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Found 24 results

  1. Hey all. I want to get a spinning bike with a heavier flywheel 18/20kg and possibly belt driven. Does anyone know of any good deals (new or used) or does anyone have something that they are willing to sell? I stay in Greenside in Johannesburg. Also any advice on buying a spinning bike?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old University graduate looking to purchase a new bike. I rode quite a lot a while ago, but University got in the way (and my bike was stolen..) I would like to ride on trails, so I think dual suspension is important. I have done some research on bikes, and have compiled a spreadsheet of options here. If you could please take a look and offer some advice that would be greatly appreciated! I have added a column for comments to be made if that's easier for you.
  3. Howzit guys, So my friend and I are planning to go through to Stellenbosch on Saturday to go ride Jonkershoek for the first time. I heard from a few people that it is an amazing track. I am also eager for a new track, so really looking forward to it. Can you guys who have ridden the track please give us advice on what to expect. How long would one ride? How much water will you need? Nutrition? Climbing? Distance? The price of permit? How late does the track open? Any other feedback will be much appreciated as I just want to be prepared for the day. Thanks. ~ André
  4. Hey Everyone, I've been riding a 2016 Giant Trance 2 (140 travel trail bike) for a few years since it was released in 2016. Stay in Cape Town (Southern Suburbs) and ride everything from greenbelts, Table Mountain to Tokai. Also venture out to Stellenbosch, Boschendal, Durbanville, Elgin. So terrain from XC to a little bit more chunky. I've done XC races on it (not for time but more for enjoyment). I do enjoy the downhills and the rougher terrain, want to get better at jumping and drops and technical features as the excitement for me far exceeds racing and Xc type trails. I would like to start doing some Enduro as the uphills don't matter and I can keep improving on the downs. My plan for the next year is where this question comes in. I would like to get a hardtail or shorter travel FS bike eventually for the XC races that exceed 50km and lots of climbing although the Trance for me managed pretty well on races like Fedhealth and such. My main focus would be getting a slightly longer travel bike with better suspension ( not that mines bad but current fork is - fox 32 performance ) , better wheelset as I'm running stock Giants and more focused on the downs. I could upgrade the Trance with a better 140mm travel fork fox 34/36 or similar and get another wheelset on one hand. On the other If I had the money the Ibis Mojo HD4 looks incredible. Unfortunately it's a hard one to get hold of for a test ride so I'm going on reviews and geo which i understand is not the best way to go about it. I see it as a bike that will far exceed what I'm capable of now and I wont have to upgrade anything on it for a long time to come. I do ride smaller jumps, drops and stuff on the Tokai DH lines so not a complete novice but there is always lots of room for improvement. Lots of the reviews are based overseas and the terrain there is a lot different. I'm just wondering if I would still be able to take the bike on more mellow routes (kirstenbosch trail) out climbing, farm rides of 50/80km without it being way too much bike and sucking on anything but the downhills. I like to spend a lot of time on a bike so would like to be able to ride it anywhere. I know it wont climb as well as others but could it be too much bike for local trails and more chilled weekend rides. Any other bikes to look at, comments, advice.. feel free! here to learn from those who have test ridden, raced and tried brands I perhaps have not. Thanks in advance!
