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  1. Hi - any groups around Jhb south (orher) wanting to do a chilled coffee catch up ride or inner city braamfontein - heritage / grafitti tour? thanks
  2. Its been a long **** last couple of years as Im sure most of you can relate. My world has slowly started to open up again and I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel, I have not had a personal project for over 2 years and its been killing me..............So..........I can't afford to do a 356 yet, I can't find an oval that is priced right for a restomod, I finished my motorbike project (https://www.bikeexif.com/custom-husqvarna-701-enduro) so boredom has set in, after a fun ride on the dog walker the other day I decided it was time to build something a little special again. This will be my 4th fully custom ground up build. 1st: https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/134550-first-ever-ssfixi-build/ 2nd https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/140980-2nd-ever-ss-build-belt-drive-9er-dog-walker/ 3rd https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/162718-n1-the-third-attempt/#comments I have decided on the following: Stay True to my design philosophy “ Clean, Simple, Minimal” The idea is to take all of my learning from my last three builds, then design and build one bike to rule them all. Based around a raw Titanium frame, Black carbon forks, front disk brake with full 360 rotation of handlebars running Crank Bros Wheels and a belt drive. I have persuaded a seasoned pro to help walk me through the process and plan to keep my updates here. Its fun for me to go back and read and remember the journey I took!! I appreciate that all my builds are "Marmite" - you either love em or hate em and this has never bothered me, I do them for me, for my pleasure, for my creative outlet, to remove the stress and drama of my work life. I have just finished my fairly extensive design brief so now all the hard work, home work and sourcing begins!! I will keep you posted as the story unfolds. As always please free to add value and offer advice, I have a very clear picture of the end result in my mind and I am not willing to sacrifice it!!
  3. Work of Art Bike = Bike of Artwork (A truly one-of-a-kind single speed for David) Picture, in your minds’ eye, the coolest most artsy, most off beat, city on earth. If you don’t have Barcelona high up on your short list, then let me point you in that direction. It is a place where uniqueness, eccentricity, sometimes weirdness, blossomed for many hundreds of years, where it was encouraged, not just tolerated. It gave us some of the most amazing modern artists and architects of the last hundred years. If you can connect names like Picasso, Gaudi, Dali and Miro in one sentence, one place, one time, Barcelona will the city! We explored the narrow medieval alleyways, Las Ramblas and the Beachfront on our one ton rented monsters and were jealous of the sleek and nimble single speeds that roamed the streets around us! I think that was when David first started dreaming of building a one-of-a-kind bike artwork! But not all bike builds go the way you anticipate, sometimes they find their own way, winding this way and that through your life and your own reality, eventually to result in a bike that is right for the place, the time and for its owner. I was about to learn that! Again!
  4. What are the opinions of using a Rook One or Scout on trails? https://rookcycles.com/
  5. Hi Everyone I am thinking of building another wheel with a single speed free hub, any suggestions? Kind Regards Pieter
  6. Hey guys I am possibly in the market for a new STEEL MTB FRAME that is likely to built up as a single speed (but possibly geared) I am looking for suggestions of bikes that are available in SA (or easily shipped to SA) Must be 29er Let me know your thoughts
  7. Good day everyone, I recently bought an extra small Hansom bike and I'm in the process of stripping it down and building it back up as a single speed. All the parts and frame seem to be in good order including paintwork. My problem is though that the tyres need replacing and I've been having a hard time finding the right size. The only information that I can get so far are from the tyres itself. The one Tyre that I have shows the size "650C/19-571", rim band says "18-559" and on the rim it reads "571x15 - 6106". Anybody able to help me out with a bit more information about the sizing as well as where I could possibly buy the tyres from? Sourcing them so far has been proving fruitless I'll post pictures when I'm closer to finishing off.
  8. First time Bike Builder: Got a 19 year old Cannondale R600 from: https://www.bikehub.co.za/user/113597-jacoo/
  9. Omaga roadbike with Sora parts, Changing it to a Single Speed: - Pinarello in black and gold. - With a Gravel twist.
  10. Does anyone know where i can get hold of a chain tensioner for my single speed conversion?
  11. So a few months ago my brother noticed a crack on his frame, at first he thought it was a paint crack but as he rode it more it grew in size and after a few rides he could see the inside of the crack bending the chain-stay slightly inward. Long story short he scraped the frame ,because he bought it secondhand. And I decided to have a shot at repairing the bike. I also thought about writing a long term review as how the repairs hold up and the whole repair process from start to finish. I will do all the repairs myself so I will also share some of the lessons learnt through the process. The bike will become my commuter bike later on ,but more about that later.
