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Gfunkdafied/Funkdafied - Gabriel King Scammer

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Bought a bike from Gabriel King, SHE Manager at Unilever

It started off as a great transaction, he sent me videos and close up pics, but he smartly omitted disclosing certain details. He dropped the bike off at CycleLab in Durban and I arranged for a courier to get it to me in Johannesburg.


He described the shifter to be scratched, and that I would probably want to replace the Di2 shifter and he offered me R2k discount for this, but what he failed to mention was that the shifter wasnt functional at all! I also realized that the rear carbon wheel had been cooked and warped, completely unusable.


When I confronted him with my findings he asked that if he would refund me R5k or R6k would I be happy to keep the bike. I said yes, that would make it worth my while to keep, as opposed to sending it back to Durban and demanding a full refund.


He was meant to make the payment yesterday morning, then he said he'd make payment yesterday evening and now he is completely avoiding me.


Below are the number that he used:

072 960 0922

073 736 4996


After doing some digging I saw that he has 3 x Bikehub profiles under the following names:





I see that using his other profile he actually had the wheels advertised before, so he knew the rear was damaged as per the link below:


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Send the bike back.

He must refund you.

That is the obviously fair thing to do.


Both will be in the same position, minus courier fees.

I'd pay those and put it down to school fees.


But this is not an ideal world, so good luck

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