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Training Side Effects

Iain Olivier

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I have recently got the opportunity to go and work overseas for a year and in order to obtain my work permit I needed to go for a full medical with my GP. To my shock and horror my urine test came out positive for trace amounts of blood in my urine.


Needless to say I was imagining the worst and spent the next week terrified. After a week and a half of no physical activity whatsoever I go back for a follow up test and I am 100% clear, phew... As it turns out, once I chatted to the doc and did some research, it has been proven that running and mountain biking over medium to long distances can lead to this symptom...


Is this a common thing among mountain bikers and runners? And has anyone experienced similar symptoms? If not then do not rule it out before jumping to the worst and most scary conclusion.

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Yip, common problem. It usually goes away within 2 or 3 days of rest. It's only a microscopic amount of blood which is caused by excercise. If you actually see blood when you pee, then you have a more serious problem.

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