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Is Majik Forest safe

life enjoyer

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I ride normally on Saturday mornings at Majik then that place is as busy as Willowbridge Mall but how safe is it in the weekday from around 6 am?

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Ive heard of two incidents there. But what place is safe?


Try and get someone to cycle with you.

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I have seen some unwellcome residents in the forest and also across the bottom parking lot just sitting there a couple of times. I wonder what they're

up too?

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I've been riding there all my life and have never avtually felt threatened by anyone but lately I've seen some characters hanging around with no apparent purpose(Exercising, nature photography or the likes). I live around the corner near the church so I make it a point to find out what the are up to as my family's safety is also important. At least the Kenridge Neighbourhood Inniative sorts unwanted visitor out fairly quickly.

Try and ride with a cycling buddy an all should be ok.

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