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Found 9 results

  1. Having a look at the mtb races this year to sign up for, having checked the following website, are there any that I might have missed or should have a second look at? Keen on just enjoyable MTB races, like the STBB (holding thumbs they coming back this year), Grabouw MTB, Nissan Trailseeker (wellington), Tiletoria, etc. - https://www.stillwatersports.com/event/ - https://www.pedalpower.org.za/events/ - https://www.dirtopia.co.za/index.php/mtbcalendar - https://www.entryninja.com/events/event - There seems to be good news about some that is coming back for 2019, and some that just seem to have gone missing, and some that have changes in format (ie Grabouw weekend warrior) Who knows of races that might be also worth a look at (already signed up for the Autumn Splendour MTB and considering the Pioneer School race in Worcester).
  2. A WORLD OF CYCLING INFO, NOW AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! In a country where around 250 000 people actively participate in cycling, a single source of comprehensive local cycling information should be par for the course. Now it is, thanks to the launch of an indispensable app, Cycle360. Cycling Information Has Come Full Circle Cycle360 caters to the needs of all types of cyclists, from competitive road and MTB cyclists, through cycling families and adrenaline junkies. It offers everything from an up-to-date race calendar, details on where to ride across South Africa, upcoming events, and local cycling/accessory shops. That’s not where it ends: Cycle360 gives enthusiasts information regarding all forms of accommodation in an area; restaurants, things to do locally … you name it, Cycle360’s got it covered! Find out about cycling school leagues, nutritional supplements for young and old, and more! Providing A Service … And Paying It Forward Cross-country specialist and seasoned Olympic medallist, Christoph Sauser, is actively involved in non-profit organisation Songo. Songo has played a profound role in uplifting the local community around Kayamandi in the Western Cape, assisting with education programmes, as well as to establish a BMX club and mountain biking group. Sauser raises funding for Songo, helping to build the dreams of young wannabe cyclists; giving them the hope of a healthier future, and a better life story. Going forward, Cycle360 will assist Songo in reaching their goals. Cycle360 encourages all players in the cycling arena to sign up to have their products, venues and shops featured on the app. A percent of all revenue will be ploughed back to Songo. Cycle360 is available on both Android and Apple devices. For further information don’t hesitate to contact Michael@cycle360.co.za, or call 0824647983.
  3. Hubbers Exclusive 15% off any training and analytics plan in Today's Plan. www.todaysplan.co.za Today’s Plan program’s are tailored towards each individuals: events, goals, training time, schedule, fitness level and fitting in your existing social/group/commuting rides. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you are a seasoned elite athlete, having a fully customised structured training plan will help you to become fitter, faster and stronger. The programs are targeted at cycle specific for riders spending +2 days (+ 4 hrs) a week riding and suitable for all bike types (Road, Track, MTB, CX and commuters). Using the latest scientific methods of tracking training load and fatigue Today’s Plan construct’s the perfect training plan to transform anyone’s cycling performance. Each workout is explained in easy to understand terminology and points out the purpose of the ride with many explanatory video’s coaching the athlete’s from the comfort of their home on phone or PC. Workouts can be downloaded to Android phones (with live tracking) or Garmin head units to follow steps out on the road or trail. Ultimately riding smarter, not longer to ensuring our clients become the best they can become. Pricing is extremely affordable (additional 15% for Hubbers) 6 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R2498 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R34910 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R429 12 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R529 16 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics R699 When you sign up to Today’s Plan there is no credit card or payment required. You can build a training plan at any time. On building a plan you have two weeks to review the plan and decide if you want to continue with and pay for the plan. During this duration of your training plan you have full access to our analytics functionality. When you sign up we give you two weeks free analytics service. After this time we offer both a monthly and annual analytics subscription option. Post trail period you can use Hubber code (under your name- my services- apply code): “ Hub15 “ Want to be the best you can be? Then ride smarter, not longer. Ride with Today’s Plan.
