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RANT! - AmaShova - Support motorbike causes accident


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Cannot believe it. Coming down from Pinetown at the M13/N3 split where we all had to move over to the right, a guy on a support motorbike comes charging up the hill stright towards the riders. We all going will over 50kmh and I had to take evasive action to avoid hitting him head-on. Sadly the young lady riding on my left shoulder had no space to swing out and clipped my left foot. Heaven knows how, but I managed to stay up, but unfortunately she did not and went off the road and into the bushes in the centre island. I just hope she is okay and that the moron n the motorbike realises what he caused and went back to help her.


To the lady, I say sorry, but it really wasn't my fault. The guys in the group I was in were still fuming about it at the end.


I hope the race organisers are able to find out who it was and take the **** to task!

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This is an unfortunate thing to read about.

I hope that it can be resolved in a way that will help increase safety & skills for future events.

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