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Found 12 results

  1. Hi - any groups around Jhb south (orher) wanting to do a chilled coffee catch up ride or inner city braamfontein - heritage / grafitti tour? thanks
  2. Hello fellow hubbers! So about 3 years ago a buddy of mine said “take my spare bike and let’s go for a ride” well since then the rest is history I’m bitten the bike bug has taken me well and proper. being the kind of guy that, builds his own everything iv been building my own bikes on number 4 now ???????? I was recently gifted a slightly damaged pinarello frame and it is in need of some bits as I can’t look at it any longer on the garage wall. it’s from the 9speed era anyone with a 9speed groupo that isn’t for sale at the price of a sram etap? ???? also I’d love to buy frames wheels etc from the good old days if you may have ? anyway all the best stay safe and enjoy the ride
  3. Hey Guys, Checking my garage, I found this beauty from the 90's (Wheeler E11 Titanium). The truth is, I have no intention of using it, that's why I did maintenance on it and I'm thinking of putting it on sale, but I don't have the slightest idea of ​​how much it can be worth. Can you suggest prices? Attached pictures Thanks
  4. Hi My dad phoned me yesterday to tell me he found a chopper in someones garage, without even seeing it i bought it This is what she looks like. http://2share.co.za/Files/10624752_10152919201738564_7700790686576970492_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/559577_10152919202143564_8461191789988089246_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/10431574_10152919202303564_2897692256233641370_n.jpg http://2share.co.za/Files/150716_10152919202478564_2889572755948198288_n.jpg after a "quick" wash http://2share.co.za/Files/10402761_10152919202653564_1494609282932992165_n.jpg and this is what she will look like soon. Also the original colour http://2share.co.za/Files/your_n85.jpg There is quite a bit of work that is needed to get her restored. Bottom bracket is completely stuffed Gear lever doesn't move Seat needs repaired Paint needs removed from frame Frame needs resprayed Stickers Printed Loads of chrome work will post photos/status as i go along
  5. I found this classic in a storage unit at a retirement village (don't ask what I was doing there). Fixed it up, serviced hubs, derailleurs, headset etc. Removed all the rust and put it back together. All the parts are still original, except the chain, which was rusted beyond saving and the spokes. Specs are as follows: Frame: Du Toit Columbus 531 Fork/Headset: Du Toit Columbus 531 Pedals: Gipiemme Dual Sprint Derailleurs/Shifters: Campagnolo 980 6 speed Handlebars/Stem: Fiamme Dallas/ Cinelli Quill Saddle/Seatpost: Selle Italia Anatomica Brakes: Modolo Speedy Gold Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: Mavic GP4/ Campagnolo 980 Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: Mavic GP4/ Campagnolo 980 If anyone's interested, Here's my modest collection: https://www.pedalroom.com/members/MrFocus
  6. Morning guys, I'm breathing some life into an old Lejuene and I need some help sourcing vintage brake hoods for it. It's running a full Shimano 6 speed setup and it was sporting white hoods which literally just fell apart when I started stripping the bike. Any pointers to where I can source locally (or internationally) would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Looking for a vintage (late 60s to early 80s) DHC bicycle frame, any condition, size aprox. 58 to 60cm CTC. Needed for special build project to replace my fathers stolen bicycle that he owned for over 30 years!!! Any suggestions, advice, or assistance in getting this project off the ground will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hallo Everyone The newest project being built up. What would you do on a build like this? Full retro or combination? Kona King Kahuna 2007/8 Parts from a 1998 Kona Kula. Looking for the rear brake bosses if anyone has this odd size lying around. Any other good quality (XT/XTR) 8 speed stuff that anyone wants to donate / trade (coffee or beer) will be appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, I was visiting my grandparents over the weekend and after chatting to my gran about my Mongoose MTB I was building, she decided it's time to hand her childhood bicycle down to me to give some much needed love to. It's a Raleigh bomber (not sure what year model it is yet), mostly surface rust and alot of dirt but the bike is solid! Back then there were no "Girl bikes" and my gran is a short lady, they decided to manually convert the bike to a ladies bike by cutting, inverting and re-welding the top tube back on. The original mount is still there with the marks the grinder left and the bar has it's (now upside down) "bomber" logo on it. The welds were left untreated and has some significant surface rust. Bike is mostly chrome, I suspect the handle bars aren't original as the interweb pics don't show a center stiffening bar like the bmx's have and mine does have. So I've opened up the crank, the front and rear hub, scrubber the bearings, re-greased and refitted the lot, she actually freewheels now and rides quite nice. So I'm wondering, full restore (including fitting the top tube back to it's original position) or partial restore which entails a wire brush, rust killer and maybe a clear coat to keep that patina old school look, this way the bike keeps it's story. The components I will strip down, refinish and replace where necessary but I'll keep the old look? So I need help (as usual): 1. Where do I get old school parts (brakes, handle bar, seats, rims, hubs etc) 2. What clear-coat can I get (rather cheaply) that will stick to the metal as is? 3. Where can I find old school (preferably slick white-walled tyres)? 4. Where can I get new (but old looking) decals? I'll pop some pics up for you guys.
