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Silverback Mercury Elite

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What are the valued opinions of hubbers about this bike? I have not seen much opinions on the web about it.


Now, how does it compare to the Storm? If you were to do one day races with it, which would you get?


I have not done much MTBing, mostly only roads. So my skillsets might be very suspect.


BTW, the budget is a bit tight, which happens if you have to get bikes for the whole family. So R25K is my limit, but I might stretch it to the Giant 29er Anthem if it is so much better.

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Bicycling had a review on them, the Giant Anthem came is as highly recommended with value of 8/10 the Silverback Mercury Elite got 8.5/10 for value.

X factor 7 for Anthem and 6.5 for Elite


I have the Comp, same frame as Elite, with the exact same parts as the Elite except the wheels, the Elite has Crest while i have Arch. A bit sluggish on climbs but for my type of riding i have no complaints.

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I have an Elite 29er and I am very satisfied with the bike. I rode this years Epic and the bike was flawless and the 2012 XT didnt skip a beat the whole way. Suspension was great and really saved my body from the terrain. I have ridden the Anthem as well and it's also a great bike, the biggest difference I found is that the Elite is definately more agressive with the front end setup (which I love) and the Anthem is more layed back - so ride them both before you decide. You will have to a long way to find a better specced bike than the Elite for the money. You get 2012 XT (SLX ispec brakes), through axle Stans ZTR wheelset, Rockshox Reba dual air and Fox RL. To top it all off the after sales service is the best I have ever experienced. So in summary ride the competitors and go for what feels best for you, oh yes also check out the Momsen Dual Link 7.

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