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MountainSmith "Bike Cube"


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Jonathan from Bicyclegear gave me a Bike Cube to use last weekend and I must say that I found it a very useful piece of equipment.

I like keeping all my bike stuff together when I got away for the weekend, more importantly, when I go away for a race out of town. The big Epic bags are great to dump all your gear in, but you end up digging around for your bike stuff , especially the smaller items like heart rate belt or gels.

I packed 2 sets of cycling kit (in case I got a gap to go and ride in Clanwilliam where my wife was taking part in the triathlon), shades, helmet, shoes, tools, nutrition and other odds and sods in the Bike Cube. There was plenty of space for more and I wasn't forcing the zips closed.

The Cube is split into 3 compartments: the large, middle for shoes and helmet and the 2 outer compartments for clothes and anything else you want to take along. The main part has a vented top so that you can dump your sweaty "after ride" kit in there and not have to wear and oxygen mask when removing the smelly kit at home. Very clever I thought.

The Deluxe version of the Bike Cube ,which I had for the weekend , even includes a changing mat and a tool roll which you can fill up with the essential items you prefer to take with you.

The Bike Cube is solidly constructed and will last and last. When empty, it compresses nice and flat for easy storage at home. In fact, you might as well get into the habit of keeping some essentials in the Cube and know that your bike stuff is all in one place.

The Bike Cube is not available in bike shops at the moment, but you can order it directly from www.bicyclegear.co.za

The price for the standard Bike Cube is under a Grand and if you're looking for something a little smaller than the Epic or W2W bag , this is the one to look at.



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You can buy them from Cyclelab. I purchased the Cube Cobalt Blue from them at the end of last year for R1400.


Very cool bags and have plenty of storage place for bike stuff.

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any products similar to this out there?

Any bag really. I have a drawstring bag for everything I take in my jersey, one for my shoes, and one for my helmet. These all go into a bigger bag that has a towel and zip ties and anything else I need. Drawstring bags are gifted at most races and they do a decent job at compartmentalising everything without the need for a 'specific' bag with 'specific' chambers for your 'specific' socks. 

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