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Garmin edge 510 software


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I managed to erase all the software (don’t ask), I have since found all the source software from Garmin, and loaded it, however the device is not finding it and hangs on ‘loading user profiles...’.

Any help welcome - sure I just need to implement the software in the right way

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Think it's toast bud...same happened to me.....send it in to Garmin perhaps they can fix or offer you a replacement at a price

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I do not have a Garmin Edge 510, but this is what I would do.


First give the device a "Master reset" by doing this:

Perform a master reset:
Power device off
Press and hold Lap and Start/Stop
Power device on while still holding both buttons
Continue holding buttons when Garmin "splash" screen appears
Release buttons when Garmin "splash" screen disappears


If you do not have it, download and install Garmin WebUpdater: 


Install it first before plugging your device in onto the PC. After it's been installed, plug your Edge 510 in and run the program after Windows recognised the device. Follow the prompts from WebUpdater. This should sort your Edge 510 out.


If this didn't help, try this. Download the device's software from here: http://gawisp.com/perry/edge/Edge510_320.gcd

Give the device a master reset again and plug the device in onto the PC. Copy the *.GCD file to the Garmin's root directory. Switch the Garmin on and it should prompt you to update the firmware/software. Once completed, either run WebUpdater or Garmin Express (http://download.garmin.com/omt/express/B/GarminExpressInstaller.exe) and see if it offers any additional updates.


Good luck!

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Thanks Gav1 and Jaco - Done all the software updates, and the garmin webupdater, which seemed to all work. Switch on and still hanging at 'loading profiles...'. Sure I'm just missing a step, don't think it's toast, and don't think sending it to Garmin is necessary, it's just a software configuration problem that someone has the answer to...

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