  5. As per the Carnival City Macsteel National Classic thread there are a fair few guys that said they were interested in learning to be a better road cyclist . A few of the more experienced / talented / stronger riders have expressed a willingness to help us not so experienced learn the ropes and become stronger and more importantly astute riders that can read the conditions and know how to ride them to our strengths . Wish i started this thread a good few weeks ago so we could of got together a band of riders for the 94.7 . With it being such an iconic race with such fanfare and great atmosphere it would of been 1st prize. Not sure if it's complelty outside the realms of possibility,but would be very keen to hear anyone's thoughts and constructive criticism. This is not for anyone who wants a free ride and is just in it for self gain and free ride. This to learn the ropes that has taken these guys years of hard racing to learn and that they will generously pass on to the willing to learn. I for one only know one way to race all or nothing and I am a complete road noob with only 5 races to date.. Yes it has cost me ,but as the saying goes . Win it or bin it . Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through what I do during a race,but the self gratification at the end is always worth for me,no matter how much I suffer during a race and believe me I do. Probably coz I know f all about racing and how to pace myself .Hence this thread . So let's see who's in and even if this idea is feasible. I have added something that fat boab posted in the i-team thread which are all valid points and things to consider . Last year most of us meet at one of the circles within Riversands. This worked pretty well, but even then some people still couldn't find a group of 20+ with cable-tie/yellow dots protruding from their helmets! The biggest issue was moving through to the pens to try and get near the front. This split us into several smaller groups. Thereafter we lost people on Pooks as thedisparate groups didn't know who was ahead or behind as we moved through the crowds, so some people rode ahead, never to be seen again!. A decent sub-group formed on Summit, because we slowed right down to let people catch up, and thereafter we rode together, more or less, through to the M1 turn-off at which point, I let go of the elastic! From memory, suggestions from last year's experience: 1. Don't let the group get too big as its difficult to manage. 2. The group needs to understand what its goal is, and everyone buy in. That's likely to mean some people will get carried, at times, and some people will do the carrying, at times. It's about sharing the work, not wheel-sucking. 3. Practice patience. It's tempting to ride on when the group is waiting for lost riders, but odds are you'll appreciate those lost riders later when your match-box is getting empty. Besides it's fun to ride as a group, and if possible finish with some team mates. See 2 above! 4. Cable-ties/dots etc certainly helps in spotting the team. If this can be improved on, then do it. 5. My view: accept where the group can get in the start pen, as a complete group, even if it's not at the front. Better to start together, to stay together...Besides last year's banter in the pen with other I-Teamers was classic! 6. Don't be afraid to politely ask randoms you will attract to sit at the back, if they're not going to do some work. Alternatively invite randoms to join! We had a passenger who joined us for a bit on the ride to the M1 and we had a lekker chat! All part of the day. 7. We'd planned to equip a sweeper with a whistle to let the train know when to pull, or slow. In the end we didn't do this, but I have to say some audible alert would have helped us know where each other was when moving through crowds: bells? There was an oke in a group on the Jock this year who kept shouting RIDE, RIDE, RIDE. A little annoying at the time, but I knew where he was at all times and I wasn't even part of his group! 8. If possible, do some training rides together to practice pace lines etc. Yes that's difficult to do on open roads, but even a one-off training ride is likely to help, and you get to say howzit ahead of time. Just my $0.02..... Relying on faster riders dropping back to do the lion's share of pulling is unlikely to work. Better to be self-succiei
  6. So on the eve of the final day of Oom Chris's Birthday Sale (and Friday!) I need some advice. After a lot of self-deliberation, I feel it is time to maybe take the plunge and spend some of my hard-earned on a pair of top-end bibshorts. Figuring that the amount of money I have spent trying out different brands so far (and time and again be disappointed) would probably outweigh the cost of a piece of Italian luxury, I have (reluctantly) decided to venture into Assos territory. Clicking over to the CWC sales, I encountered the first problem. I had a mental image of finding the aforementioned garment, selecting the largest size and with squinting eyes click "BUY". But in reality I have been met with such a diverse selection of different Assos bibshorts, all at extravagant prices, that probably only the Guptas would be able to buy all of them to try out. So, fellow dwellers of Hubland, please advise me on which will be the best option: The entry level T.Mille_S7 @R2100 The lighter T.Neo Pro_S7 @R2330 Or does the comfort only kick in with the T.Equipe_S7 (over R3000) or T.Cento_S7 (overR4000)? My budget simply does not allow to even look at the T.Rallyshorts_S7. I unfortunately don't roll in the dough, so need to choose wisely on a single pair that needs to last for several seasons. For some background, I often hear "You look like you play rugby" despite many hours in the saddle. I mix it up between 1 hour coffee rides, Saturday XC marathons (3-5hours), Sunday Enduros and the very occasional 2-3 day stage race. All on a Mountain Bike. Any feedback for the above models, or maybe spend my money on other brands? I have tried Sportful, Ftech, Anatomic, First Ascent, Enjoy and Finni.
  7. Hi, I am also a cyclist doing road and MTB. I need to buy a supercab bakkie and they go for just over R220 000 for some decent Ranger. Just wondering what I am paying for in buying a Cannondale Scalpel for example for R180 000. It seems quite a lot for 2 wheels and a frame and no engine. What make a bike so expensive? This is a serious question as I cannot see what can cost so much.
  8. Hi Hubbers! The Hub (and other dodgy scam-infested websites like GumLX and Otree) is a treasure chest of cycling classifieds (and more besides, like motorcycles ). Sometimes you can find real gems like bikes at a steal, solid wheels for a giveaway price and smaller components for next to nothing. What I was wondering this weekend was this: are Hubbers more likely to purchase new or used? Do they sell whatever they can just to acquire that one special component? I have come to the realization that I am the consumer that sells and buys again, not accumulating much stuff. For example: I sold a bike (at a steal) to purchase another bike (from a shop, new). Subsequently, I sold that bike and bought some new wheels and other things besides, leaving my N+1 result a very lowly figure. Effectively I am a wheeler dealer. What do you do?
