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  1. The link I sent is the local supplier? By the time you take into the savings from not buying AAA I'm sure you can replace the whole unit. 500 discharges at 190 lumens is 8500 hours or 354 days. It'll be fine.
  2. I think Nitecore make the best headlamps. For your budget can get the NU32 (https://nitecoresa.co.za/home/nu32/) Built in battery is the way to go for me! I have the NU20 which I had to get from amazon. I use shockcord instead of the headband and it weighs just 30g and can fit in the smallest of pockets.
  3. It should be a sliding scale that. What if someone actually has a down country bike but thinks it's a short travel enduro bike! Imagine the confusion it could cause!
  4. Saw this board in the middle of nowhere. Not sure what it means to us but enjoy the expanse while you still can Also the ruin section is looking incredible! Nice and clear and no need to dismount at all!
  5. Just asked, it's for the bird (see death threats /s) Yeah all routes go past the river now!
  6. https://www.strava.com/segments/2160687?filter=overall Very easy to see who they were. Where it says all time, go to this month... Not sure when it was closed but only 2 guys have completed it this month.
  7. Very nice of them to offer a full refund! Also incredible from ATKV! Half of me is happy it will be when it's warmer and I am fitter!
  8. Does anyone know if it's still on? This is according to their policy: Riders will be refunded 80% of their paid for entry, should the event be cancelled or postponed by Monday 31 May 2021. Alternatively, riders will be able to roll their event entry to the Fedhealth Magalies Monster MTB Classic event in 2022. Should the event be cancelled within five (5) days of the event (i.e. from Tuesday, 01 June 2021 to Friday, 04 June 2021), or on the day of the event, riders will not be refunded any of their paid entry fees (0%). If they wait for tomorrow to make an announcement and it's postponed I will be disgruntled 🙃
  9. I still wish there were comments on ads for clarity or to warn people about skewed information. This thread is a nice highlight reel so I don't have to trawl through pages of decent ads to find funny lemons. We need both!
  10. Grease_Monkey has it! Tyre insert and Aggressor in DD. I'm sure Ikon will be fine as well with an insert but 4.5 bar is mad.
  11. It's hard! It's a whole day out and there is a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards. It doesn't really go up Breedts neck the whole way so I wouldn't worry about the condition, unless you are using it to get to ATKV.
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