Hollis | Rockslide Heli Biking Dropping into the first rocky chute, choked with boulders - I knew this wasn't going to be a flowy trail ride but a test of creativity and a willingness to engage with the rugged features on offer. I mean it's the Drakensberg, it's not called "the Barrier of Spears" for nothing, you have to work for your ride. Sometimes I came off second best, but stopping for a moment and taking in the view - it really brought home how remote and incredible the area is. At the end of the day, if you've got a big travel bike and a set of knee pads this is an incredible experience, and making the most of the rock features, gullies and ridge lines is all part of colouring in the memory you're actively making. Kathryn Fourie Rampage 2018? Tim Bentley is no stranger to going downhill on a bike, taking this washed out, eroded section in his stride. Chicken line towards the right. Proper back country riding in the middle of nowhere, with the majestic Drakensberg behind you and thunder clouds gathering in the distance. Yes. This was my first ever experience in a helicopter and no better place to have it than in the Drakensburg with my bicycle. Trails were raw and natural topped off with spectacular views. Definitely an amazing experience and fun day on the bike! Tim Bentley Back to civilization and a well deserved beer & burger to finish of an epic day. This project is made possible by: GPS: 29°01'06.9"S 29°26'12.7"E For all information check out http://www.rockslidemtb.co.za/ All images by Ewald Sadie www.esphotography.co.za instagram: @ewaldsadie Riders : Tim Bentley | Kathryn Fourie | Mark Millar | Kirk Hollis Stay tuned to Bike Hub for more Trail Daze coming soon...
  9. We head out to KZN and the greater Drakensberg area, to bring you an alternative take on ascending 1400 vertical metres, a world of off-piste trails and riding that will test the average man and his machine to their limits. Click here to view the article
  10. The Camelot Events team is proud to bring you the inaugural Wagon & Spear 3 Day MTB Satge Race on the KZN North Coast! (View our official race flyer attached) We have an entry limit of only 150 teams- 300 riders- so make sure you enter soon. Breathtaking scenery, natural cattle tracks and groomed flowing single track built especially for you! FB: https://www.facebook.com/wagonandspear/ Website: http://www.camelotevents.co.za/ Wagon&Spear_EFlyer.pdf
  11. The Junior Eliminator Series - Maritzburg CollegeWe had a few of the top contenders absent from the last event due to Nationals and Provincials in various cycling disciplines that were on the go, freeing up spots on the podium for others to take over. Then there was those energiser bunnies like under 14 Sarah Ryan who raced at another event on Sunday morning(which she won) and still managed to get to the eliminator... and win again! Under 14 Girls Sarah Ryan (Wykeham Collegiate) Emma Clipstone (St Marys DSG) Kiara Muldoon (Northlands Girls High) Owethu Mgaga (Ladysmith Development Cycling Club) The under 14 boys continued to show speed and power way beyond their years setting up a nail biting final between Travis Stedman and Mitchel Potgieter. It was Travis however who just got the edge on Mitchel to pull a slight gap and come home for the victory. Under 14 Boys Travis Stedman (Winston Park Primary) Mitchel Potgieter (Kloof Primary) Johandre Marx (Maritzburg College) Myles Crookes (Hillcrest High School) With the newly crowned SA Marathon u/16 Champ Tiffany Keep absent from the event, it left a lonely Courtney Smith to take on the boys, she definitely had the crowds support as she charged through the course advancing through a number of heats till eventually being eliminated. Under 16 Girls Courtney Smith (Thomas More College) One of the top contenders and current under 16 boys leader Sharjah Jonsson was absent from the final event as he had just been crowned KZN Enduro Youth Champ the day before and was competing in the KZN Downhill Championship on the Sunday. This left a huge opportunity for the other competitors in a fiercely contested age group. The finals, as in the previous two events was hard fought with Joshua Clipstone who was on great form the whole day managed to pull away from the rest leaving a very close fight between