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Super six ----- Will rebuilding help sale??


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Needing some advice please?

I know the market is slow these days and cash is a little tight but need a little advice.

I have a Super Six Frame and Fork that i could rebuild with either new 105 or Ultegra , wheelset- Dura ace 7801 or MAvic r-sys, the other bits and bobs i have so it would'nt take to much to build up a "decent ride " for someone from R 20.000.00 depending on the pocket???


The question is will this be more marketable/sellable vs just the frame,fork and BB???

The problem with me building is i would use shimano as its what i know but someone might want "campi" or "Sram" so i could be outlaying more cash and it just sits like many other good deals on the Hub these days??


your advice wil be appreciated??




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Don't start buying stuff to build it up. It only leaves you with more stuff to sell and a lower bank balance. If you have the parts already, then fine.


Cannondales are premium brands and sought after, it should sell quickly assuming you are selling at a fair price.

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thanks Eugene,

i just thought the maybe someone wanting a "new ride" would prefer a complete bike vs building it up himself??

i have build up a few rides so am not scarred but then maybe not everyone is capable ??


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