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  1. So Trans Baviaans got moved on by 2 weeks. With the covid figures seemingly on the decrease its looking positive that the race will go ahead. How is everyones training going? Im feeling good despite just recovering from chickenpox. General thoughts/ opinions on the event coming up?
  2. Hi guys I have see there are a number of "Trans Talk" videos. However the only one that is available to watch is episode 1. If you google it you find plenty of other episodes but its says they are not available. So is there somewhere I can find them or have they condensed all the episodes into the one video which have linked on the website?
  3. Gents I need some of your expert advice. Myself and two mates are training for our very first Trans Baviaans in August this year. We are fairly fit. 2 of us did a 153km (2000m elevation) Fund Raiser ride a month ago and found it fairly comfortable with an average speed of just over 21kmph. Having a business to run and a wife with 4 children means training time requires planning. At the moment I am able to put in around 10 hours a week on average. That is 2-3 rides in the week with one longer ride on the weekend. Now as winter draws closer its going to get more challenging but I will cross that as it comes. My question to you is: what sort of training should we focusing on now??? We are doing the Around The Pot 100miler event in July. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  4. A number of hubbers have reported in the Covid threads that they, or their family members contracted the bug. I am sure many more cyclists have been exposed. Hopefully most did not suffer severe symptoms or get hospitalised and by now, many will have recovered. Getting fit and cycling again is the next step. This thread is document the experiences of hubbers, their families and friends when they resume cycling and training after recovering from Covid 19. Please keep other Covid discussions to other threads! I will discus my personal experiences in a following post.
  5. Hi all, I need a little bit of help here. I am new to cycling and have gone out for a total of 2 rides since I got my bike last week. Now on these rides (both about 20km) I can't pedal consistently for more than a few minutes before I need to free wheel to 'catch my breath'. The pain in my quads burns like **** which forces me to stop pedaling. From a cardio perspective, I am unfit, however when I look at my HR data from Garmin my AVG is about 100bpm, so clearly I could continue, but its just that burn that stops me. I have been for a bike fit so I am confident that it is all setup fine. Is it just a case of me needing to ride more and more to 'get through it' and it will become less, or is there potentially a problem here? It's just the HR data throwing me off, which is why I thought to get a few opinions here. TIA
  6. Even if you don't have a gym in your back yard there's a lot you can do at home to keep fit during lockdown. Or you can "train via osmosis" from the couch. Check out the first episode of Fitter, Faster, Stronger for some tips from the World Champ. The bike community has given me many great memories… Now it's time for me to give something back and show you my training secrets in a new "How to“ series. Join me in EP1 in the gym to become FITTER, FASTER and STRONGER Nino Schurter on Facebook See more info and a Q&A with Nino on scott-sports.com. Video: RainedUpon Media
  7. With some time to kill following the Absa Cape Epic cancellation, Nino Schurter and the Scott Sports team got into the gym to share some of his training secrets. Click here to view the article
  8. Can anyone recommend a route to take around Cape Town (I'm from overseas but based in Somerset West for the summer) that would be suitable for a 60 minute FTP test? I've just ordered my first power meter, but can't think of anywhere near me that doesn't either have too much decent or intersections.
  9. Good Morning. I recently won a set of tubular wheels. I have never ridden on tubulars before and did a lot of research on how to put the tyres on and everything about that. So last week the wheels were ready to ride. I put Continental Gatorskin 25mm tyres on which I thought should be the best puncture resistant. I also put some sealant in the tyre to prevent punctures. I read that people in the UK has gotten 1 000 miles+ on their tubular tyres without any issue. After the ride I fell in love with them and just want to ride the tubby's now. There's just that thought of a puncture in the back of my mind and also the cost involved in replacing such a tyre. My questions are: Is there anybody that can fix a puctured tubby? Who else trains with their tubular wheels? Should I only use the wheels for special occasions?Any views would be great. Thanks.
  10. I am looking at getting a RAV X Tx 4 indoor trainer and was just wondering if it is adjustable to be used by a 29'er? Any another reviews or comments on it will also be appreciated
  11. There's a neat new series done by Pinkbike, revolving around the benefits of becoming a fully sponsored team rider vs a full-on privateer. Adam, a Pinkbike staff member, has been supporting himself through EWS and other Enduro / MTB racing for a long time, but has never been able to dedicate the same amount of hours as the sponsored riders, nor get access to the new kit, enhanced training, support and logistical benefits as the pro's have on tap. This series aims to show how much of a difference the step to a fully sponsored ride & team can make to "Adam Average" He's by no means a slouch, but up until now he's had to train when he can, and work to supplement it.