Cayde Muldoon and Cian Leveridge with Cayde edging out Cian on the final corner before the bridge to slot into second place. Under 16 Boys Joshua Clipstone (Thomas More College) Cayde Muldoon (Northwood Boys High School) Cian Leveridge (Thomas More College) Matthew Hollinshead (Clifton) First timer to the series and also freshly crowned u/19 ladies SA Marathon u/19 Champ Frankie Du Toit unfortunately had no competition being the only lady but struck fear into the boys as she competed along side them and advanced right up to the semi finals before being eliminated. Under 19 Girls Frankie Du Toit (Wartburg Kirchdorf School) Once the under 19 boys had managed to dispose of Frankie, racing resumed as normal with the now usual suspects once again ending up in the final. The three Maritzburg College boys needed to find an answer for the speed of Dean Wortmann the lonely Warburg Kirchdorf School representative but the dominant of the four in the last two events. It all seemed too familiar as the boys sprinted off, Dean taking the lead, but then a slight error saw Dean sliding out on a corner and the Maritzburg trio pounced on the opportunity to take a win on home ground. After leading majority of the way, Ryan Naude feel victim to an inside corner maneuver by Felix Manke to allow him to take the lead and continue on to the finish line! Under 19 Boys Felix manke (Maritzburg College) Ryan Naude (Maritzburg College) Dean Wortmann (Wartburg Kirchdorf School) Mitchell Meugens (Maritzburg College) KZN Junior Eliminator Series - Overall ResultsBeing the third and final round of the Junior Eliminator Series, Champions need to be crowned. Spectators were treated to three weeks of exciting racing on three very different courses that were hosted by Northwood Boys High School, Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park and Maritzburg College. Amongst the Under 14 ladies it was Emma Clipstone whose consistency paid off putting her on the top step at the end of the series. Emma Clipstone (St Marys DSG) Kiara Muldoon (Northlands Girls High) Sarah Ryan (Wykeham Collegiate) The top two under 14 boys were separated by a mere 100 points, the closest battle we have had so far with Travis Stedman just ousting Mitchel Potgieter. Travis Stedman (Winston Park Primary) Mitchel Potgieter (Kloof Primary) Myles Crookes (Hillcrest High School) With Tiffany Keep absent amongst the under 16 girls from the last event the door was left wide open for Courtney Smith to jump into first position. Courtney Smith (Thomas More College) Tiffany Keep (Thomas More College) Ncamasile Mabaso (Ladysmith Development Cycling Club) After two third positions in the under 16 boys, Joshua Clipstone's victory at the final event leap frogged him onto the top step of the overall podium. Joshua Clipstone (Thomas More College) Gage Hansson (Cambridge College UK) Cayde Muldoon (Northwood Boys High School) Despite the slip in the final event, the previous two victories for Dean Wortmann were enough to secure his position at the top of the under 19 boys. Dean Wortmann (Wartburg Kirchdorf School) Felix manke (Maritzburg College) Mitchell Meugens (Maritzburg College) It was the overall winning team announcement that everyone was waiting for in anticipation especially with the prize of R10 000 for custom Enjoy Fitness cycling kit and a Rayne Cam. It was super close amongst the top 3 teams only being separated by a mere 900 points. In the end, it was Northwood Boys high School who narrowly squeezed out the competition to successful defend their title and walk away with all the spoils. Northwood Boys High School Maritzburg College Thomas More College KwaZulu Natal was a great success with a large improvement on numbers not only in riders but participating schools. Thank you to our three host venues: Northwood Boys High School, Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park and Maritzburg College. Without the tremendous support of the sponsors none of the series would be possible: Trek Bikes, Fox Racing, Enjoy Fitness, Skullcandy, Rayne Cams, OGIO and Paul Bothner Music. We are looking forward to the final leg of the Junior Eliminator Series which will take place across Gauteng from the 19 July, entries are already open and can be done online at: www.onemovement.co.za.
