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  1. My opinion, Thule roof rack (there should be a foot pack to fit your car) and wheel on bike racks. I've got option for all 3 - boot lid (Thule), Towbar (Holdfast [bikes hanging] and self made [resting on wheels]) and recently, the Thule roof mount bike racks. Easy enough to remove the bike racks and leave the roof rack on the roof. No hassles about taking wheels off. Bikes are locked on roof so no stress of them being stolen. A lot less stress and it works. Go check out Thule's website and see what they have to offer.
  2. Also just post the time it occurred. Makes narrowing the timeframe a little easier. Idiot rider, Covid or not.
  3. Just a thought - I see it's rated for between 4 and 6bar but you're running at 3.5bar. Could this not be flexing the sidewall too much causing the delamination? This reminds me of running the chinese Chaoyang snakeskin tyres at 8bar and wondering why the ribbing near the rim was coming off in strands. Only to read the tyre's sidewall - max 7bar
  4. I’ll squash that rumor and state for the record that my previous team had somewhat disbanded and thus needed to find a new team with which to ascertain amateur greatness [emoji6][emoji1787]
  5. I’ve just received a Momsen frame kit - I think the HQ is moving to Gauteng (hence the move).
  6. Awesome work! Some happy vibes to start the weekend
  7. Thanks guys - 11 speed required though
  8. I have a DT Swiss wheelset with a 105 11 speed cassette fitted. I've used it since around Nov '18 and after riding in the rain twice in the week before the World Funride Champs (and washed her well each time), it started making a noise last week - when I stripped everything (I got a little bit of grit in the mix), I noticed that the loose gears had started leaving indents in the freehub - I had bought it new before I started riding the wheelset. The cassette has 3 or 4 gears grouped together and the rest are loose. I am wondering if there are any (affordable) 11 speed cassette's out there that have bigger groupings - like 4,4,1,1,1? I spend a lot of time mid-range on the back, so having a couple grouped together will spread the load across a few contact points rather than just one. Obviously googling has yielded no results, so opening up to the knowledge base of the hub. TIA
  9. I'll be a one post wonder - dropped from 103Kg (Nov 2018) to 93Kg (March 2019) - got my **** together, spent a lot of time on the bike and ate better.... now to pick that weight up again until the next panic training sets in
  10. Try the link I sent above - I had it on a microSD in my 800's and 810's. Haven't actually bothered with the 820 yet.
  11. One thing I like about my VivoActive 3 is that it doesn’t say Garmin on the watch face or bezel [emoji41] That being said, I have an Edge 820 for cycling so only use this for non-cycling activities (and the fact that it doesn’t connect to my power meter). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Can try this link - http://www.gmaptool.eu/en/content/africa-osm-topo-routable Select the area you want and download. If the file is too big, select a smaller area
  13. The old race (Tour de Boland) was exactly like that - feels like a tour but not far out by distances - I think the one year they started in Paarl and stages finished in Tulbagh and Riebeek Kasteel, possibly Worcester too.
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