  9. Hold on to your butts, the new Dura Ace 9100 groupset prices are out and it looks like i'm going to have to sell one or two body parts to get my hands on it: http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/product-news/pricing-revealed-new-shimano-dura-ace-groupset-273692 Its a weight saving I suppose http://cdn.mos.bikeradar.imdserve.com/images/news/2016/06/29/dura-ace-r9100-op_zz_zz_zz_img1-1467198559854-1ng5i7fqj7758-960-540.jpg
  10. Hi there i need some advice Im a big ex rugby player. I weigh 135 kgs, 1.88m height and want to get a bike for some fitness and to lose some kgs. I dont want to ride in competitions. Mainly i want to use the bike to ride to work and would also want to use it maybe for some fitness on the road and maybe some off-road but not hectic mountains and dangerous places. Could anybody give me some tips for a make and model that is cheap but it won,t break after a month. Thanks alot. Regards
  11. Which is the better choice? The Axis A70 2014 model or the Axis A70 2015 model? I know the 2014 model is a 27-speed vs. the 2015 model which is only a 24-speed. Please help, as this is quite an urgent purchase. Kind regards Jaco
  12. Good morning fellow hubbers, I'm not one to complain, and I'm writing this not to complain, but rather out of concern. So we've been planning on going to the Hakahana Trails for about 2 weeks now, and I'm saying planning, because it’s difficult to get everyone’s schedules aligned to go out as a group. I woke up yesterday, and everyone seemed quite excited to get going. You usually feel this way when going to a new trail for the first time. It’s quite a drive there and toll gates are only R7.50 combined (paid this with a smile). We got there at about 8am, and there were only 10 cars or so parked. I thought it’s still early, so more people would start arriving soon. To my surprise, half of those cars started packing up, ready to leave in the next 5 minutes. I thought nothing of this, and continued unpacking, and paying the fee at the office. Checking out maps with all the routes, we decided on the Purple route first. This is about 5.5km, first going uphill and then coming back down for the “downhill” part. The problems started as soon as we started the route. It started out with having to cross a stream over a bridge, this was easy. But having to manoeuvre across the bridge through knee-high foam that smelled like sewage was the difficult part. The route was rough, with the constant issue of having to dodge loose boulders on the track, low hanging branches and so on. But the worst part is that we had to turn around 4 or 5 times on the purple route, because the track leads directly into a barbed wire fence, or a locked gate. None of the routes are marked properly. So you basically look for the track that might be the easiest to continue on, only to find you’re heading directly for a line of trees. Turning around again! After about 1h30min we were done with the purple trail. Seeing as we only did 5.5km, we thought we’ll do the Green trail. This, according to the maps at the office was also a bit more than 5km. it started out fast, no rocks or boulders to worry about. I started to enjoy the ride. Heading to the woods, I had a smile on my face. All of a sudden, punctured tyres! We rode straight over a grassy bit with some rocks, but when we walked back a few metres, we saw the barbed wire lying on the ground. I was looking for the track where we should have turned into the woods, only to find a small path that looks like it’s what the horses use when roaming the farm. There was no indication that anyone has to turn in there with a bike. This was the last for me, and I walked back to where we parked, clearly frustrated with the morning so far. As I said, I’m not one to complain. But this was a total waste of the morning. It’s fun trying out new trails, but not under these conditions. Hakahana has great potential, and at least 50km of trails to enjoy. This is my opinion, and some might not feel the same. But I am concerned that under these conditions, they might be losing out… Thanks A Concerned Rider
  13. Hey guys, i was hoping for some quick and helpful advice. I started cycling in May last year and grew fond of the sport and improved my gear in moderation over time. I started on a cheap mongoose tyax and now enjoying a scott aspect with some xt and deore group sets thru out. I dont think one should jump into the best gear when i try something and i now want to feel the road bikes out. Generally speaking i like cycling on the road more than i do single tracks and down a cliff and have grown fond of my Hardtail, what i like is the speed and consistency of road cycling. THen again i like to jump a sidewalk when its required or just voiding traffic. Thats why i dont want to go spend big moneys on road bike and getting limited to the road annoys me or its just not my taste i have to feel it out first. . . and those thin wheel . . . What i want is some general tips to look at buying my first road bike and where i should be looking as key point. On the mountain bike i know going good tires and a propper group set is where you want to spend or something along those lines. What about this frame to start https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/164772-raleigh-rc-9000/ what wheels and groupset would you slap on it. im about 1.83cm tall and weigh about 100kg but avarage about 20km/h over 60km on 880m climbing on usual rides if that helps.
