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Merida Big 9 TFS 300...?


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Hi all


Would you say a Merida Big 9 TFS 300 would be an ideal beginners MTB for recreational purposes and amateur racing? Can get a deal for under R9k.


Could get a TFS 100 for about R7k but I'm more keen on the higher spec 300 if one look at the groupset. Would rather fork out a bit more money to have a bike that would be good enough for at least 3 years.


Please let me know your thoughts as I'm not a guru on the tech spec vs price area.

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Hi there, I did a lot research on big 7 series, the big 9s are similar. From what you said, I suggest you go for 300.


The frame and fork of these two model are exactly the same, the 300 has some better components. BTW I think the paint of 300 is more "merida style". But the key point is, you personally prefer 300, from what I read. I'm sure you don't want to feel regret after having 100. So go for 300 :)

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I bought a Big 9 300 new about a year ago and have done about 1000km on the bike. I have ridden a few challenging areas and the bike has served me well. I have taken good care of it and the bike still looks like the day I bought it! I have had no mechanical issues with the bike. I am very happy with it. A fellow hubber told me that his Dad bought one and had done 6500km on it with no mechanical issues and this is what prompted me to go for it. Good luck with your purchase!

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have you thought about second hand? You can get something good (if not better quality) half the price that you want to pay for Big 9 TFS 300. I paid R4k for second hand Giant Talon 29er and i am loving it everyday! Just do a lot of reading/ research on the net about mountain bikes and components.


You will probably get some bargains on second hand as the moneyed guys upgrade with 2014 bikes or LBS get rid of their 2013 models. Just watch thehub closely in Nov or Dec. Most people tend to go crazy when they get their 13th cheque or bonuses :whistling:

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