  12. The third and final round for the KZN leg of the Junior Eliminator Series took place on Sunday 7 June at a very ice cold Maritzburg College. It didnt take long for the sun to come out and match the hot racing action. Week on week the numbers for KZN grew and there was a great improvement on participation from 2014, we had a total of 27 schools including 3 development teams being represented in the team category. It has been great to see the growth and enthusiasm from schools in support of cycling, Maritzburg College being a prime example allowing us to ride through their school buildings and even having a floating bridge across their swimming pool! Click here to view the article
  13. Tonight we ride! Critical Mass - The Rise of the 300! (25 Apr) Don't succumb to 'Durban Syndrome'.. this only happens once a month and you know it's always a lot of fun, especially if we ride slow While the rest of the country is freezing their butts off and wearing Uggs everywhere, we're on our bicycles loving the cooler breeze! Also... Tour Durban on Monday! The 45km looks like a good time, easy ride to Umdloti and back. What a rad long weekend we have in store. Let's get it started riiiiiiiiiiiiight! Oh.. rugby.. not a problem if you park elsewhere. You could try Kings Park swimming pool, Suncoast beach or casino, Pirates, or Mini Town and just wait for the mass to come past. Easy enough right? LET'S RIDE! More info and FAQ right here: https://www.facebook...849101188439899 FB Group: https://www.facebook...groups/cmassdbn Twitter: #CriticalMassDBN
  14. Image credit: Darren Goddard Having ridden the majority of the way together, team star Rourke Croeser and under-23 rising talent Travis Walker crossed the line hand in hand to claim their first wins of the season respectively with team mate Stuart Marais following them home shortly afterwards to finish second in the elite category and round out a Kargo Pro MTB top three. The whole team, who have a firm focus ensuring team star Rourke Croeser qualifies for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, will take good confidence from their positive local season opener and will now look to build on this platform heading into the upcoming African Continental Championships in Cape Town on 25 and 26 January. “It’s always nice to start the season with a win,” explained Croeser afterwards. “Saturday was a good confidence booster and really helped just clear some of those early season cobwebs that most of the guys would have at this stage. “It’s a tough old sport that we compete in and after some time off one tends to forget just how hard it can be so I was very happy with how it all went for us in our first outing. “I’ve never really been one to set big goals for myself in the past and qualifying, and then doing well, at Commonwealth Games is probably the first big goal of my riding career so African Champs is pretty important and therefore it was nice to have a good run at smaller KZN Cup race before then,” he added. For Walker, one of a handful of new faces to have joined the Kargo Pro MTB setup in the off-season, the team’s success had added importance as he looks to clear a few early season cobwebs and find his top form as quickly as possible. “It was great to be able to keep up with Rourke (Croeser) and it was really good that we were able to get a race in ahead of African Champs, especially with a lot of the other races around the country having been cancelled,” said Walker. “Having had a really good pre-season, coming into the race I thought I’d manage quite easily but racing is just a completely different animal to training so it was really good get that one under the belt and now I know exactly how hard I’m going to have to push at African Champs in a couple of weeks’ time.” Despite having been boxed in at the start, resulting in a slow first half a lap, Walker soon made his way up to Croeser at the head of the race and the two the knuckled down and worked together for the rest of the clash with their choice of the Momsen Vipa soft tail 29er adding to the talk in the car park afterwards. “Once I caught Rourke we really went quite hard until lap five, when we took it a little easier, but then on the final lap we really pushed hard and ended up setting the quickest lap time of the day which I was pretty stoked about!” said a pleasantly surprised Walker. “It was also great to give the bike a bit of race testing. I had been a little sceptical when I first heard we’d be on soft tails but I was really happy with the bike on Saturday. It was really efficient and, with the course being quite bumpy on some of the climbs, it really was a big help,” he added. More info can be found at www.peschlracing.com SUMMARY OF RESULTS KZN MTB PROVINCIAL XCO SERIES FIRST LEG Overall 1.Rourke Croeser (Kargo Pro MTB) 2.Travis Walker (Kargo Pro MTB) 3.Stuart Marias (Kargo Pro MTB) Elite Men 1.Rourke Croeser (Kargo Pro MTB) 2.Stuart Marais (Kargo Pro MTB) 3.Leeroy Emslie Elite Women 1.Melanie Palframan 2.Kim Westbrook (Velo Life) 3.Tamryn Taylor Under 23 1.Travis Walker (Kargo Pro MTB) 2.Callan Deacon 3.Lee Penderis Under 23 Women 1.Ashleigh Moffatt (Velo Life) 2.Hayley Smith (Bell/Specialized-SA) Juniors Boys 1.Alan Hatherly (ASG PYcycling) 2.Julian Jessop (Team Jeep) 3.Devon Smit (Team Jeep) Junior Girls 1.Bianca Haw (Velo Life) 2.Frankie du Toit (Velo Life) 3.Alexandra Mapstone (Velo Life)
  15. The Kargo Pro MTB team stole the show at Saturday 11 January’s first leg of the KZN MTB Provincial Cross Country Series as they went one, two, three overall as well as claiming the top step of the podium in both the elite and under-23 men’s categories. Click here to view the article
