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Silverback Alpine 2


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Hi Guys,


Does anyone have any comments about the Silerback Alpine 2. I can get it for about R5500.


It is entry level, however will the components/ frame last for about 3-5yrs?



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I got my Alpine 2 in April this year and so far I really love it.


It looked at the time like the best available specs for the price.

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Is it worth it to rather consider the Alpine 1? or for that matter, what bike would resemble similar componets to the Alpine 2 for about R5500?

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If I remember correctly, the Alpine 1 was about half a kilo lighter for a R1K more, so if you're a weight weenie... ;) , and of course, most of the drivetrain components are one level up.


The reason I settled on the Alpine 2 was that it was the cheapest bike with an air fork (as opposed to a coil one, which is apparently less stable), while the Alpine 1's fork is not that different from the Alpine 2's (in my own noob opinion!).

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