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Sigma bike computer question


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Hello All,


I have a Sigma BC 1009 STS wireless computer.


Can I install the sensor unit upside down ?.


I want to install the sensor unit on the left hand fork tube, but this will mean that the sensor unit will have to be installed upside down to prevent the sensor from being pulled into the spokes should it become displaced.


Will the sensor unit still be able to "talk" to the computer unit if I do this.


I want to do this for aesthetic reasons only.


Please advise.


Thank you.

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left fork leg...wont the rotor be in the way ?


If you mount above the rotor you might find the the sensor/magnet are to far apart.


Otherwise, I dont see why it would make a difference if the sensor is upside down or not

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Thanks for the replies.


I want to mount the sensor on the left fork because mounting it on the right fork just looks wrong to my eyes, I know that this is subjective, but that is just me LOL.


I raised this question because someone, somewhere must have already tried this, and I just hate to have to re-do any job LOL.


I have "V" brakes installed so mounting on the left fork is a non-issue LOL.


Once again thanks for all the help.



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