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  1. So what do you all think the chances are of Zwift doing a CTCT route or something along those lines? Chappies, Suikerbossie, Ou Kaapse Weg, things like that? Question is purely because its New York, Stuttgart, London, Harrogate and Watopia...would be nice to see something in the Southern Hemisphere, closer to home!
  2. OK, so, not bragging (much), but I did my targeted sub 3 in the 2020 Cape town cycle race (2:57:12) I am writing this to encourage people who have the ambition to go sub 3 but are not sure if its doable. I am 46 and not particularly athletic. I did my first Argus two years ago after pottering around on a mountain bike for a few years. So I dont exactly want to say that if I can do it anyone can... but I am certainly not a "naturally talented" cyclist. My tips would be: Order a perfect day, like 2018 or 2020 - if its like 2019 the tips below will NOT hack it in getting a sub 3. Get a good seeding ... this year 79% of 1A got sub 3, 59% of 1C, 25% for 1E, 18% for 1H, 10% for 1J, 4% for 2A... So your odds of getting a sub 3 goes down as the capabilities of your fellow riders get lower - I was in group 1G (was 2H last year) so in the "tough but doable" zone You do NOT have to be at 4W/Kg to do sub 3...I am 84 kg, FTP before race of 270*, so 3.2 Watt/kg - For me, without my indoor trainer (Wahoo Kickr) and a structured training program (I use Trainerroad) there is no way I would have been able to put in the time (6-7 hrs a week for the last year) to get fit enough - it also helps with motivation somehow. To improve road skills I did a few Cycle Lab (Fourways, B1,2 groups) and ICG morning rides plus I did the 94.7 which perhaps also helped with seeding (who knows?). You need to be fit enough to do ~4W/kg (or perhaps a bit less) in the 4 decisive climbs. But luckily they are not that long, and any good structured program will take care of that with some hill climbs or VO2 max sessions. See below my splits for key climbs... Gradient Time Distance Speed Power Power/kg Cadence HR Average 0% 2:57:12 108.9 36.9 184 2.2 95 167 - Edinburgh drive (steepest part) 7% 0:02:38 0.75 17.1 300 3.6 98 185 - Smitswinkel 5% 0:03:41 1.25 20.4 309 3.7 102 179 - Chapmans peak (excl little Chappies) 6% 0:04:59 1.49 17.9 278 3.3 104 184 - Suikerbossie 6% 0:06:47 1.84 16.3 266 3.2 99 185 Net power 2.27 IF 0.84 Become a wheel sucker - this made a HUGE difference on the day. Except for the 4 climbs, and a few turns at the front, the rest wasn't that painful, tucked in 30 cm behind the biggest oke I could find. Finding a good (i.e big) guy or tandem to draft behind is especially important after the big climbs and worth expending the energy on. A shoutout to "Dennis" from 1H, you rock... Train your cadence - spinning faster will leave you with fresh(ish) legs for the last two climbs and help you catch passing wheels Get nutrition right - everyone is different, but I had 2 bottles of cadence carbo fuel, 2 bananas and 2 hydro gels with caffeine (used before the last 2 climbs)- I also had an extra bottle of carbo fuel that I drank while waiting to start and I ate normally the day before... no carbo loading Have a good bike - I have a 2015 Specialized S-Works Tarmac, Corima 30mm profile rims - not the newest, but light and has good handling Thanks again to Verandapanda, tyboy0406, Long Wheel Base, Skubarra, Milky4130, Jewbacca for the tips they had in my previous post, it was very useful * Tested on my Wahoo Kickr using Trainerroad ramp test, confirmed by my power meter. Test was done in Jo-burg, where I live, so given 1700m altitude my effective FTP may be a bit more at the coast Addendum- managed to download the power file to xls and create a chart - surprising how much time is spent in "recovery" (green) being pulled along at 40km/hr - presumably by Pure Savage Addendum 2 - Figured out how to convert average power to normalized power -normalized power estimates the effective "steady" power of a segment i.e. if your power was 100% steady for a segment then Average power=Normalized power, but if there was lots of acceleration changes/sprints then Normalized power >> Average Power, reflecting that would require a higher effective power/fitness This changes 2 things from the non-normalized graph, 1) "easy" segments are slightly less easy due to acceleration changes 2) The first 25 minutes are now all hard - acceleration changes means even the flat bit between Hospital Hill and the bottom of Edinburgh drive is hard. Climbs did not change as its power on climbs are steady so no difference between Normalized and Average power.
