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  1. Keep in mind, the fire not all bad, every few years a fire is required to support the growth of Fynbos. Dont think Jonkers had a fire in more than 10 years, so not all bad. https://www.kbrc.org.za/news/fynbos-and-fire/#:~:text=Fire%20acts%20as%20mineralizing%20agent,certain%20period%20after%20the%20fire.
  2. Why are the mountain bikers concerned? You are mostly not using public roads (Like if I ride my Scrambler, no license or anything) I believe in any case bikes should be on the dirt, just a hassle to actual motorized vehicles on the road
  3. Maybe a licence system can have a learners... where cyclist learn they should also stop at a red light, like the other road users.
  4. Way back there used to be bicycle licenses, My dad's old bike still has a few of them on. Im all for licencing, and then at least there is a foot to stand on for cycle lanes
  5. Also got a bite from Luts Denys
  6. Selling my South African vintage bike https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/292869-alpina-south-african-made/
  7. Not yet, but hoping once all these things blow over it starts picking up and maybe a little boost once they get kraken running again, haha. But BTC is like america, it sneezes and the rest of the world gets flu, haha
  8. Hopefully today is the day we see the recovery.... this massive drop this week gave good opportunity to reshuffle my portfolio. Whats your top 3 coins you are looking at today? XLM, ADA and TRX is where im at, with XRP being my stable investment!
  9. Havent been online in a while, but feel like riding this weekend. Anyone riding Saturday or Sunday? Dont really want to ride alone, a helmet is not protection enough, haha
  10. Here is my info, when I changed over last year: Think CRC have even better specials now. https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/142167-1x10-switch-from-scratch/
  11. Stellenbosch is mountainbiking heaven, but one needs to work, haha... Lived in the western cape for 29years
  12. just moved to Middelburg(in the North [EDIT: Mpumalanga]) this week, from a Stellenbosch. Brought my bike with. I'm looking for some safe spots I can start to ride. I mostly ride light DH and aggressive single tracks, but middelburg seems kind of flat, haha. Any ideas where I can go and what bike shops are decent?
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