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Before You Bleed


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Just saved myself a lot of effort before bleeding my Sram Level TL brakes.

Just the rears needed a bleed but it's probably best to do both.

Sram brakes can be a royal PITA to bleed and then under the Sram Service stuff I found this:



If your levers have excessive brake lever throw, it may be a result of the pistons sticking in the caliper. Before bleeding the system, you can try to loosen the sticky piston by performing the following steps: 1. Clamp the bicycle into a bicycle work stand. 2. Remove the wheel from the affected caliper. 3. Squeeze the brake lever several times until the brake pads nearly contact one another. 4. Insert the Level™ pad spreader between the brake pads to spread the pads to the full width of the pad spreader. 5. Remove the Level pad spreader. 6. Repeat steps 3-5. 7. Reinstall the wheel. 8. Squeeze the brake lever several times to position the brake pads to the proper distance from the rotor. 9. Center the caliper on the rotor if necessary. 10. Spin the wheel and check the brake function. The pistons should move freely and there should not be excessive brake lever throw. If there is no improvement in the brake function, proceed with caliper service.


Saved me a whole lot of hassle.....

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