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Black and Red GT Avalanche 0.0 - Pinelands Cape Town


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Hi guys,


Tank Lanning, a rugby journalist, reported on Twitter that his bike was stolen off his Thule rack on the back of his car earlier today. I thought I'd share it here in the hope that if someone came across the bike they would report it. I do not have Tank's details but he is on Twitter @TankLanning. Tank, if you read this I hope you don't mind me posting on your behalf.


This was an eye opener to me because, as obvious as it may seem in hindsight, I often chain my bike to my Thule Hang On bike rack but now realised that it only takes an allen key to remove the whole top section of this rack and walk off with the bike, locked chain and all. This is presumably what happened here.


Please be on the look out for someone trying to sell this bike and be careful not to become a victim in this way yourself.

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Seems like Pinelands is becoming a thieves paradise lately. You will see in the other 'stolen bikes' posts I had my BMC and Ragley stolen last Monday night, also in Pinelands.


Please keep a look out all.

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