  3. Off-road racing at its very best, the MTB Challenge hits the Cape Winelands on Saturday, 29 February 2020, offering 15km, 30km and 60km options for all fitness and skill levels. The event has been running alongside the Cape Town Cycle Tour for what will be 20 years in 2020 formerly known as the Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge. In September 2019 the event was handed over to the Pedal Power Association to organise. The decision was made to take the event back to its original roots, where it all began , returning to the beautiful routes at the Banhoek Conservancy, where the event was held in 2013. The venue is will be Old Bethlehem Farm situated in Kylemore, Stellenbosch. This fun ride is aimed at all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels and income groups. The event is open to PPA members as well as non-members and targets both existing cyclists and newcomers to the sport, the average participant and newcomer, as well as elite sportswoman. E-Bikes are welcome to join. In addition to the three routes on offer, we will be bringing in the Bike4All mobile BMX track for the little ones to enjoy. Bike4All has a simple, yet effective motto: PUTTING MORE PEOPLE ONTO BICYCLES. Our info tent will be able to answer any last-minute questions or to purchase replacement MTB boards. A bikeshop will be placed at the start to assist with minor bike adjustments, selling any last-minute spares you might need. Seattle Coffee will be onsite for your caffeine fix with a variety of stalls which include pancakes, food, wine, beer, cooldrinks, biltong, massages, Influence Clothing, ice cream and lots more! There will be a bike park to ensure more room around the venue, we have introduced the Bike park where you will need to put your bike after you have finished the race. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy all that the venue has to offer! Kids entertainment will allow the kids to have a fun time whilst mom and dad entry the live entertainment on offer. Bike4All will be bringing in a Bike4All mobile BMX track marking out an easy and fun 500m and 1km route for the little ones to enjoy. Included in your entry fee will be timing by RaceTec, a finishers medal as well as the beautiful on route experience, fully stocked waterpoints, post-race entertainment, lucky draw as well as goodies at registration. Pricing varies from R70 to R350 depending on PPA membership and distance. The 15km and 30km route option is family orientated with 236m and 466m total elevation respectively. The challenge of the day lies in the 60km route, with an actual distance of 59km with 1886m total elevation. Don’t forget to buy your exclusive event merchandise online. There will be no items on the day to purchase. Only pre- ordered items, so don’t miss out. The following items are available; t-shirt, arm warmers, socks and beanies. Prize money will be awarded to all distance winners in 2020, with men and women receiving an equal amount. Up to R30 000 can be won.
  4. Hi all. Were can I find info on training, entry dates, the route etc on the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
  5. With a budget of R30 000 and 'hopefully' a good seeding for CTCT, any recommendations of what road bike I should buy? New or Used? Been riding a Raleigh RC-1800 for past 8yrs. Bike Fit assessment says frame size 56/58. Is there like a Toyota Fortuner of road cycling that everyone buys … reliable, plenty of spare parts and very sharp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not just brands but specific type of bikes I should look out for.
