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  1. I really enjoyed this years route, it was better than some races in the past with jeep track being replaced with cart paths I suppose. Never has a pool (lagoon?) called me by name! That was brutal to take us past that!!
  2. Brand new, so is only going to look more inviting with time ❤️
  3. The new pump track is amazing! It's a whole different type of fitness and skill set that you don't know you lack until you try.
  4. Look I can still get 25% off the price but had it been part of their list of devices (which they can't give me) it would have been 55% off. May just get the H9 with the discount. Will still be better than any optical sensor. I have spent almost 3 weeks fighting them...
  5. I do feel like the H10 is though? It can work alone with the app and give you all the data you need and far better than any wrist based "fitness device". There is nothing in my mind more of a heart rate fitness device than a heart rate strap. All it does is heart rate for fitness ????
  6. This device booster benefit really frustrates me. From Discovery: you can choose to activate Device Booster for up to 75% cash back on a heart rate fitness device from Sportsmans Warehouse or Totalsports So activate the device booster on the app and order in a heart rate fitness device from Sportmans (Polar H10). Doesn't go through. After some calls it turns out it isn't a device they offer on the benefit. One would assume they would prefer more accurate heart rate data. With that strap you can get as much functionality out of your phone as you can from a dedicated sports watch with far better heart rate data. Very frustrated with them.
  7. Pump track will start soon from what I hear, within the next 2 weeks or so. Then a jump line or flow line or whatever is planned! Very exciting times at Taroko!
  8. Great condition! Full red is 47km and there are 2 or 3 corners with some braking bumps before them but that's about it.
  9. That is quite the event to start on! Well done and be prepared for nothing similar ????
  10. 100%!!! If you get dual suspension gravel bikes and hard tail enduro bikes. A sliding scale would be far more beneficial.
  11. The link I sent is the local supplier? By the time you take into the savings from not buying AAA I'm sure you can replace the whole unit. 500 discharges at 190 lumens is 8500 hours or 354 days. It'll be fine.
  12. I think Nitecore make the best headlamps. For your budget can get the NU32 (https://nitecoresa.co.za/home/nu32/) Built in battery is the way to go for me! I have the NU20 which I had to get from amazon. I use shockcord instead of the headband and it weighs just 30g and can fit in the smallest of pockets.
  13. Saw this board in the middle of nowhere. Not sure what it means to us but enjoy the expanse while you still can Also the ruin section is looking incredible! Nice and clear and no need to dismount at all!
  14. Just asked, it's for the bird (see death threats /s) Yeah all routes go past the river now!
  15. https://www.strava.com/segments/2160687?filter=overall Very easy to see who they were. Where it says all time, go to this month... Not sure when it was closed but only 2 guys have completed it this month.
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