  4. 2018 Stage Race Calendar: All the racing for 2016 has come to an end. Take a look at our 2018 Stage Race Calendar. South Africa is undoubtedly the capital of the marathon cross country stage race world, with well over 50 stage races (and multiday single stage events) to choose from. It's clear that proper planning is required. After the success of our 2015 Stage Race Calendar, we've compiled a list of the mountain bike marathon stage races taking place in South Africa (and other parts of Africa) in 2016. Click here to view the article
  5. Outriders Festival Of Cycling Sunday Oct 4th 2015, Killarney Race Track. Outriders would like to invite you to come and take part in a festival to celebrate cycling in the Cape Town and surrounding areas. The intention of this day/morning is to celebrate, promote and inform about cycling in our area. We invite you all to come support this initiative and make the day a huge success and celebration. The festival will hopefully be a fun day for the entire family and provide a fantastic opportunity to anybody already involved in cycling, the cycle and supporting industry, people that want to get involved in cycling. It will cater for the very young, the ‘not so young’, beginners, intermediates and experienced cyclists. It will cater for the very slow to the very quick. Programme Of Events and Facilities:- Toddler & Youngster racing on the Go-Kart Track or in the pit area – Special balance bike event (no pedals allowed) (Free Entry) Racing on the main track to include:- 1 x Lap Time Trial (R20.00 Entry) 2 x Lap Race (This may a restricted entry – no ‘hot shots’) (R20.00 Entry) 4 x Lap Race (also restricted) (R20.00 Entry) 6 x Lap Race (Everybody welcome) (R20.00 Entry) King Of Speed Event (Fastest Rider over the Start/Finish Line) (R10.00 Entry) Maybe another event for Track, Steelies, Fixies Also a parade lap where we get as many cycles and cyclists as possible to do a parade lap. Racing on the Dirt Track (To Be Confirmed) Workshops Will Include:- How To Ride Safely Bike Set-Up Bike Cleaning & General Maintenance Puncture Repair Bike Handling Festival Mini Expo Cycle Shops Cycle Repair/Maintenance Providers Cycle Clothing Nutrition, Supplements For on the Bike Cycle Lighting Festival ‘Gumtree’ Area We will provide an area where anybody can bring cycle related goods to sell, swap, buy, auction or trade. Festival Cycle Clubs We will provide an area where any cycle clubs can promote or make themselves known to all those attending. A great opportunity to let people know about your existence and what you provide for members. There will also be:- Food and drinks available from WP Motor Club Jumping Castle (May also be restricted) Musical Entertainment (To be Confirmed) Who will be there? Cycling South Africa Western Province Cycling Association Pedal Power Association Traffic Department Cycle Shops Cycle Clubs Affiliated Cycle Service and Product Suppliers And Of Course……………..Cyclists. What are the costs to participate as a club, shop or associated provider? – Rnil, this Outriders initiative is being run as a fun event and has no other agenda. We may call on some assistance but have no intention of charging anybody to join us or be a part of this festival. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to comment, please use email only at this stage. derwyn@oxleyinc.co.za See our event website page for more details and updates:- http://www.theoutriders.co.za/cycling_festival.php Join us on Facebook to get up to the minute details and latest news about this event:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/451840301662908/Outriders Festival Of Cycling 3.pdf
  6. Get the RunRide App today! http://youtu.be/aPkV5R5hdCg.
  7. Where can I find a schedule of amateur events and races in S.Africa?
  8. How does one register to join a Stonehaven cycle race? Is there a need for any licences such as a UCI license? Thanks in advance. Miguel
  9. Just saw a new feature that's being piloted in San Fran: http://www.strava.com/races Race at any time during the four-day competition window Compete alongside friends or run it on your own Run as many times as you want - no limit on the number of attempts Quite a lekker feature if you ask me. No control on cheating, but the general idea is awesome.
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