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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all. I want to get a spinning bike with a heavier flywheel 18/20kg and possibly belt driven. Does anyone know of any good deals (new or used) or does anyone have something that they are willing to sell? I stay in Greenside in Johannesburg. Also any advice on buying a spinning bike?
  2. Hi Hubbers.... Does anyone know off virtual spinning classes available online or Tablet Apps where you can subscribe and do some indoor spinning sessions? Don't have a smart trainer so only something I can do with normal spinning bike and add some fun and decent workouts ?
  3. Hi all hubbers! I've recently bought myself a pair of road shoes (triangle cleats underneath shoes) to use in the gym with their spinning and wattbikes. Which cleats should I fit on them to work on these bikes? I don;t want to change cleats everytime with my MTB shoes as they are LOOK cleats. As far as I know Shimano SPD pedals are used on gym bikes, but what cleats will I need for my road shoes? Hope this makes sense to you! Cheers
  4. I enjoyed the power cycling concept at the Pierre van Ryneveldt Power Cycling studio. But we have moved to the Moot and I work in Lynnwood so PvR is way out of my way. Do you guys know of any other studios in Pretoria that does Power training classes? Or is my only other option to join a Virgin Active and use their Wattbikes?
  5. After watching this video, I now know what some of the people were training for. Suggest having your coffee after you watch this.
  6. Hi Folks I'm looking to purchase a spinning bike for under R5k. I know indoor trainers are better, but I'm looking for something which can be used by all at home. I've seen a few advertised at Game, Sportsman’s, Makro, 2nd hand on gumtree etc - but all seem to have obscure names - Trojan etc and I'm therefore unsure if there is 'support' if parts are needed if it breaks. And are these decent? I know I would never purchase a bike at Game, but unsure of quality of their spinning bikes. Have any of you chaps got such bikes? Please post your opinions/reviews. Thanks Cheers.
  7. Hallo Hubbers! I'm just curious to find out what your thoughts and opinions are regarding spinning classes? I'm doing MTBing and would like to start and motivate myself to do a spinning class every morning for 5 days a week and afternoons a bit of MTBing as well as weekends. What benefits will I get from spinning?
  8. Hi to all the Hubbers out there! Ever since I've started working from home December 2013 I have more time for training but I dont know if I'm doing the right kind of training.. I normally ride my MTB 5 times a week (or I'm trying to). Distances from 20km - 80km. The shorter distances I tend to ride fullgas and the longer rides at a much easier pace. After my 4th ride in a week my body is "eina" ....from shoulders to hands and my legs is burning. This might also be incorrect bike setup, but according to my local bike shop everything is fine. When it comes to HR I use the formula 220 - Age to get my maximum HR, this cant be correct so Im looking for someone in Cape Town (Northern Suberbs) to help me with correct bike setup, correct training plan, nutrition help and HR zone help????? I would like to hear your thoughts and plz help if you can. Cheers
  9. Hi, Any thoughts on doing Spinning classes during the week and MTB training out on the dirt on the weekends? Thanks
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