  12. PLEASE Donate Funds Towards the daily expenses of Food and Drinks whilst cycling Cape Town 2 Centurion. Cape Town 2 Centurion, 9th till 25th November 2019 Ultra Distance Training every weekend in March, Ride done in under 24Hours. =First Weekend 483km Second Weekend 456km Third Weekend 522km Fourth Weekend 486km Fifth Weekend 502Km Daily Food and Drink Expenses for 12 Days, (Take aways at Petrol Station / Cafe) Funds towards Replacing my present tattered Yellow Cycling Bib and Shirt, (cheapest is from Rapid Sports) Funds towards Bicycle service, to be done Late October. I am saving up towards a GoPro or similiar camara. I have been offered a Set Tyres by (BillyGoat) God Bless and Thank You for your Friendship. David, FRAIL For my Expenses, NEDBANK Account 1178 44 5127
  13. Are you a runner or cyclist that doesn't have time for strength training yet needs to do it to improve peak performance as well as prevent injuries? Or, are you wanting to lose weight and tone up? We have been assisting clients with their health and fitness goals for 7 years! Let us help YOU! Call now to book your free trial session!
  14. Hi guys , im looking for a silent partner or investor. For a cycling studio. I have all the info plus full businessplan.
  15. So here's my story. I'm a roadie who averages 8-10 hours per week on my bike - either my IDT via Zwift or outdoors on weekends. I do weight training twice a week at the gym. I am 53 years old. I cook most of my meals myself with good healthy ingredients and limit my saturated fats. I virtually never drink sugary drinks and satisfy my sweet tooth mostly with dark chocolate. I don't have tons of coffee with sugar. I eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I drink very little beer, but am partial to a good Scotch (or two) a couple of nights per week. I weigh around 83 kg and feel like I would be at my fighting weight under 80 kg. I want to try Fit Chef's 21 Day Challenge to see if it helps me drop the extra 3 or 4 kg quickly. My aim is to do it after Argus in the weeks leading up to the Maluti Double 90. Does anyone in Hubland have real life experience if the Fit Chef meals and challenge? Do you have any input/advice? Or alternatives?
  16. Hi guys, I am registered for the 94,7 this year. Last year I tore the ligaments in my foot 2 weeks before the 94,7 so I did not ride it and I fell out of tune with cycling slightly, I haven't done any races this year, just a couple of 100 km training rides, The last ride was probably 3 months back I do a twice a week spin session at the gym, and general weight exercises. My last 94,7 was in 2016 with a time of 3:40 Any thoughts as to how I can train for next months ride/race with only 35 days to go? Thanks Yours sincerely A stressed out cyclist
  17. All, If u're in the PTA area and looking for a top sports massage or looking to get used to the daily massage routine you won't go wrong with Ross Grant www.rossgrant.co.za. He has a consult room at Virgin Active Menlyn. Genuine referral - Ross is an ex Pro Cyclist and his understanding / treatments reflect this better than anyone I have have met.
  18. Anyone wanting some new training plans FOR FREE?? Sufferfest have just release 30 training plans which you can buy for free and use with TrainingPeaks The Sufferfest / APEX Training Plans Now Available on TrainingPeaks To start 2018 off on the right pedal, we're pleased to announce that over 30 Sufferfest / APEX Coaching training plans are now available FREE on TrainingPeaks. All you need to start using them is a free account with TrainingPeaks and a desire to CRUSH EVERYONE BEFORE YOU. https://thesufferfest.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/333757054935-The-Sufferfest-APEX-Training-Plans-Now-Available-on-TrainingPeaks https://www.trainingpeaks.com/the-sufferfest.HTML Mostly cycling, but some triathlon plans as well. Happy training
  19. Hi my name is Rob. I am a cyclist based in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. I am looking for riding/training partners for either road or mountain or both in and around the Southern peninsula/Southern suburbs. The only catch is due to a busy workday I ride early mornings leaving 5 back by 7 or so. I am more than happy to leave earlier if need be and meet up with you somewhere more convenient. I guess I average about 25-26km/h on road bike with climbs included. Can easily handle a bit more and am super relaxed about riding with slower people but faster or equal is ideal. Weekends we can ride at a more sensible hour! I enjoy riding road, love riding mountain, climbing is awesome, I am a bit slow on single track as I am rather new to the sport. Hoping to do rides of about 50-60km during week or hill sprints and repeats. Weekend longer rides are awesome! If anyone knows of groups or people who ride those kinds of times I would love to hear of them. Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Cheers Rob
  20. Hi. I'm looking for names/contacts of other people who are riding Epic 2018 who will be in Knysna over mid Dec-early Jan. Keen to do some long group rides into the hills there - will be safer / more fun as a group. If you are interested please PM me. regards Richard
  21. Good day Hubbers, I was wondering what combination of time in saddle + training programme + nutrition and recovery would allow me to not only improve, but become competitive in road races? I'm using the following scale as a framework, time refers to average finishing time for a road race (100km) : Time: Category: 2:45 Pro 3:00 Serious Amateur 3:30 Amateur 4:00 Below Average Amateur 5:00 Novice If someone has a programme that they swear by or know of the components to look at and incorporate please add that in the comments. Essentially what I would like to know is what each of the above racers (Pro, Serious Amateur, Amateur, Below Average Amateur and Novice) would need to do to achieve the times quoted above? Thanks in advance for your insights. PS: I have visited, seen and tested all the Bicycling, ASG, Ride, CTS, Training Peaks and Strava programmes. I am looking for feedback from people's own experience, who work for a living and who have lives off the bike too.
