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First bike advice...?


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Hello all :)


Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. A friend of mine recommended I come and look here for a bike, however quite honestly most of it is Spanish to me and I'm not really sure what half of the things are, or what to get, or whats cool :D


If one (or more) of you feels like assisting a newbie get off his feet that would be amazing.


Here's the details of what I have and what I'm looking for, any suggestions, advice or links to ads?

- Height - 1.82m

- Weight - 100kgs

- Type - Mountain bike for offroad rides (like jeep and single tracks)

- Location - Cape Town (or within like 50km's)

- Cashmoney - I have R5,000


I don't really have any preference of anything (wheel size, frame size, brands etc).


Thanks in advance :D



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I have been looking at the classifieds, just not sure what to actually get in there...? (hence asking here...)

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R5000 will get you a decent 2nd hand 26 " HT, you might find a 29" but unless you very lucky or the person selling is very desperate you wont find a DS worth anything.

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Wheelsize and brand might be irrelevant, but frame size will surely matter;) im about as big as you, also just over 100kg. Try and find a medium bike.


Should be able to find some nice 26" hardtails, under the hardtail category under complete bikes in classifieds.


Look for something that has Slx, Xt, sram X7 or X9 parts. And then you go look at the bike. Even with an untrained eye you can see if the bike was looked after or abused.


Choose the looked after one!

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Thanks for the advice :D . I've been looking for large frames, so thanks for the advice that you fit onto a medium frame.


So something like this - https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/67709-scott-scale-mountain-bike-for-sale/

or this https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/67531-giant-xtc-team/ (doesn't say size...)

or this https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/67581-giant-terrago-for-sale-size-m/


Of those 3 the scott looks the best specced, previous model parts, but still very good


That xtc team is old


The terrago is entry entry level, and would be looking to upgrade within week.



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Thanks, really appreciate the time.


And something new? I do like new things, basically means that I don't have to actually check the thing is in good nick, and it'll have a warranty....


Thoughts on:

http://sport.takealot.com/sport/cycling-6636/titan-650b-sport-mountain-bike,29945423 (not sure i'd actually buy a bike from TakeAlot tho, but price/model is there)

http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/giant-revel-0-2013?quicktabs_1=1#quicktabs-1 (not that they have medium, but i'm sure they could order)

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