  14. Hey, I recently (almost accidentally) registered for the Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus) and was a bit astonished when my entry was accepted. With this I find myself in the position of requiring a bicycle (which I do not currently have). My strongest consideration currently is the Lycan Orvin VX3 Alpha from Sportsmans Warehouse. This is for a few reasons. I did notice that whenever somebody on the "hub" inquired on any the purchase of a bicycle under some form of budget the overwhelming consensus seems to always be to be patient and buy the best second hand bike you can find (Giant, Silverback, Merida, etc.). The only issue with that is that my time seems to be very limited. I reckon I need to get at least some practice in before attempting the 109 KM event (I am feeling the burning desire to start cycling as soon as this weekend - 10 October 2015). I am not very well disposed towards those slim wheel road bikes. I would prefer to be able to do a little jump off the pavement without bending the rim. For this reason I am considering getting a mountain bike (29") and putting on some of those slick tires a bit later (before the actual event): http://s13.postimg.org/gzj1rpntz/koast_sport_1.png The budget is maxed at R5 000. With this in mind, the bike mentioned above is currently R6 000 at Sportsmans Warehouse. I can get 25% cashback with my vitality subscription, which puts me at R4 500. Now the question being whether this bike is worth R4 500 (photo attached): http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/lycan-orvin-vx3-alpha-29-mountain-bike.html#.VhJ41PmqpBd http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/images/product/1086500.jpg Sportsmans Wharehouse also have some other brands (Mongoose, Titan) of a similar price. Would any of those potentially be better? I did not find anything appropriate on the clasifieds of this site (I live in Cape Town) and am finding in very difficult to judge the actual value of bicycles I see on Gumtree/OLX. I would also mention that the aesthetic value I place on anything I buy is really higher than it should be, but I have no intention of changing/overruling this (hence, you can assume I like the look of the above bike). Any advise?
  15. Hi we have a special running - because so many trails have been damaged in the fires... so have a look at our page, and perhaps you could share it... Quite a few MTB trails are closed due to the recent fires in the Western Cape. We are offering a special price of just R30 for the remainder of March and including the Easter Holidays. Come and enjoy our trails...
  17. Hi Guys Looking at starting out mountain biking. Are these a good choice for entry level? Any advice would help and even suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/144558-titan-large-frame/ https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/145761-brand-new-merida-at-great-price/ https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/146846-price-drop-schwinn-moab-10-29er/
  18. If you know of anyone that may be interested in sharing a stall with me at the 2015 Interbike Expo in Vegas in Sep 2015, please share this post. Its the biggest show for bicylcle related products in the States and the perfect place to launch your ideas http://www.interbike.com/index.htm
  19. What would be the best choice be between the following 2 bikes for enrty level or beginner rider. Merida Ride 100 or Silverback Strela 3. I will only do it for myself and fitness, planning to ride the 94.7 and Cape Town Cycle Tour and maybe small in between races.
  20. Anybody interested in joining or starting a group ride in the Randpark Ridge area on Saturday mornings? or indeed does one perhaps exist? I can be contacted on hybridpm@gmail.com.
  21. Anybody interested in joining or starting a group ride in the Randpark Ridge area on Saturday mornings? or indeed does one perhaps exist? I can be contacted on hybridpm@gmail.com.
  22. Click here to view our range. Great Prices on Craft apparel at sa's largest online cycling store.
  23. We have a few 2014 Kestrel 4000 Pro TT/Triathlon bikes we would like to clear. Normal retail is R37800.00 We have a few left in 52.5cm/55cm and 57.5cm Full carbon frame New Shimano Ultegra 11 speed groupset Oval Concepts Crankset Clearance price is R29 800.00 incl.vat. Free delivery anywhere in SA contact us on info@performancebikes.co.za Or purchase www.performancebikes.co.za (Weekly special)
  24. I'm looking to buy a new bike in the coming weeks. So far I've looked at stuff like the Rocky Mountain Element 930 and Merida Big Ninety Nine 1000. Both of these are full suss 29ers at about 25000. I ride mostly in Tokai and I want to have as much comfort and confidence going downhill as possible without compromising uphill riding. My current bike is a Silverback Alpine 26 hardtail with a very entry level SR Suntour fork so it is definitely due for an upgrade. Any thoughts on the bikes I've named? Any suggestions of other bikes?
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