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I'm looking to buy a coffee making machine but don't know much about them.Could anyone please give me some advice on brands and what I should look out for in terms of their offering.

Ideally I want a "foamer" included and obviously one that can change the strength of the coffee.

My budget would be around R2500.

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Nespresso is awesome and the extra geothermal works very well. Works with pods which makes it extremely easy to use and there is no mess. They have about 15 or so different blends and strengths. Pods is about R3 to R5 each.

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My Nespresso machine is, after my bike, my favourite toy. Go to Sandton City if you are in GP. They have a boutique store there where you can try all the different blends in any configuration (espresso, lungo, cappucino). They also have all the machines. Start at about 1400 and go up to abnout 3500 with a "foamer".


Costing is about 5.00 - 6.50 a cup for the pods.



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I bought my wife a Nespresso machine for her birthday last year. Best pressie ever! Only thing now is that I can't drink instant coffee anymore. I like the pod systems because everyone can have a different coffee when you are making coffee (my mom drinks de-caf, my wife a mild roast and I drink a strong roast).

Pods can be bought at Nespresso stores or online. The machines heat up in about 20 seconds, and take another 30 seconds per cup of coffee. Its not messy at all and really easy to clean after use. I am trying to convince my boss to get one for the office as well. Pods cost between R5 and R7 each. While this may sound expensive, its worth it.

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Not much in that price range that is any good at all, and you are probably setting yourself up for a truely frustrating and dissapointing coffee experience if you buy a super automatic machine or pod based machine in that price range.


Try buying an Aeropress machine (+-R350) and a good small conical burr grinder like an Isomac (+-R1500) - you should be able to come out under 2500 and not be locked into using capsules (which is ultimately very expensive).


Couple those with a good source of fresh coffee beans (tricky to find in PE :), and you will be happy - the nice thing about an aeropress is that it is so small and light, you can travel with it, the disadvantage is that steaming is not possible, but for about R600 you can buy a frothing machine too, but you are never going to do latte art with that.


You could also try using a moka type stovetop pot, but you still need to source fresh beans and have a decent grinder.

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I live in the Friendly City of Port Elizabeth


I saw a very nice selection of coffee machines at a place close to the Builder's Warehouse in William Moffat str. It is on the right just before you get to the traffic light, next to the Garage on the corner when traveling down William Moffat. They had machines from R699 up to R 25k. There is another coffee machine supplier in PE, but they generally only do the industrial machines for coffee shops and such.


Try Masterton's in PE for coffee...they are ok, not super. Their coffe is cheap though, and fresh.


In the middle of Moffat-on-Main there is also a coffee shop that sells some really good grind, I always buy from them when I am in PE. If you ever head to Humansdorp you can pop into Le Chameleon, they roast their own beans there...

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