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Xt 10-speed chainrings on Xt 9-Speed Crank & Spider?


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Before I get pummelled , I did search on the forum and found nothing.

Which was surprising , so if this has been dealt with before please kindly direct me there fellow hubbers... if not lets start this topic!!


Can I use Xt 10-speed chainrings on Xt 9-Speed Crank & Spider?


I have found out the following (some points which may have some caveats) :


You can use 10-speed chain on 9-speed cassettes and chainrings


The 10-speed chainrings are the same thickness and 104mm PCD as 9-speed but may have a different offset's.


From what I understand the Xt 10-speed(early 3 chainring version) and 9-speed cranks are identical but the spiders may be different?


I want to use Xt 10-Speed Chainrings on my Xt 9-Speed Crank & Spider running 2x9 (Or possibly go 2x10) - 22t and 34t or 24t and 36t - will the 10-speed chainrings fit and work on my 9-speed spider.


Anyone tried this yet?

Knowing hubbers there must be a good few who have!!!

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