  12. I’m looking at getting a new track bike and the aventon is catching but my eye. I’m gonna be using it for commuting and eventually some racing. Mainly looking at this bike cause I want a more modern frame that isn’t R10,000 for just the frame :/ Anyone know how they ride? Are they nice for commuting and just getting around ? Also is there anywhere in SA where you could buy one? Or would I have to order it from the states
  13. Good Afternoon guys and girls, Back at at again building another "odd" bike build. Still in the concept phase and not sure if my idea will be functional in the real world. I was toying with the idea of building a single speed bike for a while now, and have been stocking up on some spares as time goes on. The past weekend I was given an old school (about 1991), Diamondback Ascent cromo steel frame. Originally did not think the idea would work, but played around the past weekend ad the build bug seem to have bitten. Below is the frame: I plan to cut off the old school V brake bosses, and weld/braze in a disk brake mount, as well as adding cable guides for the brake hose. I have a mod similar to one below in mind: I did a dummy fit with my odds and ens lying around and am quite please with the look so far: The plan is to fit my fox float 32 to the frame after I reduce the travel from 140mm to 100, maybe 120mm. I have a SR suntour 100mm fork in the photo as a reference as the fox is still in pieces until I get around to service it. Also have a set of DT Swiss XR 4.2D rims laced with a shimano SLX hub rear, and a Specialized Stout in front. Planning to run Maxxis Crosmark 2.1 tyres. My main concerns so far is: 1) head angle an bb height with the 100mm fox vs the old steel fork 2) stand over height 3) head tube length, not sure that I will have enough length on the steerer tube to fit a stem if I fit the headet The finished product in my mind is supposed to look something similar to this: or With the frame being sprayed either blue as per the first photo, or green and white (cotic colours) What does the single speed / vintage bike aficionados think of the idea? is it do-able and will it be ride-able? Feel free to comment below
  14. I would like to buy a single speed retro road bike. Simple Sam looks well priced and I like the colours and stile. My Q would be quality. Hoping you can share if you have been exposed to the bike if a need to know of quality issues before I order myself one on the Web. Thanks for sharing....
  15. Ever wanted to revive a beat-up old classic to restore it to its former glory? After years of being off bikes in general, I decided to create a piece of “functional” art fit for our living room. It started with an advert on Gumtree: “Steel Bianchi for sale, excellent condition. No Wheels. R 1,000 ONCO”. This is what “Excellent Condition” looks like nowadays: http://mudcakedface.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1150.jpg Several small touches revealed her heritage though...Stamped seat stay caps, proudly bearing a “B” for Bianchi: http://mudcakedface.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1156.jpg What is more fun than spending a weekend with paint stripper and a wire brush, turning an old hag into a naked canvas? http://mudcakedface.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1163.jpg I loved the little bits of copper brazing you can see where the joins are exposed. Artisanal. Lots of pondering, resulting in a final call. The entire shebang will be chromed, fork ‘n all. Finding a shop to do the job was a mission, but I happened upon a place close to home. After weeks of waiting, the result came back… http://mudcakedface.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1262.jpg A couple of blemishes in the finish, with some rough patches, but nothing terminal. I added some mark-ups to show where decals should go, and where the paint/chrome transitions should be. Next stop, CycleArt (Webpage here), with a brief: Make it classic please. On one of the most beautiful days of my life, I stopped at CycleArt’s shop out South of Johannesburg to collect the mystery package. Little did I know what was in store… Drop outs more stunning than the day she was sold: http://mudcakedface.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1282.jpg Tube-to-lug transitions to make you shed a tear: http://mudcakedface.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1284.jpg I could have done better with the stickers (will definitely recommend airbrushing in future). Sadly, the project hit a massive pause here as priorities changed, what with moving house and all that. I guess in a way, I realised this wasn’t going to be a quick back-yard build. All parts would have to be sourced carefully and strictly within the increasingly narrow confines of what my mind’s eye was starting to see. No more Internet shopping for parts, no siree. About 6 months later, I stumble upon Whippet Cycles in Maboneng district, Johannesburg (Website here). Innocently, I bought a set of handlebars. Week later, I bought a set of wheels…the project was on again! (from my blog at http://mudcakedface.com/build-projects/bianchi-single-speed-build/)
  16. Hi Single speeders! Planning on riding the Hell and Back this weekend on my Niner Sir SS. I am a little bit unsure about what gear to use. I am planning to ride a 34x20. I am light fairly fit. My other choice could be 32x20. I dont have a sprocket larger than 20. Any tips and suggestions will be truly appreciated. Thanks. Anyone else going to do this event on a SS?
