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Found 9 results

  1. Quick general question I'd like to know: Once someone begins racing (i.e. Elite category), which website is used to show information such as their races, penalties, rider category, and specifically any points earned? I found it a few months back and now struggling to find it again. Thanks
  2. Following my PB at the CTCT, my PPA seeding shot up to my best ever E. But what was interesting was that the Beta for the CTCT (1.07) made it theoretically more difficult than the Tour de PAA (1.05) Now every year I do these 2 races, which are 2 weeks apart. And every year I am +-30 minutes quicker in the CTCT than the Tour de PPA. Mostly same fitness, weight etc and from my wheather notes, also coincidently, very similar for the years I did both Now for me, the Tour de PPA is vastly more difficult than the CTCT. But from the winning times being simmilar, that appears not the case for the sharp end of the field. And that got me thinking, who determines BETA and with what rider in mind? For me: - The CTCT last 15km is a coast after Suikerbossie, whilst the Tour de PPA finishes with Adderly Street's mind numbing kilometers of uphill drag. The last 15-20% of the race is normally where the weekend warrior falls flat, thus an easier finish is always more welcome - The shear numbers of the CTCT means I can always find the next group when dropped, whilst the Tour de PPA often leaves you on your lonesome or with 2 or 3 other stragglers as you make your way to the finish. So for me it look very similar to golf's course ratings, that predominately considers the Pro's abilities, forgetting that crossing water 15 times a round is daunting for the hacker, even if the course is short. Long and short, I think the CTCT BETA is way overestimated, and I know I will be punished and very quickly on my own if I ride the next PPA fun ride from E.
  3. Quick one, just want to check whether it is the same for everyone, in which case all is fair: On the Cycle Events/PPA seeding ladder I seem to have incurred penalties on all my results, is it just my profile or does everybody have this issue? Even on the 2017 947 CC, which is 3 weeks old, I have a 15 point penalty. Same for Amashova.
  4. Hi guys and girls I am aiming for a sub 3:30 CTCT and one thing was to get into a better seeding group. I am satisfied that my current PPA seeding of G is good enough for this. My seeding is based on the Durbie Dash 2016, plus I have a sub 3 hours 96km Bonnievale still to be taken into account. I am also aiming to do 947 in under 3 hours. So with my prior year CTCT of 3:40 I think I will be in good stead. My question is, if I do the Stellenbosch cycle tour much slower will this affect my seeding for the CTCT. I want to help my wife a bit as she never has the luxury of group riding where she starts (S/T groups). An improvement in her seeding will also help her in the CTCT, especially for starting earlier. So I want to do a TT for her benefit. Also we have to ride a big race together at some point. Thanks for the help
  5. I would just like to find out the general feeling of the racing tandems who is doing the Argus, I would like to split my question into 2 parts. 1.) We normally ride racing tandems with the Argus, seeded in # and did just over 3 hours with 3 minutes or so and under the top 20 tandems overall. Now we have been seeded in 1C but some of our tandem friends who is behind us with 4 minutes on the previous Argus and 10+ minutes on the 94.7 has been seeded in #, yes, some of them has been seeded in 1F, 1G etc as well but they only used our 94.7 seeding. Our seeding index is 15. Mark my words what is going to happen this year, the Elite tandems(the elite women and men who decided to ride tandem this year and yes, there are a lot of them who is SA, World champs, Elites etc this year as well as your Andrew Mcleans etc) will break at latest at Smithswinkel and will ride around 7-10 minutes out of the rest of the # tandems, 80% of the remainder of the "racing" tandems will remain together most of the race but according to the seeding the tandems in 1C-1F will have much more risk to crash and most certainly will and if we're lucky to survive, those tandems will have a better time than 50% of the # tandems. But the risk is not worth it to us. In an ideal world they should have Elite, (Old school)Racing and social tandems.Those tandem who then decide to fall back to single groups at their own perusal is then more than welcome to do so. How did they think this through? 2.) Argus tandem safety with single bikes. A tandem takes twice the distance to stop than a single bike(double the weight and more or less the same contact area to the tar as a single bike), the apex around corners especially down Chapman's peak is way different and it handles/maneuver much different as well. After Smiths winkel if a single bike would go down at 50,60,70kmh there is no way that a tandem will be able to stop in time, it also takes much more effort & time to swerve out. The captain will normally be okay after an accident on a tandem but I know of various stokers that must first fall on and over the front part of the tandem before even hitting the ground, here I'm talking about coma's, a lot of broken bones, serious hospital situations. I've seen it before and if the good tandems start with single bikes there is a very real & serious danger to it. Hence the reason so many tandem entries becoming available now.Will the organizers first have to see tandem riders to get hurt before changing it back to the racing tandem and social tandem groups which worked well in the past for so many years? It's just crazy and clearly the organizers have never ridden a tandem before.
  6. Does anyone know which upcoming races (Road/MTB) are seeding events for the 2015 947 Cycle Challenge?
  7. I am not a PPA member and my Stellenbosch Cycle Tour time was better than my goal. I do however see that that race got quite a penalty when it comes to seeding as it was an easy day. I will need more help to get to a realistic start group. Would riding the Herald in PE and the 99er help to improve my seeding for the 2015 Argus? They are listed as 2016 seeding events, but I want to chase that elusive sub3 this year as I have a fairly good base and age is stalking me. If these events will help, does anybody know at what % ?
  8. Anyone else done this before? How well is the event usually organised? Is it an official seeding event for the momentum 2014 94.7 cycle challenge?
  9. My seeding index is 26.63 on the ASG wesite. What does that mean?
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