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Show us your “shop”


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There are a number of folks on here that are rather handy with tools. Not all of the hub are tools.

So show us your “shop”.


I’ll start.


My garage although double is very short, so no room for a workbench inside.

About 2 years after moving in I built this 6x3m workshop behind the garage. It shares on wall with the garage and the height was restricted by the height of the eves of the garage.

A lot of the stuff has been donated, the garage door came from my parents house, the shelves, which are begging to be changed, we old cupboards from my dads company.

The workbench was from the house across the road from my parents. They bought the house from the old man that lived there, because he and I used to help each other out with DIY stuff he gave me the bench when he moved out. He was rather handy carpenter and built the bench himself.





I recently installed the bike stand. I’ve had it for about a year but only now got around to mounting it.



It’s modest, but it does the job.

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