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I just came back from my, about 6th ride in a Rock Shox SID RLT I bought from CWC about a month and a half ago. It was a new fork so stating it came from CWC is just extra info. Anyway, I use the lockout feature whenever needed, for obvious reasons. I engaged the lockout, and the dial on the fork turned into the lockout position, but the fork never locked out. Next, the cable in the lockout lever came loose, but that's besides the point. So right now the fork's lockout dial is stuck in the locked out position, but it isn't locked out. WTF? Could the dial on the fork just have slipped? I'm in PE so can't really get the fork back to CWC for warrantee purposes (if need be).


Any Rock Shox experts out there?

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Ok, seem to have sorted it out. Seems the slipped cable was the cause, and I might have misread the dial on the crown. It differs from my Reba RL, in terms of what position the dial and its diagrams are in, when its locked out of not.

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