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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, Since 2020 has all around made for a bit of a disaster, and I have currently got nothing but time on my hands for most of the rest of the year, I thought it might be a good idea to use that time to do something constructive, instead of wallow in the sorrows, moaning about what 2020 should have been, and while at it, why not try raise some funds for a charity that supports people who really know what suffering is, and who have also lost most of their sources of funding during this time. So, take a look here for all the details: https://adventurelogistics.co.za/echo/ and visit the
  2. For ten young cyclists from the Legadima Cycling Club in Zandspruit Informal Settlement, Gauteng, the forthcoming 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge is the highlight of their year. For many of them, this will be their first time participating in this prestigious event, courtesy of the Pedal Power Association (PPA). Click here to view the article
  3. David Baloyi, Given Mkwayi, Happy Mkwayi, Ephraim Zimbili, Johannes Malejane, Freddie Mkwayi, Reginald Kiti, Classwell Muleya-Ptazwe, Ephraim Monageng Matsemela and Malekutu Jack will be joining celebrity ‘Safe Cycling’ ambassadors DJ Fresh and Gugu Zulu in the PPA’s “Stay Wider of the Rider” start group at the race. “Youth cycling is a particular focus for the Pedal Power Association,” explained PPA CEO Robert Vogel. “A bicycle allows youngsters to explore and channel their energies in a positive manner. We are pleased to support an enthusiastic and passionate group of riders such as Legadima
  4. Cries and cheers of excitement are heard as dad passes by on his bike, and the smiles of admiration and wonder on the faces of the young supporters are enough to fill anybody within a twenty metre radius with the same energy. The younglings and future rock stars of cycling are as important as our top athletes, and it’s imperative that the love for cycling within these young ones is nurtured from a very early age. Click here to view the article
  5. Cycling offers a number of health benefits and healthy elements like cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle tone, improved coordination and mental health that places an all round positive effect on our bodies. BMX rising starlets enjoy a rest between races: (from left): Jonathan Duarttee, Salvador Cronje and Lee Singh. Photo: Kevin Bender. When it comes to “Cycling for All”, BMX forms a good foundation of cycling skills for a rider to learn from a very young age. Youngsters starting out are able to acquire new development skills such as depth perception, quick decision-making, balance and co
  6. South Africa’s youthful Yorkshire Cycling Academy riders have returned from Ireland with valuable experience when they recently participated in the annual Errigal International Youth Cycling Tour, which took place from 3-5 August. Click here to view the article
  7. The prestigious event, which caters for boys born between 1997 and July 2003 and girls born 1995 to July 2003, is the largest youth race on the Irish Cycling Calendar. Endorsed by both Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster, each body is represented by their own handpicked teams, with teams from as far afield as the Spanish Basque Country and South Africa competing. Paarl-based Yorkshire Cycling Academy was successful in creating an opportunity for their youngsters to participate in the cycling tour, represented by team riders Ayrton De Leeuw, Keanu Slinger, Luc Green, George Perrins, Kyle De Wet
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