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  1. Indeed!! Wife just walked away and left me to do the unpacking (physically and emotionally) on my own!!
  2. Thanks Gents! Any idea who in cape town area would be up to standard to take the bike to?
  3. Morning Hubbers, Came back from a weekend of riding and camping only to find that my daughters handle bar (end caps also rubbed away so metal on alu contact) rubbed on my frame causing some serious damage to the paint/frame work. I'm not sure to what extent the damage on the frame is but it looks quite severe and I'm also not sure what thickness the frame is and how much material was removed... As it is on the headset section I would like to have it looked at and, if required, repaired by a professional. Could anyone please advise my next step or am I overreacting and should just have the section resprayed? J
  4. Could you post pictures? I had one in my much younger mtb'ing days and that bike was my baby for years! You can try Ruan at A-Type grafix (http://www.a-type.co.za/) in Stikland - he is a genius with any thing decals/signage related!
  5. Apparently there was an issue with a TBMC member/s that left a gate open and one of the Eland bucks escaped (someone from our neighbourhood watch actually reported it on our group) and this P'd the land owner off to such an extent that he withdrew land access. Which I can fully understand as those animals are not cheap. Please don't quote me - this is what I heard in the starting shute...
  6. Have tried most of the salomon range and must admit the XD3APro's were by far the most comfy and hard wearing (except the soles which tend to wear down faster than others). The new range from salomon seems a bit plasticky to me.
  7. Wait till number 2 comes along. Then life tends to become fun how people with triplets still survive is beyond me!! All jokes aside - it comes down to prioritising. Best is to only worry about training after the first 3-4months once everyone has found there place in the world. Keep motivating yourself and know that somewhere in the future you will have time to train again!
  8. Why o why be so ridiculous as to question the title, there's much more important things in life to be concerned about? Rather be glad the cyclist is ok...
  9. Jeese but that mannetjie can peddle!! At certain points it looks like he's riding a MX bike!!
  10. Like the guys mentioned, tygerberg mtb club is your best bet for the northern subs and table mountain if you're based in CBD/southern subs. TBMC have awesome trails and the weekly nightride at bloemendal thats great fun and you get to meet weird mtb people afterwards while enjoying a beer or glass of wine;-)
  11. Just source an affordable centre lock adaptor if you really need to go the shimano route. You then have options open to yourself should you wish to fit any rotor at anytime? Just my 1/2 cent opinion
  12. Quick question to the gurus on the hub, I bought a loft apartment 10yrs ago as an investment/rental income. Rent is currently equal to bond payment. Next year it will start "earning" me money. Also sold my primary residence 5 months ago and bought a new place in Durbanville. With the money I made on the old house I got the bond payment very close to the old one. I've recently bought my second fortuner because it costs next to nothing to keep on the road. Should I rather pay the tuna off as quick as possible or use the extra income to pay off the flat I initially bought as investment?
  13. Hi guys and girls, torr my ankle ligaments so have a 38km entry available. PM me if anyone is interested!
  14. I'm sorry if this comes across a bit on the aggressive side but if I meet someone with a "help my trap" on the trails I'm seriously ripping out his spark plug and donnering him with it!
  15. I must admit I'm not a big fan of the concept store idea. Like someone mentioned earlier it's just a bigger, fancier bike shop whereas with Deon you get a "family/community feeling" when you pop into the store. Example, the new giant concept store (in my opinion) is a waste of good retail space. I'm still to be greeted by someone there (have been there 3 times with my daughter and wife), their pricing is crazy and I just feel weird there.. etc etc. Ideal shop (concept or local) for me would be one which stocks 3-4 major brands, has a excellent workshop, can get you whatever bike/part you want within a week, provides friendly service and has a Collcachios close by. OO, wait... I think someone already has such a shop.. BUT, this is just my opinion and I'm only on cup 2 of my morning coffee so don't start up the flame throwers yet!!
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