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  1. Hubbers There were a crash just before one enter the stadium in the AL bunch. Peter Elliot went down hard . . . Cracked scull with bleeding , broken color-bone , broken sholder blade , 9 broken ribs , punctured lung. He is currently in Netcare Union Alberton. He is in serious pain and has no recollection what happen besides than someone rode into him from behind . . . I had a punciture whle in the AL - short lived 3 man break . . . before carnival and by the time I came past Peter he was helped into an Ambo. Great race ,I felt good but after seeing Peter . . . I sometimes wonder why I / we get so eager close to the end . . . My prayers are with Peter for a super recovery (joshua 1 : 9) and freinds please lets be safe on the roads ! ( Ps - hope the link works)
  2. It was 30 km in . . . i had to get on the gravel to miss the "action" I do not know of a crash at the finish . . I was in sprint with no issues besides running out of juice just before the line and got pipped .(got the second spot)
  3. It was ugly ! That carbon crashing sound not nice . . . My guess it was touch of wheels ? Hope all okay ?
  4. Prozac

    The Munga 2019

    check facebook , its live now . . .
  5. On my charity loop i found it humerous to see a couple bouth walking with their e-bikes (flat batt) on the last hill/bump before summer rd. In future there will most pobably be charging stations for the e-bikes
  6. Good luck to all - see you in the mix !
  7. Hey , that was fun ! Game plan = AL , Have fun , smile, enjoy , play . . . until I "explode" // bonk , I finally ran out of energy on that hans strydom hill . . . mountain. Like MVDP , my legs switched off and saw the front bunch disappear and then the second bunch came past never to be seen again. . . To be on the bike with a smile and happy heart in a race is so much enjoyable , even the twizza at the end taste lekker ! There are some "gentleman" in the group whom really would benefit for happy cycling . . . Be Blessed !
  8. Hi I went for a spin and yes there are some works on the road however they actually have space for cyclists to past . . . I had no issues and the workers were friendly ! be safe out there !
  9. The race is saturday . . . - Go wild on Sunday ! :-)
  10. Saw some guys fixing potholes between avianto and bidon yesterday . . . also some propper orange markings with spray paint . . . Looking forward and trustingly I have the legs to stay with A at lease to sterkies . . . I will however "pull" my weight / do my part. . . I will be sporting our new Bionic kit ! ( "Game plan" to work in front at Maropeng . . . ... . . . ... only ) I will be the one with smiles . . . I ride my bike because i LIKE it ! Please kindly keep attitudes at home on Saturday
  11. DBAD - Ditto ! Had my garmin however not once did I require to look at the derections , I followed the wheels informnt of me with success . . . @Croglet , ita time to enter . . . its a greaet day out !
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