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A Gauteng south Mtb series would boost event numbers

Chris NewbyFraser

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What do Hubbers think of this suggestion?

The guys at Advendurance, USN and The Cowhouse offer their own series of mtb races with recognition of best overall performances. For Jo'burgers and further south these events need a fair bit of travelling across the boerewors border to the lovely mtb fields outside of Politicians Paradise.


Perhaps the various race organisers in the GP south region could look at simple cooperation to form a series, timed by a single timing company, so that riders can compete in a series without having to travel too extensively. The benefit I see are that this would result in more riders maintaining interest and entering events they may otherwise have left off their calendar. This means more income for the organisers, continued mass participation in the sport resulting in continued positive publicity and maybe a potential sponsor or to coming in when they see the sport is still popular. Cannot think of any real negatives other than the potential for inter-organiser politics.


The various events are situated from the East Rand , through River City Vereeniging area and to the Woesrand. Top of my mind I can think of the following events that currently happen all on their lonesome onesome (please forgive me not remembering all the titles and being too lazy to search a bit):

2 x Fast One events / Spring Challenge / Avianto Race in June / Choc Northern Farms / the various races put on in Goeihoek / the (former) Emperors Challenge / Route 42 / Macsteel event / the race out in Heidelberg / the Modderfontein event due shortly and more?


Organisers could charge a little extra (R10?) and this could be used to pay the timing company to compile and publish results.



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I like the idea. I have suggested to Rietvlei before to combine Rietvlei and Thaba routes to make a marathon event. There is some potential. There are many jeep tracks across from Rietvlei that could be used for extra distance and to spread out the field before taking riders through the single track sections of Thaba and then back to Rietvlei. It would require some traffic management, though... But that would be an event I’ll support every year.

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