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Rustenburg - Warning


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Hi guys,


Via the grape vine I hear people are not entirely aware of the bike jacking activities in Rustenburg. Suffice to say the jeep track next to the N4 highway should be a no go zone. I posted the theft of my bike and extra's a couple days ago. I have been patrolling the area for the past couple days and have picked up on a number of bike tracks of other riders using the route. I trained on that stretch for the past 3 years after work without any incident, believed it to be perfectly safe until 5 guys ambushed me.


I am aware of a couple jackings happening towards the Mall side of the N4, but not past the Dr. Maroko off ramp where I encountered these guys. At any stage where you go out of sight of the traffic on the N4 you will be at risk. I always believed I would be able to zip past an attack or escape it in some fashion or another - safe to say I had no chance, they chose an ideal spot, slightly narrow (trees to hide behind), soft river sand crossing into a sharp climb.


From what I have seen, figured out, heard, etc. These guys have a spotters, in some cases on bridges in the bushes. They see you traveling along or past and alert the gang, the gang is either further up on the N4 and they get ready for attack, or they wait for your possible return along the same route. They have sufficient numbers to easily handle 2 riders possibly 3. Rustenburg has a number of areas where squatter camps are appearing, the river bed near Falcon security/old Kloof road (great looking joint), the reeds to the left (when heading West) of the N4 just before Dr. Maroko.


I have realised the police will not be doing much to counteract the bike jackings in the area. It falls back on the community of cyclists, I have called it a day on the bike but am more than willing to assist and support any initiative to improve the safety of our area. I will in the interim continue to do spot checks in the late afternoon on areas that look ideal for jackings.


For those riding MTB in and around Rustenburg, please exercise caution along the N4. PM me if you are in the area and would like any further info.

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Hi Daxiet


We created a Bicycle Safety initiative to fight bicycle related crime as a community, especially bikejackings. We aim to share as much information as possible by using Twiiter and Facebook related to e.g. warnings, attacks, stolen bicycle, pictures, maps, links, awareness, hotspots, arrests, etc.


See my signature bellow for some links.

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