  6. Hi Hubbers David and I have been riding together for 5 years and are looking forward to our 4th CTCT on the 11th March. This year we are riding in support of RAISING HOPE SA www.raisinghopesa.com Raising Hope SA is an organisation established with the aims of promoting social inclusion and supporting families and individuals impacted by disability. We are challenging cyclists to pledge R100 (or more )if we can go sub 4hrs at the event this year. You can make your pledge here or to mary@raisinghopesa.com. Team Turbo is a major fundraising platform for the charity and everybit helps. Please feel free to spread the word and help us reach our target. Our Givengain fundraising page is www.givengain.com/cause/7528/ Youtube video https://tinyurl.com/y7rd8u7r To all those riding CTCT, have fun, be safe and give us some support out on the road. Thanks David and Brett
  7. David Bellairs, the Marketing, Media and Sponsorship Director for the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, outlined the phased entry programme and confirmed that riders who registered for the 2017 Cycle Tour, which had to be halted due to extreme wind conditions, had been given the option of a Preferential Entry prior to General Entry Applications opening. “Emails were sent out in batches to every rider who entered and registered for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour at this year’s Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo,” said Bellairs. “The offer of a guaranteed entry to the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour, at 2017 entry fee rates, had to be taken up by 4pm on 13 September. After this date and time the Preferential Entry was forfeited – those wishing to enter may still join the General Application process for entries.” “As part of the phased entry approach, loyal supporters of the event who have ridden 21 or more races have been invited to enter from Wednesday, 13 September until Tuesday, 19 September,” said Bellairs. “And, as the founders of the event, paid-up Pedal Power Association members also have the opportunity to enter early, between 13 September and 19 September.” These entry fees will be at the 2018 Entry Fee rate. Aspirant cyclists looking to participate in the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour (including Internationals) can apply for an entry online at www.capetowncycletour.com from 1pm on Wednesday, 20 September 2017. Entry Applications will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and will close once the limit of 35 000 participants has been reached, or on Wednesday, 27 September at 4pm, whichever occurs first. Between 20 and 27 September, emails will be sent out to successful applicants in batches from the Cape Town Cycle Tour Events Office, confirming that they have been awarded an entry into the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Successful applicants will then have until 4pm on 27 September to make payment to secure their entry. The General Entry Application fee for South African applicants is R540, for PPA members it is R510 and for internationals it is R1 000. Unsuccessful applicants will also receive an email notification and will be invited to enter, either via supporting a charity or through the official substitution process which takes in early 2018. The entries of applicants exercising their option to decline the entry, and the entries of those who have not paid by 4pm on 27 September, will be made available to a previously unsuccessful rider. “The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour will be staged on Sunday, 11 March 2018. And there are many exciting changes afoot”, said Bellairs. As announced in August, it has been agreed with all stakeholders that the Start will move from Hertzog Boulevard to Castle Street. This means that 35 000 participants will gather on 11 March 2018 at the historic Grand Parade Precinct before lining up near to where 525 riders first set off 41 years ago for The Big Ride In, the protest for safe cycling and the need for cycle paths around Cape Town that sparked the idea of a Cape Town Cycle Tour. The new Start will help avoid the sort of wind vortices experienced at the Cape Town Cycle Tour’s previous start venue (on Hertzog Boulevard) which, when combined with extraordinarily strong winds, led to the halting of the race this year. The new start venue also allows organisers to create a more welcoming experience for riders, including a hospitality zone and expanded services. 2018’s finish at the Cape Town Stadium Precinct will also boast a substantially enlarged offering. Keep up to date with Cape Town Cycle Tour developments by liking our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/cycletour or by following us on Twitter at @CTCycleTour or on Instagram @ctcycletour. For any event queries, or assistance with entries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com.
  8. Giant Durbanville is proud to announce the return of Leon Jansen and Ruan Visagie to our team. They were part of the successful team who designed and opened the store 2 years ago and have more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Ownership changed from 1 Feb 2017 and the store will be owner managed. Please contact Leon at our store for any current issues as well as pending questions or quotes on 021 9751349. We would like to thank our loyal clients for their support and look forward to an exciting future. In celebration of this and the upcoming Cycle Tour we will have a massive sale on Wed, March 8th. We will be open from 8am - 8pm on the day. Some of the deals on offer... Giant SLR 0 Carbon wheelset and Tyre Tubeless tyre combo Was: R 26,760 Now: R 18,995 Sidi Drako Carbon MTB shoes Was: R 5,400 Now: R 3,595 All Fizik saddles, save up to R1500 Please note prices are valid while stocks last.