  17. Hi guys. Proud to announce that I am new to the forum, and that I have committed myself to one crazy idea: I want to ride the Momentum 94.7 on a single speed bike. I decided this after I recently bought a SS project bike, weighing in at only a few kilo's. Rides like a dream, and even wheelies spontaneously. So I decided that the 94.7 is a challenge I set myself, and that I would like to do those tough km's for myself, and a charity. I need some advice on this topic though - if any of you guys have done it before, or know of people who will be riding fixed gear or single speeds in 2014 Momentum 94.7 - please share your thoughts. Any charities that need some extra support are also welcome to be presented here so that I can consider them! Thank you in advance, Gus
  18. Hi my fellow HUBBERS I would just like to update everyone... if you have been to Braamfontein lately and not seen Hunter Cycling there it's because we have moved. Our new and more convenient location is based at 27 Boxes in Melville between 3rd and 4th avenue. We are currently offering some cool services like custom builds, restorations and services. All bikes are welcome MTB, Road, BMX, Fixie, Cyclocross, old and new, etc. Another cool and awesome thing to do at Hunters is the Jozi Hustle every first Thursday of the month. It starts at 7pm and is a ride through the city, after the ride everyone is welcome to join us for a beer. All riders are welcome and there are marshals for every ride. So if your bike is in need of some tlc or you have an awesome bike project but don't know where to start, pop round to the awesome new shop and I'm sure we can help you. https://www.facebook.com/HunterCycling Location: 75 Third avenue Melville, Johannesburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng 0761830949 Open on Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 until 17:30 Saturday from 09:00 until 15:30 Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 until 15:00
  19. Decision time has crept up on the Johannesburg single speed brotherly duo of Wesley and Sheldon Booth who are preparing to tackle their second BSi Steel dusi2c but are undecided about whether to once again take on the two-day adventure from Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg and Blue Lagoon in Durban from 20-21 June on their trusty single speed bicycles or regular, geared two-wheelers. Click here to view the article
  20. Hey guys so i spent a bit of time and worked out a few bits with a formula and here is the result. its basically an idea of how far you would travel on one full rotation of your cranks using different gear setups and how to find that sweet spot between the 3 diff tyre sizes if you own more than one fixie. Might be a bit helpful or not
  21. Hi ladies and gentlemen. Hozit Need some advise. Looking at buying a single speed. Budget 15k 2011 Niner SIR 9 Or Specialized Crave SL 2015 brand new Or Build own with China carbon frame and fork from scratch? Or Suggestions... What do you think?
  22. What feels like an eternity is finally coming to a close: My Momsen STR29 Single speed is ready to ride in all it's Gulf Oil racing colors glory. Looking back at all the installments and browsing through the pictures I've taken along the way it's hard to believe where it all started and where we are now. Click here to view the article
  23. hi what do you guys recon i should use on my single speed road bike ? 42x16 or 42x17 ? http://2share.co.za/Files/42x16.JPG http://2share.co.za/Files/42x17.JPG and this is the bike i will be doing it on http://2share.co.za/Files/bb97f4be-e819-46ac-9af5-0a5cf47152ba20140815_165121.jpg
  24. Looking for partners to ride the 2014 94.7 on any Single Speed with me. Although it might seem crazy - I know that it can be done. I have set it as a personal challenge, though if the opportunity presents itself, it can be turned into a charity event. Anybody interested? I am aiming to ride my daily commuter road SS.
  25. From Ibis: http://www.ibiscycle...bikes/tranny29/ At Ibis we try to make bikes that are versatile, bikes that blur the lines between categories, bikes that create fun in a multitude of settings. That’s what it’s all about, right, having fun? Bikes don’t get a lot more versatile (or fun) than the Tranny 29. WHAT IS A TRANNY? First, it’s a lightweight, nimble 29er hard tail. It also converts to a single speed with surprising ease. And in single speed guise, you can run a smooth and quiet running Gates Carbon Belt Drive. Finally, it’s easy to break apart for travel if you need to fit it into a confined space (like a suitcase or an apartment in New York City). The Tranny is a playful bike. The stock setup comes with a 100mm travel front fork, giving the bike a super lively feel (yes, we said lively 29er). A 120mm fork option is available, which mimics the Ripley’s highly regarded front end geometry, only with a lower bottom bracket height and the confident handling that inspires. Here are a few of the features, and check out the details tab for a lot more information. FEATURES OF THE TRANNY 29 3.08 lb Carbon monocoque frame Designed to work with 100mm suspension forks at 44mm rake Also designed to work with 120 mm forks with 51mm rake Geared or Singlespeed compatible Gates Carbon Belt Drive compatible Internal routing for dropper posts Clean, versatile multi-option internal cable routing Tapered head tube (suitable for various Cane Creeks & Chris King InSet 3) BB92/Press GXP style integrated BB 142mm Maxle rear axle 160mm carbon fiber post mount rear brake mounts Headset: IS ZS44/28.6 | EC49/40 BB height w/ 2.25" tires: 302mm (11.9”) Geometry measured with 500.8mm axle to crown fork http://www.ibiscycles.com/images/uploads/bikeGallery/14-0612-Ibis-Tranny-29-Hero-2-Overall.jpg http://www.ibiscycles.com/images/uploads/bikeGallery/14-0612-Ibis-Tranny-29-Hero-1-Drk.jpg http://www.ibiscycles.com/images/uploads/bikeGallery/14-0611-Ibis-Tranny-Belt-Drive.jpg http://www.ibiscycles.com/images/uploads/bikeGallery/14-0611-Ibis-Tranny-Cable-exit-for-dropper-seat-post.jpg http://www.ibiscycles.com/images/uploads/bikeGallery/14-0611-Ibis-Tranny-Head-tube-top-tube.jpg
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