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  1. By the time I got there, two riders was seriously down.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/812177578848806/
  3. Berry, I'm pretty sure the long route goes all the way thru to the lighthouse. The short route would turn left by Oceanview.
  4. Is that the one where his vehicle over-turned onto roof?
  5. DMC007

    Summer Road League

    Hopefully PPA in conjunction with a Sponsor will put something together. The attached took place earlier in 2014.
  6. DMC007

    Die Burger 2014

    7500 entries to be exact.
  7. DMC007

    Die Burger 2014

    Online entries is now officially open...
  8. DMC007

    Die Burger 2014

    I quote... "Due to some minor (but exciting!) changes, entries for our 2014 event will only open late next week"!
  9. DMC007

    Die Burger 2014

    Online entries has been postponed till late next week and not opening on Thurs 16th.
  10. Its the Cape Flats, everyone wants to be a Chief
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