  9. Event Name: 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour - Argus When: 12 March 2017 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Category: Road The Cape Town Cycle Tour is turning 40 on Sunday, 12 March 2017 and we are so excited to commemorate this massive milestone of SA’s most iconic cycling event. Grown from humble beginnings in 1978 when just 525 riders took part, 2017’s 40th event will see 35 000 cyclists line up in Hertzog Boulevard to tackle the spectacular 109-kilometre loop of the Cape’s peninsula. In so doing, they will not only participate in the world’s largest timed cycling event, but be part of a special day in the history of the event. The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour is the fourth and final event in the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust’s annual Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifecycle Week – a week-long celebration of cycling, healthy lifestyles and outdoor sporting fun in one of the world’s most scenic destinations. Other Lifecycle Week events take place on the following dates: • Cape Town Cycle Tour Junior 5 March 2017 • Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge 4 and 5 March 2017 • Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo 9, 10 and 11 March 2017 Keep up to date with developments of the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the other Lifecycle Week events by liking our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/cycletour or by following us on Twitter at @CTCycleTour and Instagram at @ctcycletour. For any event queries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com. Go to Event Page
  10. We are launching our famous CTCT Sale for 2017. We're going all out to bring you unbeatable prices. Keep your eyes on this thread... we will keep loading more and more as they come in. All sale items and prices are "While Stocks Last". CWC reserves the right to end this promotion at any time. Enough with the fine print... SALE!
  11. Definitely the place to be at the EXPO! Take a look at some unbeatable deals going down at this years CWC Expo Stand.
  12. The 35 000 cyclists registered for the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour are being challenged to make every kilometre count and raise funds for charity. Click here to view the article
  13. The Chaeli Campaign, one of the participating charities. Developed in conjunction with Cape Argus, Pick n Pay and Momentum, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Fundracer online charity portal allows registered cyclists to create their own custom profile and then to appeal to friends, family and the public to sponsor their ride. In 2016 a pilot project to test the platform raised R70 000 in less than three weeks. There are 22 charities to chose from, focused on different areas - community, environment and health. “All the charities were specifically chosen so that there is a variety and that, when you donate through the platform, you know exactly where your money is going,” explains David Bellairs, Marketing, Media and Sponsorship director at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust. “We’re hoping it will grow from here, so that one day all charities supported through the Cape Town Cycle Tour will be on this platform,” Bellairs added. “Many people use the Cycle Tour to raise money for their favourite charities. Until now there has been no real way to track exactly, to the cent, how much money is raised for charity through the Cape Town Cycle Tour.” Any cyclists entered into the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour can become a Fundracer and it takes less than five minutes to sign up: 1. Visit the Fundracer Portal : http://ctctfundracers.co.za/ 3. Sign up as a Fundracer – registration is free, quick and easy 2. Select a cause to ride for (only charities on the site can be chosen, no new ones can be added) 4. Share your profile link on social media, using the official hashtags: #CycleTour2017, #40Years40Reasons and #CTCTFundracers. If you are not riding, support a profiled Fundracer riding for a cause, or donate directly to a cause of your choice. For more information please contact: info@ctctfundracer.co.za.