  10. So this bike actually belongs to a friend of mine, but he'll be moving to Germany in Feb, then it will be all mine! And we figured it would be a fun build project for now. I don't really know where this frame comes from or what year it might be or what it was used for, so if anyone can shed some light, that would be massively appreciated. There's a lot of rust at the moment, but rest assured, she will be lovingly restored. Le Turbo steel frame Mavic hoops with Suntour Superb hubs. (if anyone knows what rims these are, please do share!) Cinelli Pista bars and stem [url=https://postimage.org] [url=https://postimage.org]
  11. HI all. Really struggling to id this bike frame: What i have so far: Normandy rear Hub with the numbers 13 75 Shimano Eagle Rear Derailleur Shimano Thunderbird front and simplex shifters Weinman Vanquer centre pull brakes 750front the number A493 on the seat tube Any help would be appreciated, as this will be a first for me.
  12. When we are kids, we don’t know the value of things. We also have no idea, the direction our lives may take. Some people claim they have everything planned to a T, but I certainly am not one of those people. Spending days and weeks during holidays at my best friend’s house, I was certainly aware of the bicycle in the study, we were expressly told not to touch it. It was carefully moved occasionally when we wanted to use an extra chair to play King’s Quest and later on Lesuire Suit Larry on the PC. That was as much involvement I had with the bike in the study. I knew it was of high value at the time, but I did not know how valuable it is to me, there’s no way to know at the time. Without going into too much detail and my whole life story, we rode BMX’s as our main mode of transport, after school in groups between the houses where we live. We explored areas of the neighbourhoods in which we lived and it was an integral part of our lives - It was a means to an end. Fast forward, a whole number of years, and cycling once again forms a strong part of my life, but not for the same reasons as the BMX at the time. After having conversations about cycling, and enquiring If my mate still had his cosmos bike that he and his dad had built up through Westdene Cycles at the time, he mentioned that his dad still has the bike that was in the study. He offered it to me. I very excitedly accepted. After some time, and logistics needed sorting out, getting the bike back to Joburg from the coast, I finally got my hands on it. While driving home last night, and seeing the bike for the first time in 20 odd years, my mind was flooded anew with lost childhood memories, of my mate’s father, times my mate and I spent together and a general sense of happiness. I had this silly smile on my face all the way home, this morning when I took some photographs, and every time I think about it. Thinking about cycling in my life currently, and the happiness it brings, and it being enriched by this piece of history has really made quite an impact. Keyz, when you are reading this – Thank you for 32 years of friendship and memories. It certainly has been 32 good ones because of it. Enough with the soppy stuff, down to business: The Bike is a Zeus, manufactured in Spain. Zeus being reportedly, one of the better Campagnolo copiers out there at the time. What set Zeus apart was that they manufactured all their own components, under the Zeus brand. Only items I can ascertain that are not OEM are the brakeset and the shimano FD. A complete bike, with restored decals and fresh paint are available on E-bay for about $600. Not that I am planning to get rid of it.
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