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Road Rangers Lido Route Launch - 28 January 2012

ER24 Road Rangers

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Guys, we are launching the Road Rangers on the 28th January 2012 with ER24EMS.


The Purpose of he Road Rangers, Safety Marshals (Motorcycle Marshals) will be to look after the cyclists frequenting the Lido Route on a Saturday. There is normally two routes that is followed, a short 40km Loop, and a longer 90km route. The 40km route is a standard set loop with the 90km route being a combination of whatever the cycling group (leader) decide on the day.


The Road Rangers will be active on these routes every saturday morning hence forth. We encourage the cyclists in the area to participate in the group rides, this will enable the Marshals to ensure your safety. The Road Rangers will also be active on the Race Events coming up for 2012, please engage with us from time to time to help us improve the service.


The Road Rangers, ER24EMS service is totally free to those joining in, should you wish, a small donation towards the expenses of these chaps will be appreciated.


ER24EMS will supply medical vehicles on the routes, so an easy call to 084 124 for immediate medical care will ensure we get personnel to you ASAP.


The ride will start on the normal spot, Corner of Swartkoppies and Kliprivier Roads. The ride normally start at 07:00 during summer.


On the 28th January 2012 we plan to have the media involved with some other goodies taking place. Branding will be up on the spot, and we will basically be taking over the intersection during the launch.


We hope that as many cyclist will be able to join us on the day, please spread the word amongst the hubbers.


:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Long time since iv'e enjoyed a road ride without worrying about metal monsters.Thanks ER24, bike volunteers, and ShaunH for the food parcel. :D


Keep up the good work. :thumbup:

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