  16. Image credit: Nick Tatham/Gameplan Media Both Cycling South Africa and ROAG entry points showed what is now a typical last minute flurry of entries, prompting the decision to move out the road race deadline by 48 hours. The races in Noodsberg takes place on one of the busier sugar cane transporting routes and the organisers are adamant about sticking to their commitment to the local community to minimise inconvenience caused by the total road closure, and not taking any further entries for the individual time trial. The organisers have stressed that extra entries for the road race will not result in extensions to the timing of the re-opening of the roads, and have welcomed late entries until midnight on Wednesday. Entries cost R100 for either an 80km or 109km ride on a closed route on what training riders describe as an enjoyable yet challenging lap course. The race is both a UCI World Cycling Tour final qualifier as well as a fun ride for riders of all different abilities and this is something that the organisers have highlighted and it seems that riders are taking this on board and many different riders have taken the opportunity to enter the race. Catering for the road cycling community means that safety is paramount and having a race on a road that is closed is vital in attracting all riders from your top UWCT final hopefuls to your ‘weekend warriors’ and the Msunduzi Road Challenge provides riders with the safety and securing of a closed road with marshals all along the course. The race does offer riders the opportunity to qualify for the UWCT Final that is going to be held in Slovenia next year and there are a number of riders that will be riding in the Msunduzi Road Challenge with this goal in mind but it was also important to add another race to the Kwa-Zulu Natal road cycling calendar and this was the ideal opportunity. The 2013 edition of the race has included tandems as a category for riders to enter in and this idea goes along with the image shift of the race. The attempt by organisers to change the perception of the race from that of a world championships qualifier to a race that anyone can ride in. With the hype of the Amashova having subsided a number of riders could have been at a loose end in deciding where their next ride would be and that lead them to the Msunduzi Road Challenge. The race is situated in the sugarcane belt of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands and provides a scenic route that the riders can enjoy. The late flurry of entries for the race suggest that the cycling fraternity has awoken from its post-Amashova slumber and riders are now taking the chance to ride in what should be a smoothly-run, entertaining ride for all. With varying distances it provides the riders with the perfect opportunity to prepare for the 94.7 in Johannesburg and other big one-day classics that are around the corner. The town of Wartburg has brought into the race whole-heartedly with local role players getting behind the race and offering their warm hospitality to all the riders that enter their streets. A number of the local business owners are embracing the race and are excited at the prospect of showing off their small town to the cycling community. The 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge takes place on 26 and 27 October 2013, based in Noodsberg outside Pietermaritzburg. To enter please visit www.cyclingsa.com and www.roag.co.za. More information can be found at www.msunduziroadchallenge.co.za
  17. The organisers of the 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge have closed the entry for the 29km time trial this Saturday 26 October after the entry hit its peak number of entrants, but with a steady stream of late entries being processed for the road races on Sunday, the organisers have extended the entries for the Road Race on Sunday until midnight on Wednesday. Click here to view the article
  18. Image credit: Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media “There are thousands of registered road riders in this province,” Du Sart said. “All you have to do is go and look on the CSA website and you will see that road cycling in the province is as healthy as ever and with so many good races like the Amashova and the Tour Durban in the province there are always opportunities for guys to ride.” “If you look at all of the major events in the province, and around the country, they offer one thing that riders appreciate and want – a closed road,” Du Sart said. “Safety is a number one issue for all riders and at races like the Msunduzi Road Challenge riders will have this safety so a certain degree.” The logistical impact of closing a road to the public can often prove to be an issue and the Msunduzi Road Challenge has made a conscious effort to make sure that the roads could be closed as well as causing as little interference with the local people as possible. “Closing roads is always difficult and being able to get local role players on board is really important and making sure there is as little impact as possible on the running of the local community.” Another draw card to the province is the South African Championships that will be happening in the province next year and this coupled with the UCI World Cycling Tour final that was held in Pietermaritzburg and Wartburg last year means that the province is seen as a go-to place for a number of