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  1. My 2 maintenance guys, when they were learning to weld, the guy teaching them cut Coke cans in half and told them that when they can weld the can together again, then they can weld. They both eventually were able to complete the task. The guy who taught them, his work is next level. He reworked the plumbing on a twin turbo Porsche that the Porsche Engineers said would not be possible. Having said all of that, if you don’t come right with Steve’s guy, drop me a DM, I’ll give you a number!
  2. I'm seriously disappointed, I received an invite from Thirsti Water (official water sponsor of the Cape Epic) to spend the day with them on their farm in Tulbach on Wednesday when the race passes through the farm (where they have the first floating bridge in the Epic), and had to turn the invitation down, too much going on at work at the moment. 😢
  3. And keeping everyone else in the campsite awake with the rustling noise every time you move...
  4. I'm looking for a 26" rim brake wheel (rear), one of my wife's staff commutes on his bicycle, his rim has taken a beating and needs to be replaced. If you have something lying around, it will be appreciated.
  5. I can second this, I bought one of Rookie Sport's Cairbull Supercross helmets a while ago, great service, and happy with the product!
  6. He sounds like he’s narrating a wildlife documentary!
  7. Happy Birthday! May many more km's pass under your tyres, and may we continue to see many more pics of your rides!
  8. On the swing door note, I saw this the other day, which is very cool, skip forward to 1:00 on the video:
  9. Mine’s a 140mm 32mm stanchions, is the one bit that will need an upgrade when the bike budget allows. Though I think I’ve now found its sweet spot after lots of trial and error with pressures.
  10. Not serious trail riding by any stretch of the imagination, but I took mine for a spin around Thaba Trails on Sunday morning. Thaba is fairly rough, rocky with lots of short, steep ups and downs, the longer downhills are quite rocky too. I found the bike climbs really nicely, and on the downs it feels like I'm too slow for the bike, if that makes any sense. It's like the bike just wants to go faster and I'm holding back. As my confidence builds, I'll get off the brakes more and let it rip, it definately instills a lot of confidence. One thing I did find is that it requires quite a bit of "body english" to change direction, your riding style needs to be quite aggressive. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun on this bike!
  11. I'm in Alberton, so just down the road. Will give you a shout and come and take one of your bikes for a spin. Were you not at Grumpy on Friday afternoon collecting some parts?
  12. I may just take up this offer. Whereabouts is your factory? If I'm not mistaken you're at the Heidelberg airfield?
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