  14. Now is your chance to secure a spot in the 40th celebration of the world’s largest timed cycling event. How it works: The official substitution entry process allows cyclists who have entered, but no longer wish to participate, the chance to transfer their entry to someone who wants to ride.Those looking for an entry should complete an online substitution entry by visiting http://www.capetowncycletour.com/, clicking on SUBSTITUTIONS and following the instructions to secure their substitution entry. Remember, the withdrawing entrant may request that the substitute entrant refund their entry fee, but they may not ask for more than they originally paid. PPA members paid an entry fee of R480 and non-PPA members paid an entry fee of R510. Cyclists who choose to withdraw from the event will NOT receive a refund from the organisers. In addition, a fee of R290 is applicable to all substitution entries. Organisers will send a confirmation letter to the substitute entrant within five working days of receiving the consent letter and the substitute entrant will be notified of their race number and start time closer to the time. All documentation must reach the organisers by Friday, 24 February at 1pm. No late substitutions will be accepted. Group entries: This substitution process does not apply to group entries. Group Entrants wishing to substitute their entry must please contact their group administrator to facilitate a substitution. Important Information: Organisers have again urged cyclists not to allow anybody else to use their allocated race number. “Not only does it have an impact on our system of delivering accurate results to all our participants, but important information such as medical and emergency contact details are linked to a rider’s race number. We need this information to be readily available in case of an emergency,” explains David Bellairs, a Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, organisers of the annual event.“We’ve had to implement stringent rules to ensure the safety of all cyclists participating in the event, and we strongly advise all cyclists to use only the race number allocated to them. Those participating with another cyclist’s race number will be disqualified and the original entrant will be suspended from future events,” he adds. Collection of numbers and the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo Substitute entrants can collect their race numbers at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo being held at the Cape Town Stadium from 9 – 11 March 2017. Every entrant must make use of their RaceTec or Winning Time chip to access the Expo.For more information on the substitution entry process, contact the Cycle Tour Race Office on 087 820 7223, email info@cycletour.co.za or visit www.cycletour.co.za/enter/substitutions.
  15. Subs! Are you ready? For those cyclists who missed the original entry cut-off in September 2016, the official substitution process for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour opens today, 1 February 2017, at 1pm and closes on 24 February, at 1pm. Click here to view the article
  16. We will offer 600 unclaimed Cape Town Cycle Tour entries on Friday morning (9 September) on a first come first served basis. The entries will be made available from 9am at a cost of R510.00. Applications for those 600 entries will be done on the same basis as the main entry process: Prospective riders can apply at www.capetowncycletour.com without payment from 9am until we reach the 600 entry mark, but no later than 10am. Between 10:00am and 10:30am we will advise the successful applicants and they will have until 4:00pm on that same Friday to pay after which the offer will lapse. The 2017 event marks the 40th anniversary of South Africa’s most iconic cycling event. It will take place on 12 March 2017, when 35 000 riders will tackle the spectacular 109-kilometre peninsula loop. Keep informed of developments of the Cape Town Cycle Tour by liking our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/cycletour or by following us on Instagram @ctcyletour or on Twitter at @CTCycleTour. For any event queries, or assistance with entries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com.
  17. Missed out on securing an entry for the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour? You’re in luck - a limited number of unclaimed entries will be made available on Friday, 9 September at 9am. Click here to view the article
  18. The Cape Town Cycle Tour is turning 40 in 2017! We are excited to commemorate this massive milestone in the history of SA’s most iconic cycling event and you can be a part of it. Click here to view the article
  19. Grown from humble beginnings in 1978 when just 525 riders took part, 2017’s 40th event will see 35 000 cyclists line up in Hertzog Boulevard to tackle the spectacular 109-kilometre loop of the peninsula. In so doing, they will not only participate in the world’s largest timed cycling event, but be part of a special day in the history of the event. The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour will take place on 12 March 2017, reverting back to its traditional annual date – the second Sunday in March. In an effort to continuously refine and improve the entry application process, we are increasing the allocation of general entries in 2017 by 5000, while charities will be allocated 2000 entries. The free application for a general entry will be possible from 1pm on Wednesday, 17 August and the application window will remain open until 4pm on Tuesday, 23 August 2016. Details of the phased application process to secure a general entry to the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour is as follows:1. Apply for a general entry: From Wednesday, 17 August at 1pm to Tuesday, 23 August at 4pm, prospective riders can apply at www.capetowncycletour.com. Doing so amounts to an indication of interest only, and will not ensure an entry. Prospective entrants will be required to update their details at the same time. 2. Entry confirmation: During the week of Monday, 29 August, successful applicants will receive confirmation emails from the Cape Town Cycle Tour Events Office to advise that they have been awarded an entry. Unsuccessful applicants will also receive an email notification and will be invited to enter via a supporting charity or by means of the official substitution process in February 2017. 3. Securing an entry: Successful applicants will have until Monday, 5 September at 1pm to make payment to secure their entry. Payment not received by this date and time, or the applicant’s option to decline the entry, will result in that entry being made available to a previously unsuccessful rider. Local general entries will cost R510 per rider and PPA members will pay R480. As part of the phased entry approach, loyal supporters of the event who have ridden 21 or more races will be invited to enter early - from the Monday, 15 August to Monday, 05 September - and will not be required to go through the general application entry phase. Additionally, the general application entry phase will not apply to international entrants who may enter and pay to participate in the 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour anytime between Monday, 29 August 2016 and Friday, 24 February 2017. Keep up to date with developments of the Cape Town Cycle Tour by liking our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/cycletour or by following us on Twitter at @CTCycleTour. For any event queries, or assistance with entries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com.
