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  1. The Hub is losing it's touch and is becomming nothing more than a classifieds for bikes and the likes... My visits to The Hub has diminished exponentially.......
  2. Great MTB routes in the area!Especially the area between 8 Bells and Herbertsdale.
  3. I do not usually get involved in these type of debates. Having read through the posts I find it a sad day for cycling. This is how wars are started. The cyclists riding in the Dome will be incredibly exposed from now on. You are crazy to get this individual,and possibly other now peeved off inhabitants in the area,more charged up against cyclists. Chucky is at least trying to be constructive.That's the way to go. You can rant and rave as much as you like,but you are not getting anywhere with this,except to fuel this guy's frustration against cyclists.I am glad I do not have to ride in that area. I will feel exposed...
  4. It has dried out nicely my way and clouds have broken up completely.Might get odd light shower up against the mountains,but definately clearing.Note wind will change from N to NW to West through the morning.Plan your ride accordingly. Enjoy!
  5. Hi Bosb4k Also woke up b'cause of the rain.In Somerset West and we are planning a ride at 7 to Rooi Els. Quite warm out here (14C)but it seems as if the NW is pumping out at Betties.(Check out www.iweather.com for live readings) No weather report predicted any rain for today,it is quite light and fragmented.My guess is it will clear up soon. Your best bet would be to go out Klipheuwel way,allways dries up first there and roads are very open and safe in that part of the world. Hang in till 7 and it will have started drying up...
  6. Did you specify the type of pump you wanted??
  7. Tie for first place and Spaniard got it due to better stage placings overall.
  8. OUCH..It is obvious from stage 2 results that the Spanish riders did not take kindly to the SA riders dominating in the first stage.... It looks like a slaughterhouse out there,exept fot Shawn-Nick Bester who survived the mayhem. You go boytjie!!!
  9. I have just had a look at TV schedules for Saturday on all Supersport channels as wel as RAI TV. No coverage anywhere of the GIRO? Am I missing something?
  10. Interesting that it is a coffee shop club that do not collect their numbers
  11. Hopefully Stormers will surprise us all!We need good news for a change after all the fires..
  12. Why dont you shed the Weight part of your hubname and just go for Weenie? Even changing to Wanker would loose you 6 letters...
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