prestigious road racing events. “The South African Championships next year offer people the opportunity to come and ride without having to qualify and that should be a draw card for riders due to the fact that it is a national championship and based around Durban. The Msunduzi Road Challenge is another event that doesn’t require qualification and it is open to all types of riders and offers a challenge for everyone that is up for it,” Du Sart mentioned. A lot of riders require an incentive when they plan on riding in an event and the Msunduzi Road Challenge gives riders the opportunity to get an official time and that is something that riders enjoy. It is the really small things that draw riders to races and having the opportunity to get an official time and be able to compare your result with your mates makes it a lot more worth it. Guys are doing a lot of travelling and choosing to race in races all over the country and there is also an opportunity for people to take advantage of some great races in KZN,” explained Du Sart. The 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge takes place on 26 and 27 October 2013, based in Noodsberg outside Pietermaritzburg. To enter please visit www.cyclingsa.com and www.roag.co.za. More information can be found at www.msunduziroadchallenge.co.za
  19. Road cyclists are turning their attention to the Msunduzi Road Challenge on 26 and 27 October because it lays on full road closure, guaranteeing their safety during the time trial and road races. That’s the opinion of Westville Cycle Club head Kelvin du Sart, who says the sport is alive and well in KwaZulu-Natal but racers are seeking events that assure their safety. Click here to view the article
  20. Image credit: Anthony Grote - Gameplan Media This year’s Msunduzi Road Challenge serves as a qualifying event for the 2014 UWCT Final, which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, later next year. The Time Trial route is 29km long and the road race has two different race distances, namely 80km and 109km. The event will be centred out in the Wartburg, Harburg and Noodsberg areas, situated approximately 35km from Pietermaritzburg. These country roads offer good terrain for road cycling with little traffic. “Cyclists can use the event to qualify for the UWCT Final if this is what they wish,” said event organiser Alec Lenferna. “But for the less competitive cyclists, this is a well-managed, secure road event in KwaZulu-Natal that all road cyclists should come and ride and be part of.” Participants need to finish in the top 25% of their age group in order to secure invitations to take part in the prestigious UWCT Final. It is at the Final where cyclists racing in the Masters’ categories can earn the coveted UCI rainbow-striped world championship jersey in their respective age groups. However, the UWCT also provides cycling enthusiasts with the chance to cycle a world-class cycle route with full road closure, and fulfils the aim of the UCI to acknowledge “Cycling for All”. Route maps for the scenic time trial and road race courses in Wartburg and surrounds have been uploaded to the official website. Proposed Event Schedule: Friday 25 October 10am - 5pm Rider Registration Saturday 26 October 9am - 1pm Time Trial Competition 10am - 4pm Rider Registration (Road Race) Sunday 27 October 7am - 2pm Road Race The online entry deadline has been extended to 21 October 2013, but cyclists are encouraged to enter early. Click here to enter now For general enquiries, please contact Alec Lenferna alec@realem.co.za, and for event enquiries please email events@cyclingsa.com.
  21. Havinga had to travel abroad to Trento in Italy to secure his qualification for the UWCT Final in Pietermaritzburg last year after he missed the chance during the Umsunduzi Road Challenge in 2011. That trip to Trento came about after his brother, who had been diagnosed with cancer, encouraged him take on the challenge in Italy. Having given up a lot of his time in assisting his ailing brother, Havinga made the trip to Trento and qualified for the UWCT Finals in Pietermaritzburg in 2012. This year he will be back riding in his home town as he takes on the Msunduzi Road Challenge again looking to qualify for the trip to the UWCT Final in Slovenia next year. “My brother’s legacy definitely inspired me to train with more focus and to appreciate the health that I’m fortunate to have,” Havinga said. “After qualifying for the UWCT final in Trento, Italy last year, the race I dedicated to him, I was determined to qualify for the 2013 Final back in Trento and now the Msunduzi Road Challenge is the next step.” Havinga has a busy schedule as he jets off to Italy for the UWCT finals from 19 to 22 September in Trento and then returns for the Msunduzi Road Challenge a month later. “I had some problems because initially I was going to try and qualify in Colombo, Sri Lanka but there were issues and that was cancelled so I qualified in Chania on the Island of Crete for this year’s final,” said a proud Havinga. The plan is simple for Havinga at this year’s Msunduzi Road Challenge – finish well enough to qualify for the finals in Slovenia next year. “I really want to end in the top 20% because that means that I qualify for the finals,” he said. “We have a number of really good riders in the 60-64 age group so it is going to be a serious challenge to get into that top 20%.” The route of the Msunduzi Road challenge has changed since 2011 and Havinga believes that the new route is great for the event and for spectators. “I think