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My Ghost E BIKE (hybrid) experience


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So my boss knows i am abit of a mtbiking nut ..


Yesterday he calls me to his car to see his latest purchase

He got a Hybrid Ghost e bike.


It is a pretty stock looking Ghost hardtail finished in matt black with orange livery

Xt components fox front shock etc..


The rear wheel has shortened spokes and it has its own larger hub..

It is also pretty damm heavy ...


Sort of not knowing what it was and what to expect he says here have a go ...


So i take it for a spin


It is a weird sensation you pull off in top gear, or thats what i did any ways ...


Waiting to feel my calves tense under the top gear ratio i stand up and wait to feel the burn ...


BUT .....



What i can only imagine it must feel like to have a large amount of E.P.O or some other

wondrous anabolic steroid, that has been created by some crazy scientist in a laboratory in deep dark russia

or a special muti concocted by the local witch doctor from the blood of unicorns and the tears of tyrannosaurus rex's..


I felt like i had all of these things coursing through your muscles giving me the ability to stretch cranks and cause the planet to slow down and start to turn in the opposite direction.


I felt like a freaking mountain biking God ...


Ps ... no i dont think about E.P.O at all ;)


But i can swear i now know what top athletes feel like as no hill or obstacle is a challenge, and the

least amount of effort is required to turn the wheels ...


The witchcraft and magic involved is awesome ..


As a long distance commuter , if our roads were safer i can imagine this product would be awesome for our country and climate.

As you get the biking experience and a slight workout for rather little effort..


That been said id hate to have the thing run out of juice or break on a long trip, The bike must weigh around 23kgs

with the batteries and electric motor ..


But i would really consider this option over a scooter or smart car ...


It could also be a wicked weekend fun toy attacking the simple trails with a few mates ..


I was surprised that we dont really get exposed to these e bikes , i seen the petrol motor powered bikes around but on e bikes.


Any ways this was my feel for the Ghost e bike .. anyone else ridden something similar and got a story to tell ?


clicky below of the bike




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