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How do we.....


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stop oncoming traffic from speeding past a bunch?

I have never worried too much with traffic passing from behind but the speed at which oncoming traffic passes funride bunches is downright SCARY.

If there is a fall in the middle of a bunch of say 40 riders you automatically have riders falling/scattering in all directions.With oncoming trucks and cars doing in excess of 80k/h we are just waiting for a major accident to happen..

Bunches of 15 or so are usually ok as falls do not occur often but as soon as it exeeds say 30 the potential for major damage is huge..


Any thoughts/proposals on this issue??Maybe a leading car for each of the bunches?Lights on straddling the white line?ShockedConfused
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well, these funrdes happen at open roads so the cars are allowed to go

as fast as the speed limit allows. if there's a bunch the riders

supposedly should ride in a single or perhaps double file on the

shoulder. if they don't it's not the problem of the oncoming traffic.

also how should the oncoming traffic know about the cyclists. often

it's to late when the bunch can be spotted. perhaps there should be

signs informing the drivers!?


it's a difficult situation to have races on open roads. for one it

might become dangerous but on the other hand most races wouldn't happen

if the roads had to be closed completely.




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I would'nt propagate complete closure for your weekly funrides but surely something needs to be done to slow down oncoming traffic?


Signage say every 5k's indicating that a cycling event is in progress and to please slow down or even placing marshalls on "opposite "side waving red flags?


Many races are held on non-shoulder routes which makes the potential conflict with oncoming traffic even bigger.


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