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  1. Do they have anything like that in Cape Town?
  2. They couldn't possibly be that short sighted, it's a bizarre choice, the 1/4" HEX standard is so common it makes zero sense to use a proprietary or non-standard size. But whatever the case is it reduces the functionality and long term usefulness of the tool, which is sad because it is otherwise a really clever little tool.
  3. I got a Groove Tool Pro recently only to discover they use non-standard size hex bits, ¼” (6.35mm) hex drive is the standard and theirs are all 6mm. Now I can't customise the bits I carry by taking some of my own, for instance a bog standard Philips PH2 which should have been included in the first place or a bigger flat or whatever the need is. Why would they feel the need to re-invent the wheel and make a daft decision like this??!
  4. He's even promoting the fact that you can do a chargeback on payments, that being said knowing how this guy works this is just to lull people into a sense of security but he'll convince people to pay via eft or will delay things until you go past the 120 day window to initiate a chargeback with your bank. https://africranks.com/2022/08/17/safe-booking-guarantee/ "So what is the Africranks Safe Booking Guarantee? Simply put, it is our promise to you that your deposit is safe, and your reservation will be honoured regardless of any outside influence, govermenent restrictions or any other situation that may arise. If we are unable to honour your reservation we guarantee a full refund, as per our terms and conditions. Furthermore, all payments for online bookings are handled by secure card transaction, providing further peace of mind, as all transactions are guaranteed via the online transaction policies of your card issuer, ensuring your deposit is secure, even in the event of bankruptcy of the operator. For more information on this click here"
  5. This guy is still "selling" trips and I'm assuming catching new victims regularly???! https://africranks.com/product-category/scheduled-departures/
  6. It should work considering the chain pin width and link length has to be the same seeing they are both specc'd as 12 speed parts and likewise there's no material difference I am aware of between chains branded road or mtb. I've used KMC links on many different chain brands incl Shitmano directional chains. The packaging pic on that Takealot listing does also state "Compatibility : KMC & SRAM 12 speed chains" so I think you'll be good but maybe someone else can chime in to confirm that 100%.
  7. HB meaning Hout Bay? How easy is it to get the bike packed in a box, how much tearing down and bubblewrap do you need to do?
  8. Does anyone have any ideas? There must be lots of bike in Cape Town for the tour that need to get back to the hinterland!
  9. What's the easiest way to get a bike from Cape Town to JHB and what's the approx cost? If I recall correctly some bike shops offer this service? A guy wants to buy my bike and it'll need to get from me in Cape Town to him in JHB, I can't do it myself so I need to find someone that can do it.
  10. A coaster hub is a pedal brake hub, those BMX style screw on sprockets won't work unfortunately.
  11. Yes! Thanks I have corrected my post. I'll give them a try, seems there are also 2 thickness standards for chainrings for BMX one piece cranks, 1/8" or 3/32" .. the joys of the endlesssly changing bicycle standards
  12. I'm looking for a chainring for the old school bmx style one piece cranks on my Schwin cruiser if anyone has. Something smaller than the 44T I currently have which is a real bastard to pedal and no bike shops have anything other than a 44T. Alternatively a larger sprocket for the coaster hub, current is 18t but I'm assuming finding a larger one than that will be a true needle in a haystack.
  13. I had a dig on Google and it seems modern BMX 3 piece cranks still use cup and cone and will work and Truvativ sells an American-to-Euro BMX Adapter that means I could use any BSA thread MTB crank, getting that in South Africa might not be too easy though but it's on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Truvativ-00-6415-027-000-American-To-Euro-Bmx-Adapter/dp/B000VT550K
  14. It's a crank/BB like this: https://www.parktool.com/en-us/blog/repair-help/bottom-bracket-service-one-piece
  15. I took the crank out to check the bearings/regrease it and it's old school tech, looks like an old one piece BMX crank from the 80's - the cone nut tightens onto the one side of the crank and that's where you set the preload. Like I mentioned in the op these Schwin cruisers use bottom of the barrel parts.
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