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  1. My word! The general public of Cape town are EXTREMELY facemask non-compliant! The most people on the sides of the road from Camps Bay up till the end did not have masks on while watching the cyclists passing. Agreed some are joggers that are not required to wear a mask, but most are not.
  2. I would assume that getting a replacement battery locally would be a mission. For example the battery replacement kit mentioned in the previous post, the company does not ship to South Africa. Also, (I may be wrong about this), I think that shipping companies are not allowed to send batteries by airfreight anymore. I would rather browse the classifieds section, there was a number of Edge 500s up for sale at very reasonable prices. I purchased mine here of the Hub's classified section a number of years ago, and it's still going strong with really good battery life. Another option would be to see if you cannot hack a battery intended for a cell-phone, and with a bit of soldering you may just come right.
  3. Also done mine this morning, not a speed freak, just a casual Sunday morning cycling. Relive 'My “Argus” 109 for 109 charity cycling.' I definitely would have loved to do it in Cape Town, instead of the dreary Free State at ±1500 meter above sea level.
  4. I once was in a cycle shop when this guy walked in and asked if they can quickly look at the indexing of his road bike, a Gee-Haa. I was curious about this bike, thinking it's maybe a Chinese frame or something. He brought it in, and I then saw it was a Giant.......
  5. I used their contact form on the website. https://support.garmin.com/en-ZA/?contactOverride=true&productID=552962&tab=topicsI then filled in the contact form.
  6. I have a Garmin Forerunner 35 that's in daily use. Last week the band holder (the small thingy on the strap that keeps it in place) broke. I contacted Garmin SA via their website to find out what a replacement would cost. I have had it for a while and I am pretty sure any warranty has lapsed. Later that day I received an e-mail from their customer support requesting my address, they're sending me a complete new strap, not just the band keeper, without any cost to me. I felt that this gesture deserves a mention here, they were under no obligation to do this, and I was more than willing to pay for any replacements necessary. I have since received this replacement that was sent out by courier to me. Well done Garmin, I will continue supporting them. I have been a happy Garmin owner for many years now.
  7. According to Racetec's website, it belongs to Martin Peter Cocks. http://results.racetec.co.za/results_by_person.aspx?PID=113499 https://www.jetlineactionphoto.com/directview.php?e=10156&se=4288&r=60388
  8. I would suggest you make contact with the local ditributors: https://www.facebook.com/RFA-Distributors-PTY-LTD-461082300698465/
  9. I see the long awaited Garmin Edge 130 Plus has finally been released. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/698436 I love my 130 due to the small form factor.
  10. I have to bow my head in shame and confess i just could bot get myself to go out and cycle this morning. It was just too cold, about 5 degrees. The predicted temperature for a bit later did not look much better. It was 9 degrees at 09:00. In my defence, I just do not have proper cycling kit to cater for the colder weather. At best I can put on arm warmers and a t-shirt underneath my cycling top. But I only have "normal" open finger gloves. If only this damn virus wasn't so very contagious after 09:00, I could have gone out a bit later.........
  11. I wasn't in either of those, just a normal citizen. I started cycling to work as soon as I started working at Sasol in 1983.
  12. I went out for my first ride after level 4 kicked in. Did not go too far, only 27.5km. It took some time to get used to riding with a buff covering my mouth and nose, so I did not want to overdo it the first time. I must confess, when I did the stretch from Sasolburg out on the R59, I did pull it down to breathe easier seeing I was all alone, no-one else that I could get into contact with.
  13. I was looking for something, and discovered this gem. I think some of the younger generation would not know what this is.....
  14. If only practical was as easy as theoretical...… Theoretical you could cycle 5km away from your house, then do a circle still adhering to the 5km radius and then once you get to the start of the circle you cycle back home. By then you would have done a nice 41.42km ride. 2πr = 2π(5) = 6.28318 * 5 = 31.4159. Plus the 5km out and back is an added 10 km giving you 41.42km
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