the new route is better than the old one and the only drawback is the rough sections of road which could prove to be a little tough to manage but from a spectator's point of view it would be a lot better because the riders do 40 km laps,” he mentioned. The Pietermaritzburg resident has entered both the time trial and the road race for the Msunduzi but he feels that he is stronger in the area that he is less experienced in. “At this stage of my career I think that I am stronger at the time trial even though I only raced in my first one last year. I am still a novice but I think that it is my strongest event,” Havinga explained. Trying to qualify for a UWCT final adds a certain amount of pressure and using this opportunity is going to be important for all the riders due to the fact that a number of them will not have another chance to get through because of the travel. “There will be a lot pressure if your goal is to qualify for the final in Ljubljana, Slovenia. So for me there is some pressure because I would love to go, because Slovenia is a place I have never been before!” an excited Havinga added. The 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge takes place on 26 and 27 October 2013, based at Wartburg outside Pietermaritzburg. More information can be found at www.msunduziroadchallenge.co.za
  22. Pietermaritzburg businessman and cycling enthusiast Tinus Havinga is set on keeping his brother's legacy alive as he attempts to qualify for the UCI World Cycling Tour Finals in 2014 when he takes part in the Msunduzi Road Challenge on the 26 and 27 October starting in Noodsburg. Click here to view the article
  23. Anthony Grote The General Manager for Infrastructure Management and Economic Services at the KZN Provincial Treasury, Clive Coetzee, believes that it is important that events like the Msunduzi Road Challenge continue to grow the city’s reputation. “We need to continue to build the brand of Pietermaritzburg as Africa’s ‘Bike City’,” Coetzee mentioned. “Hosting so many of these occasions means that businesses will become more involved due to the long term benefits and the knowledge that Pietermaritzburg is capable of hosting such high profile events.” In August the first ever UCI MTB and Trials World Championships on African soil was hailed a success, following the BMX World Championships in 2010 and the UWCT Final in 2012, as well and the upcoming 2014 World Marathon Championships, the city has hosted and will host some of the most prestigious cycling events on the global calendar. Pietermaritzburg has also been selected by the UCI to host the 2015 Confederation for African Cycling Forum which will bring together people from all over the continent as they plan the future of cycling in Africa. This is seen as the precursor to the World Cycling Forum that Pietermaritzburg has applied to host in 2016. Anthony Grote Coetzee feels that it is important to note that building confidence in the local economy is something that these cycling events have done. “It will take a few years before we will be able to talk about the impact that these events have had on the economy but the effects should be hugely positive. This continuation of hosting events is what the economy needs to grow and that growth brings confidence from investors and businesses.” The president of KZN cycling Greg Stedman knows that the reputation of Pietermaritzburg is growing amongst the cycling world and feels that if they can continue to host major events well it will go from strength to strength. “Pietermaritzburg as a city adopted a strategy to host major cycling events in and around the city,” Stedman said. “These events have been a resounding success and the city has a lot to offer in terms of its surroundings and the ability to host road, BMX and Mountain Bike events in close proximity to the city centre.” Road cycling, logistically, is more difficult to organise and with this it might seem to be less popular than its offroad sibling but according to Stedman that is not the case. “Road Cycling is a very popular discipline of cycling, but for obvious reasons requires a lot of planning in order to provide for a professional event. It would be fantastic to see more of these events in and around Pietermaritzburg, I think they would be enormously popular,” he added. Anthony Grote The UWCT that was held in Pietermaritzburg last year was another successful event hosted by the City and with that success the attitude towards hosting popular road cycling races increased. “All of the events that have been held, have received great feedback and this event (UWCT) was no exception. The effort and commitment that Pietermaritzburg and the Province has shown to the establishment of PMB as the continents “Bike City” is growing in strength,” explained Stedman. The nature of the weather conditions in Pietermaritzburg has also lent itself to being a favourable destination amongst riders and the recent MTB and Trials World Championships could have enhanced this for a number of the riders. “South Africa and particularly Kwa-Zulu Natal is an ideal winter training destination for overseas athletes. Pietermaritzburg has cycling facilities that make it an ideal cycling destination for both these overseas athletes and tourists alike,” mentioned the President of KZN cycling. The 2013 Msunduzi Road Challenge takes place on 26 and 27 October 2013, based at Wartburg outside Pietermaritzburg. More information can be found at www.msunduziroadchallenge.co.za
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