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Found 4 results

  1. We at RECYCLES are happy to say we are attending the ABSA Cape Epic to provide rider bike service support. From previous Cape Epic experience we can proudly provide you with top quality support. Email us at info@recycles.co.za to inquire about our tech packages.
  2. Hello ADMIN PLEASE DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED. Hello Friends With my next EVERESTING Ride I am asking for Your Help. If I can get just one person to Assist me at each Location. Please share with your friends. Four dates, Last week of October. David
  3. Tech Zone This Year we are offering bike transportation from Cape Town to the Starting venue at the Sani2C, the bikes will then be handed in on the final day and transported back to Cape Town at Recycles (186 Durban Road) where the bikes will receive a Wash N' Lube before collection. For more information please contact J.p at 0828096445 Or email at info@recycles.co.za
  4. (UPDATE: See new times & dates at each venue below) The 2015 Park Planning info sessions The general sentiment as seen on other threads is that this planning doc does not offer specifics about the future of mountain biking in the reserve, but what is most important in its content is that mountain biking has been included in the zoning areas where we would ultimately like to have access to in the future. Wanting though offers no guarantee of what we will get and as some have pointed out in other places, it is every person's support for this process as well as other processes where more detail is applied, that will make the difference to what we get. A quick run down of who represents you in Tokai.. TokaiMTB:is part of the TMMTB forum that is the official comms channel with TMNP.as a constituted group, also has this status of comms channel but on a local level i.e. in Tokai and surrounds. engages Parks on an operational level too i.e. daily activities through a permit structure. We are just one stakeholder in this Park planning process. Each individual who registers is another. We would have just the same amount of influence as each person who registers and provides comment. The positive of registering is that it shows interest which shows Parks that we are listening and interested. This interest is a gauge for where they can and should be applying their focus. Meurant is also closely involved in this planning process and while the document is still being studied, overall it seems to provide enough of a future for us. It's when we get to presenting routes and the EMP at public participation level that every mountain biker needs to be there. This is the time where everyone puts their differences aside and shows support for the groups and the plans presented. Mountain bikers outweigh probably every other activity combined, (those with EMP's) but the number should not be seen to be used as force, it shows where the focus of recreational needs are. We are still bound by the terms of access as stated in the EMP for each activity, which is why the rewrite process that is nearing completion through the TMMTB forum is is so important. Where this document involves us, it only serves to state that mountain biking is included in the activities list for users of the park and shows where studies offer the best area based on impact. But the EMP and the routes and facilities proposals is where your support is ultimately needed, Tokai's one is starting now. It’s being called the "Project Charter" that includes the vision for new trails and facilities in Tokai. It will be a draft document that initiates the planning process that seeks TMNP's approval for a shared and mutually beneficial network of trails. As with the Park Planning doc, there will be an advertised info session for this draft presentation that will require maximum support. Comments can even be positive and supportive, “I’m really excited about this project!”, while negative comments can be used to show where the plan can be improved or concerns around specifics highlighted. On the flip side however, a negative comment can also show what other users are not happy about, which bring us to how mountain biking interacts with other users. Quite simply, making enemies is counter-productive. We hear too often about cyclists swearing at grannies and their dogs, or riding areas out of bounds. This should stop as a matter of urgency.. be the bigger person. On public participation level, when the bell is rung - it is over. Register, attend, comment and show support for both the reps and Table Mountain National Park. More info on the 2015 Park Planning process can be found here. The document download links from this page too.http://www.sanparks.org/conservation/park_man/ - - - -Update.. NEW DATES: Stakeholders are further invited to attend public information sessions at one of the venues listed below and comment on aspects relating to these plans. Date and time Venue 13 April 2015 (18h00 – 20h00) Rocklands Minor Hall, Cnr Spine & Park Roads, Rocklands, Mitchell’s Plain 14 April 2015 (09h00 – 12h00) Fish Hoek Municipal Hall, Central Circle, Fish Hoek 14 April 2015 (14h00 – 17h00) Cape Town Central Library, Drill Hall, Darling Street, Cape Town 15 April 2015 (10h00 – 13h00) Simon’s Town Museum, Court Road, Simons Town 15 April 2015 (16h00 – 19h00) Roman Catholic Church, Pokela Road, Masiphumelele 16 April 2015 (16h00 – 19h00) Newlands Conference Room, Newlands Forest Station, Union Avenue (M3) 17 April 2015 (10h00 – 13h00) Edith Stephens Nature Reserve, Govan Mbeki Road, Philippi 18 April 2015 (09h00 – 12h00) Site B community hall, Khayelitsha Sulani Drive (opposite Site B SAPS ) Written comments are to be forwarded either electronically or by mail to André Spies by 9 May 2015. - - - - (Note: I am posting in my personal capacity as I don't have access to the TokaiMTB account password at this time )
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