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  1. So, there is a bike shop in PE that sells used stuff. They were advertising a Campag Veloce derailleur as "Compact". If a bike shop can't get it right.
  2. I suppose mechanical doping is allowed in this thread. I went to watch the Steak Race in PE. There was a woman on an eBike riding in the lead bunch. A little later when they were about 20km from the end, she was dropped from the lead bunch (but still right up there with the lead riders) and a guy was riding in her tow. He was without a doubt getting an advantage from her.
  3. The Rapport was the entry level model in the Peugeot line up. Even if there is no value, it will be great to get it back into its original condition. A nice project. A good clean, some rust removal and some lube will go a long way.
  4. It is impressive considering they had no passenger cars (except the Mustang) to offer their customers
  5. Do you trust the advice given by the Bikehub doctors? The only advice I can give is to go and see a real doctor. Maybe they'll do some tests to see what is causing your problem
  6. You asked a question on buying a full suspension and some people used it as an opportunity to attack you. It just blows my mind. Good luck with your search
  7. Is it necessary to be so aggressive in your comments? This is supposed to be a community of like minded people who help each other out, not attack someone at every opportunity.
  8. If it's a dual suspension that you want, then go ahead and get one. You don't have to justify your choice. It is your choice and how you maintain your bike is between you and your bike. I am not sure where you are from, but here is an option for you. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/698102/silverback-slider2-275-large#fullscreen Despite your experience, they are good bikes.
  9. I built my bike with LTwoo 1 x 10. I press the button and it shifts instantly and as smooth as any Shimano or Sram product that I have used. There is no chain slap (despite the lack of a clutch). It does what it is supposed to do and therefore has all the performance I (and 90% of the rest of us) needs. After experiencing LTwoo, I doubt I will go back to the over priced Shimano and Sram. LTwoo is doing what Chery and Haval have done to the car market.
  10. I realise that this is a problem, which is why I said "credible". The next problem is identifying what bikes shops are credible. Having said that, you still have recourse against a bike shop, but nothing against a used bike sold "as is".
  11. My view is different. As a first bike, I would rather buy new from a credible bike shop. At least you know it will be the right size, it will be set up properly for you and you will have the peace of mind of a warranty. Also, you will build a relationship with the bike shop and you will be more likely to get tips and advice etc. For your budget, you will get a pretty capable bike which can be upgraded as you go along.
  12. These bikes are easily repairable and parts readily available. I bought my daughter an Avalanche 20 inch and it was then passed down to her brother. It was still in excellent condition. Like any other bike, I cleaned it regularly, lubed it regularly and maintained it well. I sold it to a bike shop.
  13. Your son is 8 and will outgrow a bike pretty quick, so, as long as you avoid the supermarket special bikes, you should be find with any of these brands.
  14. The Trek is really old and the Rook is one of those uncommon brands. You don't mention costs and/or spec. The entry level Avalanche's are best avoided, but their higher end models are very competent. It just depends on which one you were looking at. Brands that offer value for money are Titan, Axis, Avalanche and Surge.
  15. You posted this originally on 28 May. Is this how long they took to warranty replace your frame? . That is 7 months of waiting Did they at least loan you something to use in the meantime?
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