  22. Good morning, I realise there are severe inefficiencies and external factors that make this a difficult question to answer, but I'd like to glean a rough range of FTP/kg ranges that correspond to PPA seeding. This is not meant to be a discussion on the determination of FTP (and curse you if you quote your 20 minute estimate without first removing 5%), I've read Hunter Allen's book. I also don't want to get bogged down in the PPA seeding system, I realise it has its flaws but I think that in most cases it gives a very fair indication of ability. I like the below table and would love to see something similar that slots guys into seeding groups instead of classifying them as "world class" or "novice" source: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/power-profiling/ Yes other things could also affect your seeding. Maybe you suck more wheels or do a lot of work at the front. Maybe you had one exceptional race, never to be repeated, because some strong guys dropped back to your seeding and helped you do a time well out of your range (I think this happened to me at Emperors by accident). Maybe you simply don't race tactically at all so your FTP indicates you should be seeded higher than you are. Despite all this I still think there should be a broad correlation. Humor me, it gives me something to work towards. If I knew 3.7W/kg would give me a decent chance of seeding in C that is somehow motivating. At the moment I have NO idea. My W/kg is 3.08 and my PPA index 26 or F seeding, measurements taken within weeks of one another. In the above table that puts me between Fair and Moderate.
  23. Hi Hubbers! Hope everyone had a great long weekend filled with quality time with family, and a few miles on the bike as well! Being relatively new to power training, and the obsession with weight and your power-to-weight ratio, can someone please clarify what weight they are talking about? Is it your body weight alone (birthday suit) or you, your bike, all of your kit, and water bottles, and whatever goodies you might ride/race with (puncture repair etc.)? Thanks!
  24. What are the options for getting trained as a bicycle mechanic in South Africa? General (MTB focused), and with specifics like wheel building, suspension, etc? Any feedback about specific options would also be appreciated.
  25. The combination of cold winter mornings and live coverage of the Tour de France makes training indoors the go-to for many cyclists and triathletes alike. Not only can you leave the thermals and toe caps off, but your indoor session can be just as effective (in certain cases, more effective), than training outdoors. There are a huge variety of training apps and aids out on the market, all designed to make your training easier, keep you entertained and make you want to train indoors. Although we are spoilt for choice with all the aids out on the marketing, let’s face it; training indoors isn’t nearly as exciting as getting out there. We know all the tricks in the book; from racing other cyclists online right through to watching the Tour in hope that it will inspire you to push through the next interval set. Although indoor training is mentally tough, there is one key factor that can change it for you. Music. The beat that drives your legs forward, the lyrics that transport you from the confines of four walls, the emotions that come from a few minutes of beautiful noise. Listening to music while you’re training can help your fatigue, boost your mood and helps you feel less pain. Choosing the right type of music for your training is what stands between you and the finish line. We want to know what your top three songs are for training indoors! Every week for the course of three weeks, we will award a pair of CycleOps socks to the best liked song list. At the end of the three weeks, we will award a CycleOps Winter Training Package to the overall top liked list. Turn up the music, close your eyes and let the beat take over. Submissions should be made in the following format, Artist, Song and Album (if known). The winner for each week will be announced every Monday (10th, 17th & 24th July 2017) with the grand price being announced on Tuesday the 25th July 2017
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