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  1. Definitely going to test it, worth a try. Hide one in the car, Thule rack, bike box when traveling, etc. as well.
  2. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2021/04/apple-introduces-airtag/
  3. Perhaps hide it somewhere in/on your bike in case it’s stolen (just replace the cr2032 battery once a year). Any thoughts?
  4. So now they’re not on oil rigs anymore but in Dubai ????
  5. Jip, could not agree more with Ritchey
  6. nathrix


    I downloaded CyberGhost vpn last year for a free 30 day trial, I liked it so much I bought a subscription. I log into Kenya then watch the UCI races on youtube. You can use it on a couple of your devices, so I’ve got the app on my phone and on my pc, but unable to stream it to apple tv though if I’m using the vpn.
  7. Try to find cctv cameras along the trail from homes along the spruit and ask if they can give you footage and post the images here so we can try and identify the culprit.
  8. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10225523854509180&id=1411295929&sfnsn=scwspmo
  9. We are all obviously living in unfamiliar times with the advent of Covid 19. Event organisers are trying their utmost to figure out the best possible solution to the current situation we find ourselves in. It's also impossible to keep everyone happy. Please post any comments or suggestions if you have any.
  10. Today through Piet skiet
  11. Let’s hope he’s faster on a crackendale by winning some WC races
  12. Yeah, did not go there while she was there, she was too scary.
  13. Back in the day when we used to ride through there, e.g. from Midrand to harties and back, shots were fired into the air with a shotgun or something to scare us off, so the name for that area/valley was called Piet skiet.
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