  20. This is a hypothetical question: Yesterday, while I was out for a good little ride, it dawned on me something I had read somewhere - Pro cyclists are capable of massive average speeds due to the fact that the peleton helps them retain their energy - getting dragged along on someone's wheel etc. (Thats not to say that those guys who break away are not demons in their own right, to top the high average speeds of the peleton!) Let say Chris Froome did the CTCT - COMPLETELY alone - no team, no domestique, no other riders around him - what might be his average speed (Lets assume that it was a perfect day too)? The reason I ask this is because I can only relate to the CTCT wrt average speeds. My best time for the Argus was 2:45 - Ave of 39KM/H. Any hypothetical answers?
  21. Why fly when you can ride? This year we are riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour again in support of the Sunflower Fund. ...but.... with a BIG difference. We are riding from Johannesburg to Cape Town. 1412km in just eight days on a tandem bicycle. And then we ride the Cycle Tour, another 110km. We will be doing this with 8 other cyclists on the Sunflower Fund Tour of Light. We leave Joburg on Friday 26 February and arrive in Cape Town on Friday 4 March. Read more about our trip details here. Read more about the Sunflower Fund here. We would love your help please! First prize is that you register as a Stem Cell Donor with the Sunflower Fund. By doing so you make a commitment to donate your Stem Cells to someone who desparately needs them. You can save their life! It is free and does not hurt! Details on registering are here. Please let us know if you register as a donor. Alternately, you donate us some (lots) of money in support of our ride. All the money donated goes to the Sunflower Fund which is then used to create further awareness for the need for Stem Cell donors and to pay the costs of tissue typing the registered donors so that they can be matched to needy recipients. The actual costs of our trip will be paid for by ourselves, so all donations go to the Fund. We have a website with more details of the trip. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us for daily updates from the road. And just in case anyone asks, we are not riding back! Thank you so much for your support. Be Brave. Be Kind. Ida and Dave
  22. So due to a certain series of events I'll be doing Argus this year on my MTB not my road bike. So a couple of questions... 1. How badly will my tyres get eaten? Racing Ralph Snakeskins. 2. What sort of tyre pressure should I run at? 3. What should be my earliest start group given that I'm on an MTB? (This is obviously as a courtesy to the hardcore roadies...) Edit: Anything else I should be wary of?
  23. We are in close contact with all relevant role players and once the situation pertaining to the existing routes are clarified, we will be in a better position to make a decision about route plans for Saturday, 27 February and Sunday, 28 February. As part of our standard operating procedure we have alternative route plans available for consideration by the authorities. We anticipate making a decision on the routes in consultation with all the stakeholders by 5 February 2016. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the fires and the brave dedicated firemen, farmers and trail builders who have brought it under control.
  24. The Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust is aware of the situation regarding the fires that have raged in and around Stellenbosch over the past week and which have affected farms in the Greater Simonsberg Conservancy, through which the Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge traditionally passes. Click here to view the article
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