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Found 5 results

  1. Hi My dad phoned me yesterday to tell me he found a chopper in someones garage, without even seeing it i bought it This is what she looks like. http://2share.co.za/Files/10624752_10152919201738564_7700790686576970492_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/559577_10152919202143564_8461191789988089246_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/10431574_10152919202303564_2897692256233641370_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/150716_10152919202478564_2889572755948198288_n.jpg after a "quick" wash http://2share.co.za/Files/10402761_10152919202653564_1494609282932992165_n.jpg and this is what she will look like soon. Also the original colour http://2share.co.za/Files/your_n85.jpg There is quite a bit of work that is needed to get her restored. Bottom bracket is completely stuffed Gear lever doesn't move Seat needs repaired Paint needs removed from frame Frame needs resprayed Stickers Printed Loads of chrome work will post photos/status as i go along
  2. Looking for a vintage (late 60s to early 80s) DHC bicycle frame, any condition, size aprox. 58 to 60cm CTC. Needed for special build project to replace my fathers stolen bicycle that he owned for over 30 years!!! Any suggestions, advice, or assistance in getting this project off the ground will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys I would appreciate some advice on my bike and what gear you guys would invest in order to improve it abit. So I started cycling in 2014 and got the Giant Propel Advanced with the basic 105 Groupset. Now 2 years and one sub 3 at the Argus later, I am looking to upgrade it!!! I just took advantage of the Darkhorse Carbon clinchers 38mm from onedayonly and am planning to change my groupset next. However I know that I am in for about 25k if I want the Ultegra Di2 (heard the Dura ace Di2 is not that much better than it justifies the big increase in price, but please correct me if I am mistaken). My LBS told me when I bought the bike in August 2014 that the frame is good and can easily be kept still. My questions are now: 1. What groupset would you recommend?(I know that at that price tag all higher end groupsets are decent and its more about personal preference) 2. Would you even invest that much in a groupset or maybe sell the bike instead and put that with the 20-25k together to get an upgraded bike? And if so, what bike? If you have any other advice, I would appreciate that too. Thanks alot!!
  4. Hi guys. Proud to announce that I am new to the forum, and that I have committed myself to one crazy idea: I want to ride the Momentum 94.7 on a single speed bike. I decided this after I recently bought a SS project bike, weighing in at only a few kilo's. Rides like a dream, and even wheelies spontaneously. So I decided that the 94.7 is a challenge I set myself, and that I would like to do those tough km's for myself, and a charity. I need some advice on this topic though - if any of you guys have done it before, or know of people who will be riding fixed gear or single speeds in 2014 Momentum 94.7 - please share your thoughts. Any charities that need some extra support are also welcome to be presented here so that I can consider them! Thank you in advance, Gus
  5. Hi Hubbers I have been commuting for years now, started commuting to Wits from Crosby/Brixton. Now I commute to work which is in Forest Town. I use to use my MTB but now with work clothes I feel my MTB is not suitable anymore so I started using my road bike which is an old Trek 1000. I am thinking of transforming this bike into an urban/commuter bike. I know enough about bikes to do some of the changes, but I am looking for some advice. This is what I am thinking of doing: Change handlebars to a flat-bar (those really narrow ones)Change brake and gear levers (I want to keep my gears, I need them )Change tyres to cyclocross or something with more grip, but keep my road bike rims - possible? Chain cover - save my work pants from awesome grease marksSeat, something that suits the bike more.That's about it. Has anyone done something like this? I want to spend minimal so keep that in mind.
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