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Edge 705: following a route


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Okay, either I've searcher like... "the dog's hole" or I'm the only one wondering about this.


I've got both a GPX and a TCX file from a ride somebody else did. I now want to follow this...


So, what is best to use? The TCX or the GPX? Where do I drop the file? In the normal "History" folder where my TCX's are stored? What's the procedure to follow this route?


And - here's the catch! - what if I only want to follow part of it? I come "into" the track at a later stage than he started it, then do the track, but then want to do some more riding after about 90% through the track.


With all the race weekends coming up, I basically only have this weekend (till mid-March) - so only one shot at getting it right, otherwise I'd have played around a bit before asking help.

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Ok, seeing that I only saw this now - you plug the Garmin device in, explore the Garmin.


open the 'Garmin' folder and then 'new files' folder. Drop the GPX or TCX file there - doesn't matter because both have the mapping. The TCX has just got his HR/ Cadence/ average speed - all that jazz. GPX file is smaller.


Best would be is to upload the GXP file onto a mapping software or website (like mapmyride) and then edit it or map your own route. If it is the general PPA races, search mapmyride - I am sure they are mapped or even look on Garmin Connect's website.


Let me know if you don't come right with either the maps or your mapping...... I gather it is MTB routes that you wanna do - try see if you modify the route with mapping software.

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Thanks K! Just went for a ride, trying to remember the route, in the end and had fun... Will play around with this after the season ended. Not a race, just a ride somebody I knew did and I got the file.


Can't believe you can't just upload the file and come in along the way and be "directed" from there... :wacko:

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