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  1. I'm sorry if it gets to you, I just dont understand it.....to elaborate, I'm not talking about someone who looks fit, the most recent was up a medium climb at a pace that would have dropped a road pro....I'm merely not understanding, NOT criticizing. My apologies if I got to you, that was not my intention.
  2. My sister in law got an e-bike in order to keep up with her very fit husband which allows her to ride with him which would otherwise be impossible and she wouldn't ride and he'd be solo on his 90km rides ... I still shake my head when an e-bike with a similar or more fit guy flies past me at (an unrestricted) 50kmhr on a climb ....mIm due to try an e-bike just for the fun of it in a few weeks but can confidently say that when I'm too old and **** to ride my Amish bikes I will ride a smokey 2 stroke off road bike....๐Ÿ˜Ž
  3. It's going to be very difficult to avoid bottlenecks as if it's on Cradle noon that's a high proportion of single track. If they ad the Cradle MTB off road loop that is in less than great condition and if you want to fix that it's 29km of trail to make safe for especially lesser experienced riders.
  4. If you ride the Cradle MTB off road loop, please share your thoughts on the condition regarding trail condition and surface and vegetation, especially how it compares over the last few years. I'll keep my comments for later on so as not to set the scene in any way. I have for many years been in touch with, previously the guy who constructed the trail at the outset and maintained it and now the new people responsible. Thank you in advance.
  5. My Amish bike also happens to be of the Adrenaline kind....it's Sister (ebikes) are something special.....
  6. My racing days are mostly behind me but for sure, if I ever buy an e-bike, which is unlikely, I will derestrict it on the very same day! I don't think you can correctly assess an e-bike class or even an event like the e-bike world's (won by Alan Heatherly previously). It's not just about derestriction. How do you determine if a bike pushes out an extra 50W? You could "dyno" them but it's not practical and you could hide a competition mode in the software. The only way would be as per Karting races where the engines go into a pool, which is impractical in the e-bike scenario.
  7. I've had to deal with their staff as well as Lloyd who I think is a director or main guy and I have NEVER had a bad experience. Lloyd has even shipped me a part he had on his desk and have had brakes warrantees twice. And yeah, they do close for lunch. Is that the end of your world?
  8. Under the consumer protection act is the customer entitled to a refund?
  9. Esoecially when you're drooling over it back home! ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. My Dad is about to turn 101. His last Argus was at age 91 odd. The record for the oldest Argus competitor is held by another guy but his was on the back of a Tandem, while my Dad at 93 pedalled himself around the peninsula on his Trek 10 speed roadbike, so to me he holds the record! Not many of us will be able to match this..... I think he still did a 947 2 years later.
  11. Like they say, to slow down you use the back, to stop the front? I use both and 3 years ago when someone strung a wire fence across my favourite twisties I swear I locked up both wheels before hitting the fence and going @ over kettle..... I like to use one finger per lever (oh boy, never admit that on a public forum) but there again, thank God so does my Urologist! Signed: A Prostate Cancer Survivor
  12. Or an arrogant, lazy LBS like I experienced....๐Ÿ™‚
  13. About 8 or 10 years ago I bought few-weeks-old Scott 10sp roadbike that had done literally 200km, from Cajees for about 7k. And I could pay it over 2 months ... A year or so later I sold it for R500 more than they were going for new....if you were from Fourways and bought a mint black Scotty from me....sorry....but I REALLY look after my stuff. Trek USPS 5200....I paid R15800 and 2 years later sold it for 16k.....those were the TRUE bubble years when Trek SA (Anton and? forget their name)couldn't unpack the containers fast enough....๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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