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Squeaking disc breaks (MTB)

Sean Southgate

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Try not laugh, I know for many bike gurus this is elementary basic stuff !! I bought a Scott Spark RC 950 brand new so no parts have been changed. I stored the bike for 2 months and since then I cannot get the front or back brakes to stop squeaking. No rust on the discs, the pads are still new (around 200 km if that). Cleaned them, wiped them, tried google suggestions but not much there either! Someone mentioned water-papering (light sandpaper) the discs might help but I'm not too keen on trying that on a R 45 k bike? Do you buy anything to help stop this or what? Obviously couldn't check with any bike shops cos of lockdown. 

Used to have an old specialised hard tail for years which I barely took care of (ride and dump) and those brakes never squeaked once. If you haven't fallen off your chair with laughter, any advice please? Shot. 

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Hi Sean, here's one of a few discussions on solving the issue, but yes, start by cleaning the disc with a good solvent.


Sand the pads with 80-100 grit paper and then try again.


Also check that the pads bite onto the disc properly, I've had the problem where the incorrect pads were fitted causing the almighty squeal!

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